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Startup Café - Accueil

Startup Café - Accueil

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17 paypal alternatives for easier e-commerce. - Webdistortion Paypal is one of the biggest and most widely adopted forms of online payment on the web today. With the weight of Ebay behind it, PayPal has truly went from strength to strength, and is a well recognised web brand. That said, it hasn’t avoided negative press, with reports of accounts being frozen, and Paypal slow to respond to support queries, many people have been forced to review and compare other options. Whilst many of these don’t yet have the user base of PayPal, they may serve to help you out when searching for alternatives. Entrepreneur: The Newest Superhero Why Give a Damn: In a world in trouble, entrepreneurs are our best hope of implementing solutions to the crises facing us and bringing prosperity to our communities. On a planet beset with recession, erosion of all major ecosystems, the climate crisis, and political instability, it is clear that governments are incapable of implementing needed solutions, large companies are committed to preserving their incumbency, and citizens too unorganized to respond effectively. Governments are high-centered, wheels spinning pathetically in thin air. The recent UN meeting, Rio+20, was supposed to be a world summit of global leaders. Mr.

Where startups really get (cash) crunched If startups are facing a cash crunch, it isn't when they start up. Venture capitalists today are buzzing about a Wall Street Journal story about how Internet startups are facing a "cash crunch." It's mostly based on AngelList data (or not, see update below), plus venture fund-raising statistics from Dow Jones. I don't dispute either of them, but believe they need to be viewed in a broader context. More importantly, I think the real story they tell was overlooked. Why Word-of-Mouth is Loudest in Africa Doing business in sub-Sahara Africa can be full of disparate challenges, and anyone looking to identify a classic African consumer will struggle. Despite sharing a common border, inhabitants of one country differ from those in a neighboring country with respect to their attitudes, buying and media preferences. Given this degree of diversity within and across geographies, new research from Nielsen shows that marketers need to look beyond the obvious to reach and resonate with both niche and mass audiences. Significant advancements in digital connectivity over the past decade in sub-Saharan Africa have run in parallel with evolving living standards, rising wages and heightened consumption levels.

How to Win a Hackathon - Rummage How to Win a Hackathon For 30 straight hours this weekend, my co-founder, Matt, and I competed in AngelHack (the biggest hackathon in the nation) for $75,000 in prizes, and the potential for recognition of our startup, Rummage. The product we built,, placed first on the West Coast, and second overall: What are the most important search ranking factors? The biennial search ranking factors report from SEOmoz was released today, which surveyed 134 SEO professionals on what has the most effect on search rankings, and their views on the future of search. Here's a few highlights from the report... 2011 ranking factors

Entrepreneurs as Dissidents Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. Seed funded startups ripe for shakeout, VCs say Individual seed investors have been an increasingly powerful force in Silicon Valley’s startup funding landscape. But in an onstage conversation at GigaOM’s Mobilize conference in San Francisco Tuesday, two venture capital heavyweights said that while the VC industry has been shaken up by the increase of seed backers, the current environment will likely lead to a fall. “There will be a day of reckoning, certainly.

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