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Te Ara Encyclopedia of New Zealand

Te Ara Encyclopedia of New Zealand

Enchanted Learning - Member Login Enchanted Learning Login Hints:Your username and password are case-sensitive. Make sure that your CAPS LOCK key is not on. Be careful to type UPPER- and lower-case letters as needed. Do not type extra spaces or other characters. NZEDGE News — New Zealand through the eyes of the world's media Film & TV 7 April 2020 Singer Shirley Setia Debuts in Netflix Film Maska Aucklander Shirley Setia, who has made her acting debut with the Netflix film, Maska, recently spoke with India’s Bollywood Life. The actress, who began her career as a musician, hopes that the film will…

Tōku Reo - Tōku Reo This is the official TŌKU REO website. Join Raimona and Naomi online with interactive exercises, podcasts and a forum to reinforce what you’re learning on the TŌKU REO television show. TŌKU REO is a language learning show based on the comprehensive Te Whanake language course created by Professor John Moorfield. The half hour show broadcasts on Māori Television at 7pm Monday to Friday. It’s a new, vibrant, and fun way of learning Te Reo Māori in the comfort of your own home. In every block of five episodes, viewers of Tōku Reo learn vocabulary based around a role-play as well as a small number of sentence structures.

New Zealand Kiwis are flightless birds native to New Zealand, and have become a symbol and nickname for New... Whether exploring New Zealand's iconic bird, the kiwi, watching the haka, or learning about poi... Scroll down for our collection of famous New Zealanders notebooking pages and mini printable... Take a trip to New Zealand with us by printing and enjoying our New Zealand colouring pages! You... These printable New Zealand postcards make a fun writing activity for the classroom - or for a...

TKI - NCEA Internal assessment resources Kia ora and welcome to Te Kete Ipurangi’s web page supporting the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA). From this page you will find resources to support internally assessed Level 1 and Level 2 achievement standards aligned to (2007) - as well as draft Level 3 standards and resources for internal and external assessment. Registered standards and subject resources can be found on the NZQA website From this page you will find draft level 3 standards, resources, and matrices, as well as NZQA approved Level 1 and 2 assessment resources. From this page you will find resources to support expiring internally assessed Level 2 registered achievement standards and existing internally assessed Level 3 achievement standards. What do you think of this new NCEA site?

epic / Homepage - Te Kete Ipurangi (TKI) Kia ora and welcome to EPIC. EPIC is a venture between New Zealand libraries and the Ministry of Education, giving schools free access to a worldwide range of electronic resources. EPIC resources are purchased annually through the EPIC consortium on a subscription basis by the Ministry of Education for access by all New Zealand schools.

Drama Serials For Maori Language Learning Welcome to Te Whanake TV. This website of two thirteen-part serials complements the Te Whanake series of textbooks and resources for learning Māori. Each episode of both serials is about twelve minutes long. The remainder of each 26-minute programme consists of explanations of language and aspects of Māori culture. The first thirteen-part serial is called Te Kākano and has been designed for beginner and intermediate learners to develop listening comprehension skills. Teenagers and UK culture Why bring UK culture to the teen classroom? We can introduce UK culture into the English classroom to help our students improve their English and at the same time learn about values and ways of doing things which may be different to theirs. Learning about life and culture in the UK can be very motivating as it brings the language alive for learners and creates a link between language and real life. See if you agree with these comments from teachers on teaching UK culture to their teenage learners:

For Teachers Do you want to use Gapminder tools in your classroom? Check out all our resources on this page and the downloads page to get started. For more info, contact our educational staff at and . Featured examples of Gapminder in education Teachers TV: Looking at statistics with Year 8 students[Javascript required to view Flash movie, please turn it on and refresh this page]Thanks to: Bob LangGapminder and Worldmapper Geography for a changing world resources from the Geographical Association, UK.Thanks to: Paula CooperGapminder course at the NYC iSchool An experimental high school course that challenges 10th and 11th grade students to use a quantitive lens to analyze the last 200 years of global history.Thanks to: Jesse Spevack Featured resources

Ethnic group profiles 2013 Census ethnic group profiles provide an overview of the different ethnic groups living in New Zealand. Get information on topics such as population and geography, birthplace, education, and housing. Data is available for all ethnic groups that have a population of at least 100 people. Ethnicity definition Education Gazette Ruahine Kindergarten Association 15 Apr 2013 Lunch time release Foxton Kindergarten. Due to a change in hours of operation we now require a permanent lunch release teacher working Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, for a total of 9 hours per week. Exploring the World in Your Classroom: 45 Travel Lesson Plans You can't take your students with you on vacation as you travel the world, but you can take them on virtual trips as you explore different cultures together. Lesson plans on travel give you the opportunity to delve into topics like culture, geography and even math as you plan for travel expense. With a travel theme, you can dig into literature, help students embrace their inner artist and give them a love and passion for a new and exciting location. Whether you are digging into a country for a detailed unit study, want to diverge from the curriculum for some fun travel-themed lessons or simply want to give your students a love for travel, here is a list of resources that can help you embrace travel without leaving the four walls of your classroom.

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