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CS Principles for High School - Course Registration for the 2015 CSP4HS course is open. Please see Registration link above or "Register Please" button below. Please scroll to the bottom of this page to access the course lessons. You must be registered and logged in to access course content. CSP4HS provides six-weeks of free online instruction to educators who are interested in learning more about CS Principles (CS Principles), which is a new Advanced Placement course being developed by the College Board. The course will begin during the week of June 1, 2015, and end during the week of July 24 (there will be two weeks off between June 19th –July 5th). The Difference Between Crowdfunding and Crowdsourcing - Crowdfunding HacksCrowdfunding Hacks This is the first post in our 30 Day Ask Clay Crowdfunding Q&A. I’ll be answering a new question every day in June. Submit your question by going to, where you can see all of the questions and all of my answers.

17 Fun Games to Play in Spanish Class! 1. ARROZ CON PAN: Game of elimination played in a circle where the students chant “Arroz con pan (3x) y sal” then a number is called out and counted around the circle. 2. CIERTO - FALSO: A person (often the teacher) stands between the stands of the trees and calls out phrases related to the class's latest vocabulary. If the statement is true about the student, they must try to run to the other side without being tagged.

Making A Good Confession I was terrified. My hands were as cold as ice. What was the priest going to say when I told him that I had not been to Confession in over 30 years? by Lorraine E. Espenhain | Source: When I was in 2nd grade at St. :List of online reference desks/General Inclusion on this list of online reference desks is not an endorsement. International library reference desks[edit] National library reference desks[edit] German National Library (Deutsche Nationalbibliothek, abbreviated DNB)DNB, InfoPoint (in English and German) Computer Science Principles What is CS Principles? In fall 2016, the College Board launched its newest AP® course, AP Computer Science Principles. The course introduces students to the foundational concepts of computer science and challenges them to explore how computing and technology can impact the world.

Write reviews and add ratings of places - Computer - Google Maps Help On Google Maps, you can write reviews for places you’ve visited. You can also leave info about a place, like if it’s quiet, lively, or romantic. These reviews and opinions are voluntary. We don’t pay reviewers for adding them to Google Maps. What others will see All reviews are public, so anyone can see what you write.

How To Use Blogs In the Classroom - eLearning Industry With the inception of Common Core standards and The No Child Left Behind Act, all educators require teaching literacy across the curriculum. Getting kids to write, especially the weaker writers, can be a challenge in itself but getting kids to write about math can be even more challenging – unless you use blogging as your literacy tactic. Blog writing is informal, unlike academic writing, which may be intimidating to some, if not all, of your students. Blog writing takes the pressure off of writing and gives your students a voice in a safe environment, even if you or your students stepping out of your comfort zone. What is a Blog? Why do Catholics practice fasting and abstinence during Lent? Explain that Lent is the 40 days before Easter in which Catholics pray, fast, contemplate, and engage in acts of spiritual self-discipline. Catholics do these things because Easter, which celebrates the Resurrection of Christ, is the greatest holy day of the Christian year (even above Christmas) and Catholics have recognized that it is appropriate to prepare for such a holy day by engaging in such disciplines. (Archbishop Fulton Sheen noted that the Protestant attitude is summarized by the line, "First comes the feast, then comes the hangover," while the Catholic attitude is "First comes the fast, then comes the feast.") The reason Lent lasts 40 days is that 40 is the traditional number of judgment and spiritual testing in the Bible (Gn 7:4, Ex 24:18, 34:28, Nm 13:25, 14:33, Jon 3:4). Lent bears particular relationship to the 40 days Christ spent fasting in the desert before entering into his public ministry (Mt 4:1-11).

Video Gallery Gallery Video plugin was created and specifically designed to show your videos from Vimeo and Youtube in an unusual splendid way. Gallery – Video Gallery and Youtube Gallery It provides 7 good-looking views. Each view is made for making the gallery more attractive, so select the one which will match the best for your WordPress website. Plugin allows you to create a video gallery for WordPress. Video Gallery looks very impressive and functional.

Blown to Bits: Your Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness after the Digital Explosion The full text of the book (third printing, corrected) is available for download under a Creative Commons license (see the bottom of this page). To get the book as a single PDF file (22MB), exactly as it appears in print, click here. For each chapter, we include below links to a brief excerpt and to a PDF of the chapter. Preface

Free QR Code Generator - Online QR Code Maker What’s a QR code? A QR code is like a barcode. It holds information that can be read by a QR code scanner, most often a smartphone app. Generally, scanning the barcode will send a user to a specific URL selected by the maker of the QR code. They can also be used to track inventory, product IDs, and documents. How much does it cost to use your QR code maker? Folktale Unit: The Princess and the Golden Shoes Folktale Unit: The Princess and the Golden Shoes Grade Level(s): 1-2, 3-5 By: Debbie Haren, Preschool Teacher Language Arts activities to go with the story The Princess and the Golden Shoes. Objectives: To help students learn variations to classic folktales. To learn what a folktale is and why they were so popular many years ago. To practice writing skills for writing a letter and writing to an author.

Five Manifestos for the Creative Life by Kirstin Butler How a numbered list can start a personal revolution. Some days everyone needs a little extra encouragement. The words or lines or colors don’t want to come, or worse, we don’t even want to sit down to create.

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Wordpress offer a variety of free blog designs and tools as well as premium designs and the ability to design your own template for $30.00 per year. by jenniflower Feb 14

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