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Forum (vidéo) - La question raciale divise le monde de la traduction (vidéo)

Forum (vidéo) - La question raciale divise le monde de la traduction (vidéo)

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uncaring: reflections on the politics of literary translation Every now and then our team writes and reflects about current literary-and-life matters. You can find these essays here. uncaring reflections on the politics of literary translationby canan marasligil I wrote the word “uncaring” on a torn piece of paper the other day, a gesture stirred by the world we currently live in. As I was reading one social media post here, a newspaper opinion piece there; I grabbed one of my many fountain pens which I delicately fill with ink stored in glass bottles (writing needs its own pace) and marked the red paper.

Appetite Available online 18 January 2021, Eating in the lockdown during the Covid 19 pandemic; self-reported changes in eating behaviour, and associations with BMI, eating style, coping and health anxiety 2.1.2. The event The global coronavirus pandemic, Covid 19, was first detected in the city of Wuhan, China in late 2019 (WHO, 2020). By March 2020, the virus was spreading across multiple countries who responded by implementing social distancing measures to try and contain the spread of the infection and avert a health crisis. On Monday 23rd March 2020, the British Government recommended a lockdown where people were advised to, ‘Stay at home, Protect the NHS, Save lives’ (Gov.UK, 2020). Leaving the home was allowed for four reasons; to exercise once a day, to shop for essentials such as food, to work outside the home as an essential worker, and to get medical treatment.

Build the Move Circuit Assembly : 7 Steps Open up a new 3D design in Tinkercad, then click the Shapes Panel dropdown and select Circuit Assemblies from the list of Tinkercad Shapes. Move a Move holder to the workplane. You'll notice that scaling is locked, so you can't resize it. This restriction is in place because specific, real life, electronic components need to fit into the holder. HEALTHLINE 27/09/18 Everything You Need to Know About Iodine Poisoning Iodine is an element found in small amounts in your body. Your body needs iodine to make thyroid hormones, which regulate your growth, metabolism, and other important functions. Few foods naturally contain iodine, so manufacturers started adding it to table salt to prevent iodine deficiency. Other food sources of iodine include shrimp, boiled eggs, cooked navy beans, and unpeeled potatoes. Most adults should try to get about 150 micrograms (mcg) of iodine per day. The Linus Pauling Institute provides a list of tolerable upper intake levels (the maximum amount of iodine someone can consume without any negative side effects) for different age groups:

Translation is the canary in the coalmine Many responses, in the Dutch and international news media and on Twitter, however, immediately fixated on a particular interpretation of the identity argument, reflecting at best a complete disregard of context, and at worst a wilful misreading of the arguments made by Deul. These contributions interpret Deul as arguing something like “only black translators can or may translate black authors” — a point she never makes. The two dimensions of the identity angle (the ‘may’ [i.e. permission] and ‘can’ [i.e. ability] arguments, as I will call them) are worth differentiating. THE AMERICAN JOURNAL OF CLINICAL NUTRITION 05/01/21 Changes in diet quality and food security among adults during the COVID-19–related early lockdown: results from NutriQuébec Skip to Main Content Advertisement Search

Robotic Paper Octopus (with Micro:bit) : 24 Steps Introduction: Robotic Paper Octopus (with Micro:bit) Make a grumpy paper octopus that retracts its tentacles in reaction to loud noises! Supplies: Electronics: micro:bit v2 BFR 31/08/20 Veganism: Vitamin B12 is well supplemented, iodine is a matter of concern A study carried out by the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment shows differences between vegan and mixed diets Those following a vegan diet have an increased risk of iodine deficiency. This is indicated by the results of a research project from the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR).

English translation: Janice Deul’s opinion piece about Gorman/Rijneveld What follows is an English translation of Janice Deul’s opinion piece (in Dutch) published by De Volkskrant (25 February 2021), carried out with her permission. The article prompted widespread debate; the interpretations of many of the subsequent contributors to this debate raise questions about their engagement with the article itself. This translation aims to make the original opinion piece accessible to a wider audience. There are differences between the submitted and published versions of the article.

Appetite Available online 21 January 2021, The food choices of us university students during COVID-19 Introduction The 2020 outbreak of COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) triggered widespread disruption in the lives of tertiary students across the United States of America (US). Beginning in March, university and college campuses closed (Baker, 2020), forcing the 14 million enrolled students (United States Census Bureau, 2019) to adjust their day-to-day living and eating routines. First-year students are often mandated to participate in dining plans, and on-campus food venues serve a substantial proportion of students even if they live off campus (Tseng et al., 2016).

Moodle Machine learning projects These projects are downloadable step-by-step guides, with explanations and colour screenshots for students to follow. Each project is a stand-alone activity, written to last for a single lesson, and will guide children to create a game or interactive project that demonstrates a real-world use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. JOURNAL OF FOOD QUALITY 05/06/20 Iodine Content of Salt in Retail Shops and Retailers’ Knowledge on Iodized Salt in Wa East District, Upper West Region, Ghana Background. There are laws to enforce the universal iodization of salt to check the consequences of iodine deficiency in Ghana. These laws are to ensure that there are production and sales of iodized salt in the country. Yet, the availability of iodized salt in the county's households is still not encouraging, with data indicating that 93.8% of children have urine iodine <100 μg/dl.

ALTA Statement on Racial Equity in Literary Translation As a response to the ongoing controversy around translations of US poet Amanda Gorman’s work into other languages (see Haidee Kotze’s piece on Medium for a thoughtful commentary), ALTA acknowledges that racial equity remains unrealized in the literary translation community, both in and outside of the United States. The question of whether identity should be the deciding factor in who is allowed to translate whom is a false framing of the issues at play. ALTA believes that if translators felt authorized to translate only those with whom they share an identity, it would be damaging to literary translation as a practice and as a profession. But in fact, translators choose or are chosen to translate works based on a complex network of factors including affinity, perceived status or skill, the author’s own wishes, the desires of publishers, etc. Legitimizing translation according to a simplistic schema of identity matching would be a problem, but that is not what occurred in this case.

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