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Gadgets cool, gadgets électroniques en soldes, livraison gratuite pour tout gadget sur MiniInTheBox

Gadgets cool, gadgets électroniques en soldes, livraison gratuite pour tout gadget sur MiniInTheBox

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Father's Day Mystery Box He’s the man who made you (unless you’re the result of a shady woodland ritual). Sure he had a little help a great deal of help from your Mum, but there’s no denying that he had a lot to do with it. Well the time has come to say 'thanks' and show him that you really care... but even with the most creative of gift-finders, it can be tough deciding on the right present (and her-larious novelty socks really aren't an option). So why not surprise him with a handsome selection of fantastic Father's Day goodness found in our best ever Father's Day Mystery Box.

CPUs AMD hosted their quarterly earnings conference call this afternoon to announce their financial results for the quarter ending March 2014. While they still reported a GAAP loss of $20 Million ($0.03 per share), year over year results showed a strong revenue gain of 28% and a substantial 86% increase in net income (though still a small loss). AMD Q1 2014 Financial Results (GAAP) Q1'2014 Q4'2013 Q1'2013 Revenue $1.40B $1.59B $1.09B Net Income -$20M $89M -$146M Gross margins were 35% for the quarter which was flat compared to Q4 2013. These margins are in-line with AMD’s stated goals, and while they’d no doubt appreciate greater margins right now, the long term plan is to be profitable with these margins. Non-GAAP numbers were slightly higher, with a small profit of $12M, or $0.02 per share.

This Guy Has My MacBook Epilogue Rather than repeat this over and over, I thought it would be helpful if I published a short timeline of events, from the day my MacBook was stolen, until today when I picked it up. My MacBook was stolen on March 21, 2011 from my apartment in Oakland, CA. It happened during the day while I wasn’t home.I reported the crime on the same day to an officer from the Oakland Police Department. Guy sleeping on the couch next to my MacBook. Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Dropship - Buy Cheap Fashion Jewelry Dropship from Chinese Wholesalers On Sale Free Shipping Dispatch Pledge In Stock Best Match Best Match Unit Price: lowest first Unit Price: highest first Items Sold Recently listed Feedback Sort by: Price Items Sold US $4.33 - 5.4 / Piece Min. Order: 25 Pieces Free Shipping Add to Cart

The accidental vintage playsuit by Tasha • August 5, 2013 • We haven’t visited sewing in awhile, have we? Truthfully, I haven’t had much time for sewing lately! I have one or two things up my sleeves, and that’s been taking up a lot of time. How do we make navigation as simple and predictable as possible? As explained in part 1311 of this series, the first two steps are to structure content in a way that naturally narrows the navigation options, and to explain those options in a way that minimizes the cognitive load on users. However, two more steps are required — namely, to choose the right type of navigation menu, and then to design it. The second part of this series addresses the third step and discusses which type of navigation menu is best suited to which content. A navigation menu is any area of an interface that presents navigation options to enable users to find content on the website.

8 Channel Serial Relay Controller Module General purpose RS232 serial port IO controller board featuring 8 relay outputs and 4 opto-isolated inputs for use in a wide variety of control and sensing applications including load switching, external switch input sensing, contact closure and external voltage sensing. Eight independent relay outputs (can be increased to 16 if you use two 3108 units and our upgrade kit Order Code 3108U ). Each output is capable of switching resistive loads up to 48Vac/24Vdc @ 5 amps max and have high quality detachable screw terminal block connectors. (*NB The relays are rated to switch up to 240Vac mains voltage but the exposed screw terminal block heads would need to be placed inside a suitable enclosure to prevent exposure to hazardous voltages). Four 5-24Vdc opto-isolated digital inputs.

Handmade Warming Mouse Pad House E-gloo usb power Your item will be shipped usually within 1-3 business day of receiving cleared payment. Items will be shipped by international standard airmail. Please keep in mind delivery process can take up to 10~15 business days in US, AU, CA, EU countries. Business Services - NAW Cortera Pulse™ continuously monitors all of your customers for meaningful changes in their business and alerts you once a day to potential opportunities and risks so you can take immediate action. Cortera Pulse™ monitors your entire customer portfolio and sends a daily email report with any changes found: Significant changes in Cortera Payment Report (Cortera CPR) risk scores Financial and operational news, covering tens of thousands of sources Growth clues, signs a business is expanding Bankruptcy filings Tax liens and civil judgments Priced at just $99 per month, Cortera PULSE provides a powerful intelligence solution to wholesaler-distributors of all sizes with no limit on the number of companies monitored.

Black Suede/Patent Pointed Flats ...and we’ll give you a gift! no thanks, I'm just here to shop Featured Picks For You... © 2014 Windsor, Inc. We are now well into 2013 and the “top 10” lists of design trends for this year stop being just wishful thinking. Imagine you want to re-design (or simply design for the first time) your web site. It’s good to check the current trends and stay up to date – at least with those hip elements you find applicable. The same goes for online shops. If you have one of those.

Ten Tips for New Raspberry Pi Owners Merry Christmas, makers! We’re guessing a lot of you found Raspberry Pis under the tree this morning and are eager to start hacking around with it. Getting Started with Raspberry Pi, which I co-authored with Shawn Wallace, will be shipping very soon and is available for pre-order now. In the meantime, we’ve compiled a list of a few of our favorite quick tips that may come in handy as you explore the platform. Some of these might be old hat to experienced Linux users, but who knows, you might also learn something new. And if you have any favorite Raspberry Pi tips that you’d like to add, we want to hear them! LG announces flexible, curved screens for smartphones LG's development of flexible displays makes it part of what's looking like the next wave of smartphone innovation. LG is working on a flexible, curved screen for 6-inch smartphonesSamsung recently announced a similar technologyThe durable, bent screens could be the next smartphone fad and even appear on smartwatches (CNN) -- Do you ever look at your smartphone and think it's just too stiff and flat? A growing number of tech giants have, and they're aiming to fix that with what may become the next wave of smartphone innovation.

How To Prevent Credit Card Chargebacks To Your Online Store It’s rare for me to get the exact same question in the same week but I had 2 people email me last week about how I deal with credit card chargebacks with our online business. Photo By Squeaky Marmot Before I begin, I just want to explain what a chargeback is. As you know, whenever you buy anything with a credit card, the credit card company protects you from any sort of fraud that a merchant might commit. This includes incorrect amounts charged to your card, failure to deliver the goods as promised or shipping faulty or damaged products. When any of these things happen, you can call your credit card company and they will issue you a refund if certain conditions are met.

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