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Learn English Through Songs

Learn English Through Songs

Podcasts in English ► Level 1 For elementary and pre-intermediate students ► Level 2 For intermediate students ► Level 3 For upper intermediate students and above ► For teachers Lesson plans, teachers' information worksheets, how to find a podcast and much more! ► Pie plus Our monthly magazine with news, videos, information worksheets and our monthly competition. ► Extras Extra worksheet activities to support the podcasts ► Freebies Free sample worksheets for each of the three levels ► Travelogues Follow the pie team on their travels and learn English along the way Podcasts in English are not just listening activities for efl and esl students to improve their conversation. Many thanks to partnersinrhyme for the jingle on our podcasts and Philip Halling for the banner photo. Our partner sites: hire essay writers online at EssayPro Check your IELTS writing online - Boost your IELTS Band Score with IELTS Writing Pro, the most advanced IELTS writing checker. - best app that writes essays for you Did you know..? Cinematic: "Safe Haven" World of Warcraft Grammar for listenersFilm & animation14 items Simple tenses. Did Toff BAN HERSELF from Deliveroo? Grammar for listenersEntertainment24 items Questions. I made a robot that serves me soup Simone Giertz Pronunciation for listenersPeople & society21 items Disappearing sounds Will this robot feed soup to Simone? The Science of Awkwardness Vsauce Vocabulary in contextPeople & society18 items Academic Word List (sublist 1) Preparing for IELTS? Emma Watson's Harry Potter Outtake Jimmy Kimmel Live Vocabulary in contextEntertainment20 items Frequently used verbs. The art of asking | Amanda Palmer Grammar for listenersTalks & interviews17 items 'Would' for past repeated actions and habits. My stroke of insight | Jill Bolte Taylor Grammar for listenersTalks & interviews13 items Present Continuous Watch the story of how Jill Bolte Taylor realized she was having a stroke and type phrases in Present Continuous. The art of misdirection | Apollo Robbins Questions. The Bookmobile

Tiny Texts Listen A Minute: Easier English Listening and Lesson Plans Improve your English pronunciation using YouTube 17 English Podcasts Every English Learner Should Listen To Did you know English podcasts can help you improve your English language skills? To improve your English listening comprehension, you need to go beyond textbooks and start hearing how the language sounds. We’ll help you find podcasts that will improve your English. Contents Download: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you can take anywhere. 22 English Podcasts For Every Level The English We Speak Apple | Google | Website Level: Intermediate This English language learning podcast series from the the BBC focuses on everyday phrases and slang — the kind of English that native speaker use. These podcasts are published weekly, and each one is only about three to four minutes long. Examples of common English expressions explored in the series include “use your loaf,” “skeletons in the closet” and “take the mickey.” English is spoken at a slightly slower speed in these podcasts to make following along easier. Podcasts in English Apple | Website EnglishClass101 LearnEnglish

ESL Listening Comprehension Exercises: Movie clips to practice English | ELL/ELT SECTION 1: Movie Clips Learning through media (movies, music, etc.) is one of the best ways to learn a new language. The exercises below use movie clips to help you to better understand spoken English. Here's what you do: Click on the video you want to watch below.Watch the video, and pay attention to it! Till The Hummingbird Project Silver Linings Playbook Away We Go Aftersun Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy Emergency Licorice Pizza Adventureland End of the Tour Beginning Level Lesson 1 Dictation | Learn English Online for Free Beginning English - Lesson 1 - GreetingsThis page: Dictation exercise to review sentences from this lesson and practice with spellingPages in this lesson: Vocabulary - Grammar - Listening - Dialogue - Reading - Pronunciation - Dictation - Game Recommend Passport to English to your friends! Game Beginning English - Lesson 1 - GreetingsVocabulary - Grammar - Listening - Dialogue - Reading - Pronunciation - Dictation - Game