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Children's Songs with Downloadable Kids Music - songs and lyrics from KIDiddles

Children's Songs with Downloadable Kids Music - songs and lyrics from KIDiddles
Song Pages With Songs to listen to. Listen to the melodies of your favorite kids' songs. Download the song to your computer. With Lyrics to read. The words to 2,000 of the most popular children's songs.

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Kindergarten Reading Lessons Your children will love these free kindergarten reading lessons! Feel free to use them for individual reading units in any of the reading sub-skills, including Phonics, Phonemic Awareness, Vocabulary, Sight Words, and Reading Comprehension, or plan your entire reading day around these 5 freebies. Phonics Beginning Consonants Vol. 10 – In this free phonics lesson, children practice identifying beginning and ending consonant sounds, specifically the beginning sound y- and the ending sound -x. Audio-visual support, immediate feedback, and cute animation and music loops will keep your kindergartener excited and motivated to learn to read.

Top 10 Favorite Spelling Activities of 2012 My oldest son's natural ability to remember things means spelling comes easy to him. As a result, each week, the teacher gives him (and some other students) "the challenge list." The words are just as the title implies - challenging. I've done my best to devise fun ways for him to study. No. 1 Spelling Race

Educational Hip-Hop Guide your students to develop higher-order thinking skills through high-interest writing. Once students have listened to Flocabulary songs and learned information in any subject area, they can synthesize what they've learned by writing their own rhymes. It doesn't have to be part of just the language arts curriculum. Writing rhymes can help students master content knowledge in all subject areas and write effectively across the curriculum. Where the Wild Things Are Movie and Book Drawing Wallpapers (All Sizes) « Digital Citizen This is a far better collection of wallpapers than that on the Where the Wild Things Are movie website because there are: Wallpapers for more monitor sizes, including gigantic wide screen 2560 x 1600 pixels, and other wide screens like 1920 x 1200 pixels and 1440 x 960 pixels. More images from movie scenes, like book illustrations, the video game and fan art. More saturated images with punchier colours.

Nursery Rhymes Collection – Kid Songs DVD for Children These famous children’s nursery rhymes & classic songs keep kids singing along. Music is the best way to learn and children will love these catchy melodies. Buy DVD here: Tayla picked out 12 of her favorite animated nursery rhyme videos and put them all on one DVD! From her hugely popular The Wheels on the Bus, to the more recent favorite The Finger Family, you’re kids are sure to find many of the nursery rhymes they love in this collection. These are simple and fun videos that children LOVE singing along with at home, on the go, or in the classroom. Idioms Idioms and idiomatic expressions in English An idiom is a group of words in current usage having a meaning that is not deducible from those of the individual words. For example, "to rain cats and dogs" - which means "to rain very heavily" - is an idiom; and "over the moon" - which means "extremely happy" - is another idiom. In both cases, you would have a hard time understanding the real meaning if you did not already know these idioms! Idioms Quizzes: Have fun and test your knowledge of English Idioms by doing some of our 480 English Idioms Quiz Questions Idioms Forum: Ask questions about and discuss English idioms and sayings

ESL Song Lessons - - Why Use Songs <div style="font-size:9pt; text-align:center; color:Red;"> This site requires a javascript enabled browser.<br />Please enable javascript then refresh the page. <br /><a href=" id="ctl00_HowToJavascriptLink" target="_blank">How to enable javascript</a><br />(opens in annother tab or window) </div> Why Use Songs In ELT? Magic Treasure Rocks I am so excited to share this next activity. This has been one of Rosie's all time favorites so far, and it really is sure to delight and WOW any child. MAGIC Treasure Rocks

Nursery Rhymes at The Virtual Vine Hickory, Dickory, Dock ~ time, opposites/position words (up/down)Jack Be Nimble ~ position words (over); Letter JLittle Boy Blue ~ position words (under); Color: blue; FarmHumpty Dumpty ~ opposites/position words (on/off); Easter (eggs); Letter H, D, E; Color: whitePeter, Peter Pumpkin Eater ~ Halloween; Fall; Pumpkins; Color: orange; Letter PJack and Jill ~ Letter J; opposites/position words (up/down/after)Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star ~ Space; position words (above/in)Baa, Baa, Black Sheep ~ Farm; Color: black; Letter B; Counting to 3Hey Diddle, Diddle ~ Letter D; position words (over)Little Jack Horner ~ position words/opposites (in/out); Fruits; Color: purpleLittle Miss Muffet ~ position words (on); Halloween; Spiders; Letter M; Color: black (spider)Mary Had a Little Lamb ~ Farm, Back to School; Letter M; Color: whiteMistress Mary ~ Spring; Plants/Gardening; Letter M The following are some resources for teaching nursery rhymes in general. This list was posted on the ‘net. Fish Alive

Easy Sudoku Puzzles to Print Ready to get started with some easy sudoku puzzles? Sudoku is an excellent way to exercise your powers of deductive reasoning and visual acuity. They are also just plain fun and entertaining!