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2X Application Server Converts desktops PCs into thin clients that instantly deliver web applications, virtual desktops and applications. Learn More Download Native Client: Getting Ready for Takeoff Over the last few months we have been hard at work getting Native Client ready to support the new Pepper plug-in interface. Native Client is an open source technology that allows you to build web applications that seamlessly and safely execute native compiled code inside the browser. Today, we’ve reached an important milestone in our efforts to make Native Client modules as portable and secure as JavaScript, by making available a first release of the revamped Native Client SDK. The SDK now includes support for a comprehensive set of Pepper interfaces for compute, audio, and 2D Native Client modules. These interfaces are close to being stable, with some important exceptions that are listed in the release notes. In addition, we’ve focused on improving security. We are excited to see Native Client progressively evolve into a developer-ready technology. Until the ABI becomes stable, Native Client will remain off by default.

makes texting and talking free. Textfree free number, calls, texts get a free phone number forfree calling and texting OpenVPN ALS How Tablets And Chromebooks Make Windows And OSX Legacy "Heavy, hard to change, powerful big hardware requirements, complex and costly to administer". All these words seem appropriate for legacy systems. Until recently ZOS (mainframe stuff) was generally considered legacy; I argue that this year Windows, OSX both became legacy as well. In this video I demonstrate a pure HTML5 based remote desktop system which allows access to Windows from any HTML5 based web device. If I were to bring employees into Nerds Central in future, I would give them Chromebooks and machine in the cloud. Was the 'PC Revolution' a 30 year blip?

The Joel Test: 12 Steps to Better Code by Joel Spolsky Wednesday, August 09, 2000 Have you ever heard of SEMA? It's a fairly esoteric system for measuring how good a software team is. No, wait! Don't follow that link! The neat thing about The Joel Test is that it's easy to get a quick yes or no to each question. A score of 12 is perfect, 11 is tolerable, but 10 or lower and you've got serious problems. Of course, these are not the only factors that determine success or failure: in particular, if you have a great software team working on a product that nobody wants, well, people aren't going to want it. 1. 2. If the process takes any more than one step, it is prone to errors. For this very reason, the last company I worked at switched from WISE to InstallShield: we required that the installation process be able to run, from a script, automatically, overnight, using the NT scheduler, and WISE couldn't run from the scheduler overnight, so we threw it out. 3. 4. Bug databases can be complicated or simple. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.

Connect a printer to Google Cloud Print To connect your classic printer, enable the Google Cloud Print connector on any (non-Chrome OS) computer that is already connected to your printer and able to print. You'll need Google Chrome to be installed on the computer. If you're using Windows XP, make sure you also have the Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) installed. Once Google Chrome is installed, follow the steps below to enable the Google Cloud Print connector in Google Chrome. Log in to your user account on the Windows, Mac, or Linux computer. Open Google Chrome. You'll see a confirmation that Google Cloud Print has been enabled. The printer is now associated with your Google Account and connected to Google Cloud Print.

FreeVisualTools - home Ravage Enterprise IT Costs By Harnessing HTML5 Remote Desktop The Enterprise demands ever more of its employees and they demand ever more flexible access to IT it facilitate this drive to productivity. Traditional enterprise IT is struggling to keep up with this huge demand for hyper mobile, ultra flexible enterprise working. Stop - and rethink! Let us take a look at some of the significant challenges facing the enterprise right now: Remote access requires a VPN. These are just a few; I have no doubt I have only scratched the surface. HTML 5 Remote Desktop + Light Weight , Hyper mobile terminal equipment. Move all heavy (read legacy) OS and application components to high power, central managed VMs running on blades.Rent out chromebooks or tablet/keyboard combos from a third party at a fixed price. If you are in any doubts as to if HTML5 remote desktop is ready for this challenge - check out my youtube below.

Sweet Home 3D Chromomoting - Is It Any Good You might have heard that a few days ago Google released the beta of Chromoting. This technology is make or break for the chromebook. To present the CrBk as a realistic thin client for business - remote desktop into the cloud or rack must work. And... it isn't fit for purpose. Sorry to say it, but the technology as it stands is no use at all. Anyhow, that is enough of my view - why not see for yourself [availible in 1080p naturally]:

Application lifecycle management ALM software suites[edit] Some specialized software suites for ALM are: See also[edit] References[edit] Further reading[edit] Keuper, Frank; Oecking, Christian; Degenhardt, Andreas; Verlag, Gabler (2011). Electronic sources[edit]