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List of Physical Visualizations

List of Physical Visualizations
In his experiments with visualizing data from Tripit to look back at his own (and other people's) travel, Cemre Güngör came up with a new system to create data sculptures from one's travels over time. This work is of a particular interest, in that it shows an excellent example of how a physical visualization design process unfolds, with many questions unique to physicalization add up to the challenge of designing an effective visual representation, i.e., contrasting materials and treatments […] In his experiments with visualizing data from Tripit to look back at his own (and other people's) travel, Cemre Güngör came up with a new system to create data sculptures from one's travels over time.

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Studio Es knowbotiq rene hauser titles zoom Operationalizing Spark Streaming (Part 1) Operationalizing Spark Streaming (Part 1) For those looking to run Spark Streaming in production, this two-part article contains tips and best practices collected from the front lines during a recent exercise in taking Spark Streaming to production. For my use case, Spark Streaming serves as the core processing engine for a new real time Lodging Market Intelligence system used across the Lodging Shopping stack on, and other brands. The system integrates with Kafka, S3, Aurora and Redshift and processes 500 msg/sec average with spikes up to 2000 msg/sec. The topics discussed are: The Four Cs of Data + Design - Ben Fry - Medium Markus Covert’s lab at Stanford created an unprecedented “whole-cell” model that allows researchers to run simulations of a single cell. When first completed, making sense of this data involved a lot of staring at very large text files, copious use of the Find command, and for those with the background, writing Python code to do more sophisticated things with it. Markus is unique among researchers at his level in his commitment to presenting data in ways that make it more accessible, so we set out to create a new way of interacting with it. Instead of getting overwhelmed with the thousands of nodes in the cell network, we made it easier to build pathways of interest and then see how these pathways worked under different scenarios and simulations. Fast forward a few years, and the tool that we built can not only be used for understanding results, but serves as a way to quickly test “But have you tried…” questions from reviewers of their journal submissions.

Geometric Patterns and Ornamental Art with Ishan Verma Introductions Hello, my name is Ishan Verma. I’ve been working as a material artist at Ubisoft India Studios for about 2 years now. I specialize in realistic textures and material creation for AAA games. Holland Festival An integration of the full name Holland Festival and the abbreviation HF all rolled up into one graphic language. Instantly recognizable for people who are familiar with the festival while at the same time it also appeals to the new audience that Holland Festival is aiming for. By making a very specific typeface we were able to connect the logo, the full name and the program. It works across all mediums, from posters to city-dressing and web.

20 Big Data Repositories You Should Check Out Data Science Central 20 Big Data Repositories You Should Check Out by Mirko Krivanek Aug 4, 2015 This is an interesting listing created by Bernard Marr. untitled 2020 IEEE PacificVis Visual Data Storytelling Contest accepts video, data comic or infographic that uses visualization to communicate a narrative, a message or a series of insights. This year we received 27 submissions, which were reviewed by 10 judges, and ultimately 6 works were shortlisted. The winners will be announced during PacificVis 2020. TV, film and book rights: Sections: EUROPA MEKANO (under development) THE LABYRINTH (coming late 2020) THE ELECTRIC STATE (2017) THINGS FROM THE FLOOD (2016) TALES FROM THE LOOP (2014) PALEOART COMMISSIONS, UNPUBLISHED WORK AND SOLO PIECES Left-click the images for higher resolution. STA 100 - Field Museum Branding The introduction of a new Field Museum brand comes at an important time. This year, the museum’s 125th anniversary, is a galvanizing moment to clarify who we are, what we do and what we stand for. At a time when people are coming together to acknowledge the importance of the scientific community, the Field is putting a stake in the ground as a forward-thinking leader in scientific discovery.

CrateDB vs Other Databases There are many different databases on the market. This general CrateDB comparison will help you understand what makes CrateDB unique and whether it’s a good fit for you. Ideal use case CrateDB is ideal for real-time machine data and other applications that require: How COVID-19 Has Impacted Media Consumption, by Generation When it comes to buying into brands, consumers are spoiled for choice. The vast amount of options available makes it increasingly difficult for brands to build meaningful emotional connections with them—but for the brands that do, the payoff can be huge. Today’s graphic pulls data from MBLM’s 2020 Brand Intimacy Report and visualizes the top 10 brands that different generations connect with the most. Can Emotion Be Measured? Brands that tap into consumers’ emotions can establish higher levels of trust. This in turn creates a culture of loyalty that could ensure a unique standing in the market and long-term growth.

Atamira Dance Company Born in Turangi Moss’s proud ancestry comes from both the central north island and northern tribes of Aotearoa, New Zealand. Moss was appointed as the first Artistic Director of Atamira Dance Company in 2010 taking the company to new heights as New Zealand’s leading Indigenous dance company touring nationally and internationally annually. Moss has also developed a significant body of work which has lead the way for Atamira’s work to be presented on New Zealand’s largest and most prestigious platforms for dance. In 2013 Moss’s works Moko and Haka were selected for presentation at the prestigious Jacobs Pillow USA opening the way for international touring for Atamira. In 2015 Moko went on to tour China and Korea and from 2016 - 2018 two newly commissioned works Pango and Marama toured Taiwan,China, Korea and New Zealand.

Data Analytics vs. Data Visualisation: What’s The Difference? - Aventis Learning Group “Data” is hot right now and you’re probably looking at how you can arm yourself with the skills and knowledge to work with data. You’ve also probably seen these terms – “data analytics” and “data visualisation”. But, what do these terms actually mean? Do they mean the same thing? What differentiates one from the other? In this article, we will be looking at the difference between data analytics and data visualisation.