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EasyPortuguese - Learn Portuguese Free Online

EasyPortuguese - Learn Portuguese Free Online

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Portuguese Slang Slang and idioms are colourful words and expressions that cannot be translated literally. They are absolutely indispensable if you want to speak like a native, it's the difference between "textbook" and "real- world" language. top ^ California Highways ( Southern California Freeway Development (Part 1 - 1940s) The freeway era in Southern California started with the construction of the Arroyo Seco Parkway in 1940. This route, which was part of US 66, is now the Pasadena Freeway, Route 110. Since the creation of the route, regional planners have been working towards the goal of a comprehensive regional freeway and expressway system. Figure 1-1 shows the 1947 Master Plan as developed by the Regional Planning Commission. Others also were preparing plans at this time; Figure 1-2 shows the proposed Parkway System developed by the Auto Club of Southern California.

Portuguese Words and Phrases 1. Basic Phrases Notice that Portuguese has informal and formal ways of saying things. A Simple Guide to Chinese Sentences: Sentence Types It will only take 5 minutes to read this post! If you don’t have time to read this post now, you can just download Simple Guide to Chinese Sentence Types PDF and read it later! Chinese Sentence Types To follow on from our previous article A Simple Guide to Chinese Sentences: Structure, this post introduces you to the different sentence types, their elements and how to structure them correctly. Beowulf The Scramasax Knife - CL-60 from Dark Knight Armoury Item #: CL-60 Availability : In Stock Do not be fooled by its apparent simplicity young tribal defender. This first weapon we offer you on this, the day of passage into adulthood, is the symbol of our clan whose roots go back to the great Beowulf who used his to slaughter a Dragon! Blessed by our priest, it shall remain a loyal companion for the rest of your days and beyond.

Learning Portuguese - Compare Accents Print Click on the links below to hear genuine native Portuguese speakers with different accents reading the following paragraph. With careful listening practice, you should eventually be able to distinguish different accents and identify whereabouts the speaker is from. This can be quite difficult to start with! "Dom Sebastião I era o décimo-sexto Rei de Portugal, e sétimo da Dinastia de Avis. Era neto do rei João III, tornou-se herdeiro do trono depois da morte do seu pai, o príncipe João de Portugal duas semanas antes do seu nascimento, e rei com apenas três anos, em 1557. THL Catalog of the Kangyur and Tengyur Tibetan Texts > bka’ ’gyur > Kangyur: The Catalog of Contents བཀའ་​འགྱུར། བཞུགས་​བྱང་​དཀར་​ཆག་​དངོས་​ལེགས་​པར་​བཤད་​པ། bka' 'gyur/ bzhugs byang dkar chag dngos legs par bshad pa/ Kangyur: The Catalog of Contents (D.1-D.1118; 1118 texts) There are a variety of ways to describe how the texts in the Degé Kangyur are organized. One very basic map of the collection can be found in its section titles, which are printed in the margins of the individual volumes. According to these, the Kangyur contains nine sections:

Four Men in Hats From Mycoted Shown above are four men buried up to their necks in the ground. They cannot move, so they can only look forward. Between A and B is a brick wall which cannot be seen through. linguaphiles: Brazilian Portuguese Accent Map I decided to make a map of different pronunciations of the same sentence in Portuguese throughout Brazil. I've only gone as far as the accents I know and can reproduce well. Please help me make any necessary corrections in the IPA transcriptions and add any other accents if you know how speakers there would pronounce it. We three want to bet on the horse (that horse) that's wearing green.Nós três queremos apostar naquele cavalo vestido de verde. A [nɔiʒ treiʃ ke'remuʲz-apoiʃ'ta nɐ'keli kɐ'valu viʃ'tʃidu dʒi 'veh(~x)dʒ(i)]

Hacking Portuguese Welcome to Hacking Portuguese! No matter whether you’re just thinking about learning Portuguese, already know a little bit, or are fully conversational, this site is here to help you level up and reach your goals. I have been a student of Portuguese for 3 years, and I only recommend things that I have actually used as a learner and found helpful. First take 15 seconds and read this: How to learn any language. If you’re ready to dive in, read on. > You’re here because you want to:

California Science Center: Traveling Exhibits Exhibit Rentals and Sales The California Science Center develops and offers traveling exhibitions for rent and exhibits for sale to other science centers and museums. The content is educational and the interactives allow children and their families to experience science as fun and relevant to everyday life. List of Canadian writers - Wikipedia This is a list of Canadian literary figures, including poets, novelists, children's writers, essayists, and scholars. A[edit] B[edit] C[edit] D[edit]

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