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Sans titre. Mobilier & Intérieurs. Casiers Standard.

Mobilier & Intérieurs

Innovation. Pop-Up Schmop-Up. Folding completely flat when not in use, Austrian artists Liddy Scheffknecht and Armin B.

Pop-Up Schmop-Up

Wagner's Pop Up desk furniture is made from a 3 x 9 x 6.5' cardboard sheet. While fire safety and structural support may remain questionable, the idea that an instant mobile office that can be constructed from discarded office materials deserves a vigorous nod. In Utrecht, Dutch designers Carmela Bogman and Rogier Martens have developed a set of trio pop up benches that can be pumped out of the pavement using a hydraulic system.

Created from aluminum bench platforms resting atop three retractable posts, the heights of these pieces can be individually configured to lie flat at pavement level, stand at a maximum of thirty inches, or anywhere in between. Although tabletop hygiene may be an issue, this concept of urban-furniture-as-needed breaks new ground in public and play space flexibility. Rigsbee le tabouret affamé par Taylor Scott Ross. Taylor Scott Ross, étudiant designer américain à la Savannah College of Art and Design, nous présente l’un de ses projets baptisé Rigsbee, un tabouret affamé offrant un espace de stockage ou rangement pour vos livres ou sac à main.

Rigsbee le tabouret affamé par Taylor Scott Ross

Inspiré par la chaise de Marcel Breuer de 1921, il reprend les courbes pour les réattribuer à sa création mais sous une autre forme… Il préserve la technique de bois cintré et souhaite introduire une surface douce, textile, pour un maximum de confort. « The aim is to create a wood bent piece that commemorates Breuer’s underappreciated chair design while reflecting my own design style. This can be acheived by exploring the various references to Breuer’s piece: the bent wood legs, the emphasis on the profile, and the contrasting materials. Through the ideation and concepting of the piece, the focus was on sticking to these potential reference outcome« Plus d’informations sur le designer : Taylor Scott Ross By Blog Esprit Design.

Dear Paul stools les tabourets dégradés par Paul Muguet. Paul Muguet, designer français basé du côté de Mexico nous présente Dear Paul stools, une collection de tabourets réalisés en collaboration avec la marque Dear, 5 pièces aux structures différentes.

Dear Paul stools les tabourets dégradés par Paul Muguet

Tabouret, modules, meubles d’appoint ou étagères une fois empilé, chaque pièce reçoit sa propre architecture et finition colorée en dégradé. Simplement efficace, brut d’extérieur les effets de dégradés apportent une touche lumineuse colorée. Plus d’informations sur le designer : Paul Muguet Studio Dear via credit photo: cortesy Dear. Portariviste Ezio.

HMH. “Lello” il portaombrello. Ébénisterie Contemporaine - DU RELIEF ! Ébénisterie Contemporaine - Ammonite. Stair of the week combines desk, storage and alternating treads in one dramatic sculptural form. Stairs are such an important part of our built environment, but they do take up a lot of space.

Stair of the week combines desk, storage and alternating treads in one dramatic sculptural form

That's why we show storage stairs and often feature alternating tread stairs, which look scary and dangerous but take up half the space. Now Dutch designer Mieke Meijer combines the two with a desk, turning a simple stair into something completely different. © Studio Mieke Meijer The designer writes: Object élevé is an installation in three parts that functions as a connection between two floors while also offering space to work, collect and store. . © Studio Mieke Meijer Object élevé is strongly related to previous installations by Studio Mieke Meijer that were inspired on photographs by Bernd & Hilla Becher. The handrail police will no doubt complain that this is the most dangerous stair shown yet on TreeHugger, being a combo of alternating treads, no handrail on either side, and totally covered in trip hazards.

Dissimulez-vous dans un cocon lumineux. Accueil Style Dissimulez-vous dans un cocon lumineux Selon son designer, le Pillo est une « façon moderne de vivre », qui peut être décrite comme « élément de mobilier ou micro-architecture ».

Dissimulez-vous dans un cocon lumineux

Plus concrètement, il s’agit d’armatures employant des tiges de fibre de carbone et recouvertes de tissu tendu. L’ensemble est ainsi facile à plier et à ranger pour un éventuel transport. Ajoutez une source lumineuse, et vous obtenez un cocon pour adultes ou un luminaire original pour votre loft. Seletti New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong. Seletti New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong. Collection. Formwork desk storage by Industrial Facility for Herman Miller. London Design Festival 2013: London studio Industrial Facility has created a range of stacking containers to store desktop items for American office furniture manufacturer Herman Miller.

Formwork desk storage by Industrial Facility for Herman Miller

Sam Hecht and Kim Colin of Industrial Facility designed the Formwork plastic boxes with a non-slip silicone base to stack in any combination, lining up horizontally or stacking vertically. The products grew out of a project by the duo last year, in which they closely examined the analogue and digital items that tend to populate a desk. "It became clear that the modern desk is an amalgamation of not just the office, but also the kitchen, the workshop and the bathroom," they said, explaining how they found that alongside stationery, workstations tend to accommodate items like fruit, mugs, tissue boxes and toiletries. The Formwork storage system for Herman Miller keeps some of these items on show and in easy reach, while hiding others from view. Here's some more information from the designers: Atelier de création __ Collection __ Atelier de création __ Collection __ Les-Lalanne-2.jpg (Image JPEG, 750x433 pixels)