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30 rue des maraichers, vincennes - Google Maps

30 rue des maraichers, vincennes - Google Maps,1.738281,6z

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Africa’s Information Highway - The AfDB Launches Open Data Platforms for 20 African Countries The African Development Bank (AfDB) has launched Open Data Platforms for the following 20 African countries: Algeria, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Malawi, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Ghana, Rwanda, Republic of Congo, Senegal, South Africa, South Sudan, Tanzania, Tunisia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The Open Data Platform program is part of the AfDB’s recently launched “Africa Information Highway” initiative aimed at significantly improving data management and dissemination in Africa. Work is on course to complete platforms for the rest of African countries by July 2013. The Open Data Platform is a user-friendly tool for extracting data, creating and sharing own customized reports, and visualizing data across themes, sectors and countries in tables, charts and maps.

OpenStreetView Effective as of Please read these terms and conditions of use ("Terms of Use") carefully before you access and u e OpenStreetView, an application developed by Telenav, Inc. ("Telenav"). Your access and use of OpenStreetView indicates that you accept these Terms of Use. If you do not accept these Terms of Use, do not access or otherwise use OpenStreetView. The Google Cheat Sheets: Everything You Need To Know Everybody loves Google. We all know they can help us find a local diner, free music, software, etc, but what else do they have to offer? The comprehensive cheat sheets above show you every Google tool, trick, and application you never knew existed. Page one consists of basic services, company info, and generic information, while page two delves deeper into Google’s inner database of query functions, web services, and more. Make sure to click on each of the images or their links, which will open in a new tab and give you the opportunity to zoom in and explore the sheets. Enjoy! [Via]

Google's Hotpot Recommendation Engine for Places Arrives on iPhone Google upgraded the Places experience on iPhone with a native app release Wednesday that includes its new Hotpot recommendation engine. The app is designed to help users discover and rate nearby places. It mirrors the Hotpot functionality in Google Maps for Android and works in conjunction with Hotpot on the web to include reviews and ratings from friends. Future Boy: Talent hunting in the counterculture - Aug. 31, 2006 Pyromaniacs on the payroll? Sure. Counterculture events like this week's Burning Man attract exactly the kind of creative people you want working for you. (Business 2.0 Magazine) -- If you want to make an appointment to see Larry Page and Sergey Brin this week, you'll have a harder time than usual doing so. The Google founders are making their annual pilgrimage to the Black Rock Desert in Nevada for the Burning Man festival. Google's known for its exacting hiring requirements, which include a degree from a top-notch university and a stratospheric GPA.

70+ Free Icon Sets You Should Have in Your Bookmarks Editor’s Note: This is a contributed post by Pavlushka, the author of CrazyPixels web design blog. He writes inspirational articles about web design technologies and useful web design tutorials, about how to create amazing web design artworks. Feel free to follow him on Twitter. Icon design is ignored sometimes when creating a website layout. The simplest method to catch the interest of your visitors is by creating a good user experience through attractive icons. PDF Quads - Trail Maps FREE Printable USGS PDF TOPO! Maps A quick and easy way to download any 7.5 minute topo National Geographic has built an easy to use web interface that allows anyone to quickly find any 7.5 minute topo in the continental U.S.A. for downloading and printing. Each topo has been pre-processed to print on a standard home, letter size printer. These are the same topos that were printed by USGS for decades on giant bus-sized presses but are now available in multi-page PDFs that can be printed just about anywhere.

Curved Spaces Curved Spaces is a flight simulator for multiconnected universes. Such toy universes are the 3D analog of the torus and Klein bottle on which the simpler 2D Torus Games are played. Because light itself wraps around such a space, inhabitants see their universe’s contents repeating in a crystalline pattern, like a hall of mirrors but with no reflection. Curved Spaces is intended for undergraduates and graduate students studying 3‑manifolds, and has also found use as a research tool in topology and cosmology. Questions?

17 Google Chrome Extensions for Web Designers and Developers - Web Design Blog – Get the FlatPix UI Kit for only $7 - Learn More or Buy Now Firefox is the browser of choice for most designers and developers in part because of the vast selection of add ons that are available. While Chrome does not offer anywhere close to as many extensions (yet), there are still a number that can be very handy for designers and developers. In some cases they are not as robust as the Firefox versions (example, Firebug and Firebug Lite), but if you are using Chrome you may be interested to know about the extensions that are available. Additionally, Chrome comes with some developer tools built in. In this post we’ll feature 17 of the most useful Chrome extensions for designers and developers.

How Rich People Do Burning Man I work as a mechanic in the Seattle area, and this time of year is so bittersweet. Love the weather, hate Burning Man. Every year, it's the same thing: Enthusiastic Burning Person comes into the shop with sawed-apart bicycle, some steel rods, lights lights lights, an ancient and heavy generator, and an empty tank of talent that was probably only 1/8th full to begin with. "Can you weld this together with blah blah blah lights up on its own blah blah blah symbolic of our dependance on foreign oil/materialism/what corporations tell us?" VodaCom-SA coverage maps VodaCom-SA Details VodaCom-SA is one of the 3 cellular networks in South Africa. VodaCom-SA is owned and operated by Vodacom MayaArch3D A web-based 3D GIS for archaeological research The MayaArch3D Project has built a virtual research environment for the documentation and analysis of complex archaeological sites —specifically, it is a web-based, 3D-GIS that can integrate 3D models of cities, landscapes, and objects with associated, geo-referenced archaeological data. An international, interdisciplinary project This international, interdisciplinary project brings together archaeologists, art historians, and cultural resource managers with experts in geosciences, remote sensing, photogrammetry, 3D modeling, and virtual reality from various institutions in Germany, the US, Italy, and Honduras. Case Study: UNESCO World Heritage site and ancient Maya city of Copan, Honduras The digital collections used to demonstrate the system contain basic information for other ancient Maya cities in Central America, but focus on the archaeology of Honduras and specifically Copan.

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