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Blog - Nicolas Bordas

Blog - Nicolas Bordas

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how tos « giuspen how to easily install and configure the original ubuntu on the eeepc: download the latest “.iso” version of ubuntu live cd image ( create a usb bootable key through ( and follow the instructions: a) DO NOT create a swap partition b) create a PRIMARY boot ext2 (NOT ext3) of 100 MB (mount point = /boot) c) create a LOGIC root ext2 (NOT ext3) of 4000 MB (mount point = /) d) create a LOGIC var ext2 (NOT ext3) of 1000 MB (mount point = /var) e) create a LOGIC home ext2 (NOT ext3) with ALL REMAINING SPACE (mount point = /home) 2) install the modified kernel following the instructions on how to make a file type to be launched from the desired software (when double clicking) Quarante centimes awkward-puking-unicorn a demandé: Hello! I hope someone still comes around here and will see this message. What happened to 40cents? Why did you let it die?

make music together let's get started making music... 1draw on the grid with your mouse to make a beatshow me2 save your track and share it with friends. show me3 out of ideas? roll the dice and start remixing. show me4 explore the beatlab community show me For more tips, tutorials vidoes, and FAQs, check out our community wiki.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3 Review: 1. Introduction Camera based on a production LX3 with V1.0 firmware (White balance section updated to reflect V1.1 performance) Panasonic's LX series has always been home to the company's most ambitious compacts, offering a range of photographer-friendly features in a small, stylish and solid body festooned with external controls. It's been two years since the launch of the LX2 and the market has changed a lot in that time - the level of features offered even on inexpensive models has grown and the cost of all cameras, particularly DSLRs, has fallen drastically. Both of these trends risk reducing the potential market for premium compacts if their features are available on cheaper compacts, and much better photographic tools (in terms of flexibility of purpose and image quality) are available for only a little more money. And Panasonic seems fully aware of these challenges. Headline features

Gucci Group: How big brands fast track their way to social media This week I had the great pleasure of speaking at the Gucci Group Conference in Miami. Not only were they the best dressed group of attendees I have ever seen – no surprises there – which was thoroughly intimidating – still no surprises – but their conference was a wonderful example of how a brand (or brands) react to the emerging social web in a way that is truly creative, effective and inspiring. As such, I wanted to share the steps they took to demonstrate how successful creative brands are rethinking their strategies to suit a new consumer-driven marketplace. 1.

the_simple_computer Updated October 25, 2016. This site is no longer being maintained so anything below could still be accurate, or very outdated. In the wake of 2013′s Summer of Surveillance, demand for privacy-respecting email services has skyrocketed. Email is a dinosaur technology though, designed long before the word privacy was part of the internet’s lexicon. Email as we know it today was never intended to obscure metadata or require end-to-end encryption. Ask The VC February 2, 2010 1:11 PM Today, I learned that former classmate of mine at the University of Michigan has started a blog for startups dealing with intellectual property issues. Jill Bowman is a great person and her blog is not only informative, but is also written in her voice, not legalese. (Her husband says it’s too “girly” but I totally disagree).

A. L. Crego yearinreview: In alphabetical order. I animate things, but I’m not an illustrator. List of webcomics This list of notable webcomics includes comics which are (or were) primarily published on the Internet. It is organized chronologically by the comics' start dates. The dates shown after a name relate to the period during which the comic began appearing and, in the case of defunct comics, finished appearing.

Does Facebook Really Want a Semantic Web? Two weeks ago, Facebook has announced a major new initiative called Facebook Open Graph. This is an attempt to not only re-imagine Facebook, but in a lot of ways, an attempt to re-define how the Web works. We wrote in details about the implications of this move for all interested parties. Privacy Tools - Encryption Against Global Mass Surveillance You are being watched. Private and state-sponsored organizations are monitoring and recording your online activities. provides knowledge and tools to protect your privacy against global mass surveillance. Language: 繁体中文 Español DeutschDarknet: I2P Over the last 16 months, as I've debated this issue around the world, every single time somebody has said to me, "I don't really worry about invasions of privacy because I don't have anything to hide." I always say the same thing to them.

How to Change the World Amazon start selling the paperback edition of my latest book, APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur. APE explains how to publish a book by breaking the process down into three stages: Author explains how to write a book. scorpion dagger figure i should re-post these, seeing as it’s Back to The Future day. attn: canadians. don’t forget to vote! here’s another gif i made for 4newswall – check ‘em out. i’ll be making gifs over at the 4newswall for the next couple of weeks. check ‘em out.

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