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Contently: Tell Great Stories

Contently: Tell Great Stories

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Our Blog - Single Grain Have you ever frozen up in front of a blank page, afraid to write that email to your subscribers? It’s hard. When you have thousands of people reading your stuff, every email can be intimidating to write. Get the best Fence Installation service at a low cost from here Fence installation must be done precisely to assure a fence that will weather the elements and last through the years. At Fence Factory, we are the experts in the field and can help you step by step on your fence installation. To start, it is important to contact local utility companies to mark any underground cables or pipelines that are in the area of where you want to install your fence. Once your fence installation area is cleared by the utility company, measurements of the fence installations area are needed. Estimating the amount of fence supplies will come next based on measurements of the property. Fences are typically sold in panels.

Free Keynote Mockup Templates for iPhone, iPad, Android, ... Click the orange button to pop-up a window where you can edit and confirm the tweet, then the download button will be activated Keynotopia Mockup Templates enable you to sketch user interfaces using Apple Keynote or Microsoft PowerPoint, without having to draw each component by hand! All components are hand-drawn vector shapes created from scratch in Keynote and PowerPoint, and can be edited and customized directly, without needing additional design tools. The Creative Push When does creativity strike? I struggle with this concept on a daily basis. An old friend of mine is a creative copywriter. I remember back when we were in university how consumed he was with great advertising creative. At the time, there was no Internet and he would wait - patiently - for the latest advertising annual to come out. He would go through these annuals like a detective surveying a murder scene for the first time.

Reading Is Alive And Well At Social Reading Site Goodreads, Which Just Hit 10M Members Goodreads,the site that lets you share the books you’ve read, are reading, and want to read, says it has just hit the 10 million member mark. That means the company has doubled its registered user base in a little more than a year — 15 months, to be more precise. It took Goodreads four and a half years to reach 5 million members back in May 2011. Too Busy to Create a Content Marketing Strategy? Make Time! The most successful businesses are using content marketing. Why? Because it works. Content marketing attracts and retains customers by creating and curating relevant and valuable content that they actually want and need.

Avail affordable fences from Pool Fence Los Angeles At Fence Factory, we recognize that not all pools are created equal. We also realize that the needs of all homeowners with a pool are not the same in regards to safety. Our fence specialists can help custom build the perfect pool fence for your home that will comply with all city requirements. All of our pool fence products are manufactured at the highest level of quality and meet the Pool Safety Barrier Guidelines that have been established in the United States. Get ready for that sunny weather!

Amid Lawsuits From Publishers, Boundless Launches A Free, Open Alternative To Textbooks Since it first appeared earlier this year, Boston-based educational startup Boundless has been on a mission to ensure that college students have a free alternative to the pricey and bulky world of physical textbooks. The startup believes that an oligopoly of textbook publishers has been driving up costs for years (as the four top publishers currently control the lion’s share of the market) and so it set out to change that. Naturally, as a result, Boundless has found itself on the receiving end of litigation — courtesy of three of those top textbook publishers. Leaning on the $8 million it raised in April from Venrock, Nextview, Founder Collective and Kepha (and nearly $10 million total), the startup has since gone on the offensive, filing a motion to dismiss two of those claims last month, as it buckled down to fight its accusers. But to give you some quick background on Boundless: During its private beta, the startup emerged as a product (or proponent) of the Wikipedia Era.

Tips for Developing a Killer Content Marketing Plan Content marketing seems to be the name of the game these days if you want to get your site noticed. While it used to be that you could stuff all of the right keywords on your website and just wait for the traffic to come, search engines like Google are far more advanced than that now.Not to mention, placing too many keywords on your site will actually harm it in search engine rankings. In addition, consumer behavior has changed quite a bit. People are online in many forms all day long and love to consume content, find answers, learn, and interact. All of this says you need a content marketing plan if you are going to be successful.

The secrets behind social content: Social Media Week special - Content Creation Collective (London, England September 26, 2012 · 6:15 PM Welcome to the The Content Creation Collective, a meetup for all creative types with a penchant for digital - writers, bloggers, editors, journalists, videographers, designers and producers - involved in the creation of content. This Social Media Week special will be taking place on the 26th September at 6:30pm aboard HMS President.

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