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Powerful Tracking for Hashtags

Powerful Tracking for Hashtags

Google Warns SEO & Businesses to Avoid Fake Reviews An update to Google’s spam detection algorithms will grow the number of reviews appearing on some Google+ Local pages. And Google has shared some advice with reviewers, business owners, and SEO professional on how to keep reviews from being deleted. Google warns business owners that “fake glowing testimonies” written by SEO or reputation management companies will be taken down. Also, “if a business accepts paper comment cards it might be tempting to collect them and ‘digitize’ them by posting the reviews on Google+ Local,” Google says in its advice for SEOs. “We ask that all reviews come from first hand experience and do not allow posting reviews on behalf of others.” On a related note, Google advises against companies asking customers to write a review on a computer or tablet located on the business’s premises.

35 Big Twitter Hashtags for PR Pros Twitter is an exciting place for new and seasoned PR professionals to come together and share ideas and opportunities in the profession. The key to optimizing your Twitter experience is to take advantage of its hashtag resource which links related topics together with a simple # at the beginning of a word, acronym or phrase. Over the past few days, I've researched some of the top PR related hashtags and their benefits. For the new Tweeters out there, or those still thinking about taking the plunge, I hope you'll take advantage of these 35 big Twitter hashtags for PR pros! Most Common:#PR – Obviously one of the two most encompassing tags, it's the most optimal for 140 character tweets.

Resources So you don’t have any idea where to start, right? Guess what—neither did I. I was clueless. Literally. When I started a few years ago, I had no idea how to start a blog. Job Search Hashtags on Twitter Twitter is becoming an increasingly popular social media job search tool for professionals and students as more career experts, recruiters and employers join the Twitter ranks to post their advice and job opportunities. But with thousands of different people to follow and countless tweets to read and search through, it can be challenging for anybody to identify exactly what they are looking for. This is where hashtags come in handy. For those of you who are new to Twitter, a hashtag is essentially a keyword or label following a “#” symbol that people post in their tweets to “tag” their messages in specific categories and/or make it more searchable for those seeking tweets on specific topics.

Are You Making These 5 Basic SEO Mistakes? Not getting the search traffic you were hoping for? In a new Webmaster Help video, Google's Distinguished Engineer Matt Cutts reveals five of the biggest basic SEO mistakes webmasters make, and suggests a few ways to improve your website. 1. Your Site Can't Be Crawled The Power Of #Hashtag: 5 Use Cases Hashtags on Twitter go beyond spreading the #BieberFever, many brands that leverage Twitter to form instant and immediate connections to their fans, use hashtags in different ways in order to get the most out of their (and user-generated) content. Lets take a look at how different brands have used hashtags: For promoting their content The Washington Post sponsored the hashtag #Elections as trending topic during the latest US elections.

50 Top Tools for Social Media Monitoring, Analytics, and Management Use these platforms to manage, measure, and analyze your social media marketing initiatives. To succeed in today’s connected world, you need to build a community around your company, brand, and products. Over the last decade, social media monitoring has become a primary form of business intelligence, used to identify, predict, and respond to consumer behavior. 5 Steps to Create a Website That Both Your Customers & Search Engines Will Love A major mistake businesses often make when it comes to SEO is optimizing their website at the expense of their customers. Have you ever entered a website while researching a product or service, only to be confronted with massive amounts of content on a poorly designed website? This probably resulted in not only a frustrating experience, but also your exit from the site, and a lost sale for that business.

Confessions of a Twitter Tag Abuser « For those of us who use Twitter tags purely for adding a layer of sarcastic commentary to our tweets, the idea of using tags properly — to categorize tweets and make them easier for others to find — may seem a little humdrum. But as I realized last week, using Twitter tags properly can help you to reach a much broader follower base. While playing around on Twitter over the weekend, I tweeted an image of some asparagus from my garden, and tagged the tweet #productivitytips. Suddenly, users from as far afield as China and Senegal were finding their way to my asparagus image.

Free Link Building Tools from BuzzStream Use our free tools to find link opportunities, conduct link research or automate link building tasks. Free Tools Email Research ToolEnter a name, company and website and this tool will generate Google searches to find their email address. Link Building Query GeneratorAutomatically creates link building search queries to help you find link opportunities. Saves them as an OPML file for easy import into monitoring dashboards. Extract Descriptive Text from a URLTakes a list of URLs, extracts the descriptive text at the end of the URL and saves the list as a CSV file (e.g., turns into "programs").

How to Dominate the Entire First Page of Google Your online reputation can impact virtually every aspect of your digital marketing program from the conversion rate on your pages to your click-through rate in paid search. Controlling the conversation around your brand is critical to upholding and improving reputation. In the long-term, monitoring social activity and proactively combating sources of negative sentiment while engaging the positive is a core strategy. While long term strategies are great, board members and C-suite executives aren't known for their patience, especially when it comes to the online perception of their brand. So what can savvy digital marketers do in the short term? Dominate the entire first page of Google for brand related search queries.

It’s easy to focus your attention with a Twitter hashtag, wherever you are It’s not so long ago that if you wanted to see what was going on at a conference or other event, and gain some insight into issues and topics being discussed in real time, your only feasible option was actually to be there. That was before the Age of Twitter. Now, all you need to do is follow tweets that use a hashtag – a device that let’s you pay attention only to tweets that contain a particular word preceded by ‘#’ – in order to see all the aggregated commentary surrounding a particular topic. A case in point – the Digital Pharma Europe conference taking place in Berlin, Germany, yesterday and today. Participants are congregating commentary around the hashtag #digpharm, making it easy for everyone there and wherever else to follow along with what people are saying. It goes beyond just passive listening, though, as anyone can respond or contribute a view that’s connected if they also use the same hashtag.

Top 10 Logo Design Software To Help You To Design Logo By Yourself Nowadays the importance of custom logo design cannot be really underestimated. It is one of the best ways that can help in marketing a brand and so a lot of companies have started indulging in logo designing. Once your company has a great logo, it creates a good impact on the consumers. Logo is a good way of creating an identity as customers can relate to a particular brand.

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