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Liens utiles pour enseigner by catherineteixeira79 on Genially

Liens utiles pour enseigner by catherineteixeira79 on Genially

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Creating more interactive learning spaces in the new school year At the start of a new school year, especially with some unknowns when it comes to whether we will be full in-person or shifting between learning environments, having various tools available as educators is necessary. Teachers are always looking for new strategies or digital tools that will help students better retain the content and promote student engagement and meaningful learning. I’m always adding to my growing list of ideas to try out with my own students. Escape the Addams The Addams escape Mission You are on a trip when a storm breaks. Irresistible: U.S. Politics on Film – Speakeasy News As the race to the White House is about to resume after the pandemic , Jon Stewart’s latest movie — released on 1 July in France — takes you behind the scenes to help you decipher a political campaign. Setting the movie in Wisconsin, and using (wry) humour, Stewart wants people to realise politics is sometimes more a matter of money and media than a matter of ideas. Rivalry, strategy and stereotypes are exposed. The following activities will help the students get a glimpse of U.S. politics and get ready for the oncoming presidential elections (which may well be about money and media!). Additional information can be found on social media like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for those who want to focus on a particular aspect or line of the movie.

Hybrid Activities that can be completed Digitally or with Paper and Pencil – Meredith Akers My district, like many others across the world, is offering families choice in how they receive instruction this fall. Families can choose face to face or distance instruction. At first thought, this task seems like teachers will have to create twice the activities – some for students to complete in person, and others for those students that will need to complete everything digitally. BUT on second thought, we can work smarter, not harder! Tools for Promoting Home-to-School Connections Rachelle Dene Poth, teacher and edtech consultant in Pennsylvania, highlights five ways and 11 tools you can close the home-to-school gap and build relationships with your students' families. onnecting with families and the school community in real-time is an essential part of our work as educators, especially over this past year. We need to be intentional about keeping families informed about class events, student work, and school activities to provide a window into students' learning experiences and strengthen the connection between families and the school community. We start by getting to know the families first: by inviting them into our classrooms, making ourselves available, and by being aware of each family's needs, communication preferences, and prior experiences in the educational community. Fortunately nowadays, we have the choice of many digital tools to foster the home-to-school connection by sharing the happenings in our classroom.

Copie - BEING BLACK IN THE USA par psalernoprof1 sur Genially Being Black in the USA By Miss Salerno LP Jean Vigo 12 Plan détaillé de la séquence: Séance 1: From Slavery to the Civil War Séance 2: Segregation and Jim Crow Laws Les temps school things* adjective and noun* colours anagrams* dictation-school

20 Sites/Apps Every Teacher Should Try for Back to School It’s back-to-school time again! Whether you’re excited about the new school year or need some inspiration; whether you’re a new teacher or a seasoned pro; whether you’re teaching in a classroom or online— you and your students will benefit from education technology tools that deliver the all-important student engagement while supporting learning goals in reading, writing, math and more. The following sites and apps are some of the best all-around edtech teaching tools. Many offer free accounts or generous free trials; some are fully free. All are worth checking out! Book CreatorBook Creator allows students and teachers to combine text, images, audio, and video to create digital books and portfolios, interactive stories, academic reports, graphic novels, and more.

3e distanciel by RandonB on Genially Randon Bénédicte - Collège Rosa Parks - Cavaillon Séquence 4: "Act and React"Niveau 3eEnseignement à distance React! Iheart, Nobody likes me, Stanley Park, Vancouver, Canada Describe the document using the element you have on the slide and the methodology by clicking here:

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