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FAN « Fully Automated Nagios

FAN « Fully Automated Nagios
The purpose of FAN is to provide a quick and easy installation which includes the most-used tools in the Nagios community. The FAN CD-ROM is ISO-certified, it is thus very easy to install. A large number of tools are also being distributed, which makes the implementation of an efficient monitoring platform much easier. Linux-based operating system FAN is based on CentOS. All CentOS packages remain available, so that you can keep all the advantages of CentOS while having the Nagios tools already installed and configured for you.

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Desktop Management Software Stratusphere™ FIT The industry-leading VDI assessment solution for organizations looking to capture physical desktop metrics, quantify resource consumption and baseline results. This solution provides organizations with the data needed to make informed decisions and confidence to move forward with desktop transformation strategies. ProfileUnity™ A cost effective, yet robust enterprise-quality User Environment Management solution that decouples user profiles from the OS making them universally portable and compatible with any Windows OS. Advanced features include Application Rights Management and FlexApp application layering.

Nagios This document will breeze through installing and configuring everything necessary to get Nagios up and running. This will not touch in detail on the actual configuration directives Nagios uses. For that, documentation is readily available from the Nagios website, or available locally after Nagios is installed. I'll be explaining installation through RPMs and yum from Dag's repo (RPMforge), but source is available if you prefer to build your own. Again, documentation for this is readily available.

IT Management with Event Log Analyzer & Web Intelligence Automatically Discover Hidden Value in Your Log Files Analytic Search™ Unlock and discover hidden errors, problems, and patterns in IT log data. Monitor SQL Server (MSSQL) using Nagios - From Nagios is a free open-source monitoring software/platform. Service For a non-renamed instance the following can be used: Top 5 Best System Monitoring Tools As part of the contest we conducted recently, we got 130 comments from the geeky readers who choose their favorite system monitoring tools. Based on this data, the top spot goes to.. drum roll please.. Nagios If you are new to any of the top 5 tools mentioned here, please read the rest of the article to understand more about them. Fig: Favorite System Monitoring Tool Voting Results

Roadmap - OPNsense OPNsense is an open source, free software project supported by volunteers and businesses. As always we cannot do all in once and we have to plan to get things done. This roadmap aims to provide an insight of the direction of the project. check_openmanage Dell™ Server Hardware Monitoring with OpenManage™ and Nagios® Latest version: 3.7.12 Released Mon Jul 28 2014 Advanced hardware discovery The plugin will search the monitored server for hardware components and monitor them. Top 5 open source project management tools in 2014 Last year, covered some popular open source project management tools (ProjectLibre, ]project-open[, and OpenProject.) We found these articles to be valuable to our readers, so here we take a look forward at what we think 2014 holds for these open source project management tools. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but each tool listed here has been deliberately selected based on a rich feature set. Read our updated list: Top 5 open source project management tools in 2015. ProjectLibre

55 Open Source Replacements for Information/Project Management Tools Experts say that interest in IT project management has grown substantially in recent years. A December 2010 report from put project managers fourth on its list of the most in-demand IT jobs for 2011. And a Forrester report found that for 2011, CIO priorities are shifting from cost reduction to improving execution. As a result, they're looking to the disciplines of project management and project portfolio management to help them "allocate resources effectively while killing off bad ideas quickly." Project managers have a huge list of software tools that can help them do their jobs, ranging from simple spreadsheets to groupware with collaboration features to full project management solutions. These tools can be very expensive, but a growing number of open source projects offer similar functionality without the high price tag.