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LibrePlan: The open source web application for project planning, monitoring and control

LibrePlan: The open source web application for project planning, monitoring and control

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9 Presentation Apps for the iPad Continuing our series on iPad apps for work, today we'll look at presentation tools. Presentations seem like the killer use case for business travelers that need to give presentations but don't need a full-powered laptop. Not every iPad app is capable of outputting to a projector, so even if you want to present just Web pages, you're probably going to need to download an app. Let's take a look at what's available. Keynote Many of you won't want to look much further than Keynote, especially if you already use it on your Mac.

Project management 2.0 Project Management 2.0[1] (sometimes mistakenly called Social Project Management[2]) is one branch of evolution of project management practices, which was enabled by the emergence of Web 2.0 technologies. Such applications include: blogs, wikis, collaborative software, etc. Because of Web 2.0 technologies, small distributed & virtual teams can work together much more efficiently by utilizing the new-generation, usually low or no-cost Web-based project management tools.[3] These tools challenge the traditional view of the project manager, as Project Management 2.0 represents a dramatic increase in the ability for distributed teams' collaboration. Jyraphe, votre dépôt de fichier en ligne Jyraphe is a web application of file repository, easy to install and easy to use. Jyraphe is an entirely free application, it is distributed under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License, version 3 or later. Jyraphe is developped according to the "Getting Real" philosophy, so it only has the necessary features. The latest stable version is jyraphe-0.5.tar.gz.

Top 10 Presentation Softwares Here are 10 top of the line programs that will help you take your PowerPoint presentation global. If you haven’t used any of these to create some great video, give them a shot! 1. Sandstorm Features 69 apps and growingNew apps are being added to the Sandstorm App Market every week covering a wide range of use cases. We have apps for document editing, chat, task management, file storage, email, music playing, code hosting, forums, games, and more. Check them out on the Sandstorm App Market. List of collaborative software This list is divided into proprietary or free software, and open source software, with several comparison tables among different product and vendors characteristics. It also includes a section of project collaboration software, which are combining with cloud computing services to become a standard feature in an emerging category of computer software: collaboration platforms. There may be some overlap between this list and the list of wiki software. Collaborative software[edit]

What's new in Bareos - The front-end is now multi-lingual: users can choose at login between English, German, French and Russian. Further translation projects have already been started by the community. The clients’ list now shows, if there are updates of the Bareos software available for each client. Also new is the handling of autochangers within the GUI: used drives and tapes are shown, tapes can be labled and im / exported. Kanban Tool Main features[edit] Free licence[edit] Each new user starts with 30 days free trial. After this period the users can choose the free plan (1 board, 2 users). See how top teams work together with dapulse Solving the growing pains of going from 50 people to over 1000 Our main pain was that, at 50 people, suddenly one person didn't know what the one sitting next to them did. The designer in the studio didn't know what went on in R&D and vice versa. And once we added a remote office, it became completely unbearable; you need to spend hours each night to compose updates for the overseas team.

Latest Customer Reviews and Ratings Keiron from Benson Design on Thursday, August 16, 2012 Our building design business has been needing a software solution to manage the many projects we work on at any one time. After using several disappointing so called project management solutions over the past 10 years we were keen to get it right this time. We tested 9 software solutions, and decided on ProWorkflow. We were fortunate to have been able to start using the beta V.8 and have found the new U.I. very easy to use. Remember The Milk Manage your Evernote Reminders with Remember The Milk. » Learn more Now available for Android tablets, too. Meet our all-new iPhone app.

Wiggio Wiggio is a Web application with a focus on group collaboration, offered by Desire2Learn. History[edit] According to the website's About page: "We developed Wiggio out of our own frustrations with working in groups. We were tired of sending eleven emails back and forth to set a meeting time. We were fed up with "that guy" who just never knows where and when to be for meetings. We were tired of multiple mailing lists, contact books, phone-chains and incompatibilities. Activity stream Though activity stream arises from social networking, nowadays it has become an essential part[5] of business software. Enterprise social software is used in different types of companies to organize their internal communication and acts as an important addition to traditional corporate intranet. Such major collaboration software like Jive Software, Yammer, eXo Platform or Chatter offer activity stream as a separate product. At the same time other major software providers, such as tibbr, Central Desktop and Wrike offer activity stream as an integrated part of their collaboration software solution.[6][7] Examples[edit] References[edit]

Project Management 2.0 – Was it really about Project Management? In response to project management challenges, project teams have turned to technology to attempt to reduce the costs of collaboration. The most visible recent development in technology-enabled project collaboration is the movement called “Project Management 2.0”. Project Management 2.0 has been defined in a number of ways, but the basic definition given is that Project Management 2.0 is the use of web 2.0 technologies to enable project teams to better share information, increase collaboration and to empower teams to get things done. “Problems” with Project Management 2.0 Defined by technology However, a problem with the current understanding of Project Management 2.0 is that it is difficult to define what it is, without discussing the role of technology.

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