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Het Geheugen van Nederland - Online beeldbank van Archieven, Musea en Bibliotheken

Het Geheugen van Nederland - Online beeldbank van Archieven, Musea en Bibliotheken

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History of the Netherlands: Primary Documents Flag of the Netherlands EuroDocs > History of Netherlands: Primary Documents Regnum Francorum Online Georeferencing and imaging of monuments of the Franks (Includes parts of France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland) (Antiquity to Middle Ages; interactive maps, images) Kolonialismus-Debatte in den Niederlanden: Sklavenhändler sind out In Surinam geboren, gegen Rassismus aktiv: Marian Markel vor dem antikolonialen Mahnmal Foto: Erik Veld In den Niederlanden wurde die ­koloniale Vergangenheit oft als gute alte Zeit verklärt. Nun werden auch dort Rassismus und Denkmäler zum großen Thema. Marian Markelo wird in diesem Jahr dabei sein. Gehüllt in ein weißes Gewand wird sie bedächtigen Schrittes um das Denkmal im Amsterdamer Oosterpark wandeln, eine Schale mit Wasser in der rechten Hand.

Haus der Niederlande im Krameramtshaus –  Startseite Das Haus der Niederlande ist Heimat von drei Einrichtungen der Westfälischen Wilhelms-Universität Münster (WWU), die sich mit dem niederländischen Sprach- und Kulturraum beschäftigen: Das Zentrum für Niederlande-Studien (ZNS), das sich fächerübergreifend den Niederlanden, Deutschland sowie den Beziehungen zwischen den Ländern widmet, das Institut für Niederländische Philologie (INP), das sich mit der niederländischen Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaft befasst, sowie die Bibliothek im Haus der Niederlande (BHN), die über die größte Sammlung an niederländischsprachiger Literatur in Deutschland verfügt. Im Haus der Niederlande finden jedes Semester zahlreiche Veranstaltungen zu politischen, kulturellen, literarischen und gesellschaftlichen Themen statt, die nicht nur einem Fachpublikum, sondern auch einer interessierten Öffentlichkeit offen stehen. Ein geschichtsträchtiger Ort Ziemlich beste Nachbarn: 25 Jahre Haus der Niederlande Im 20.

Maps (KITLV) (under construction) An estimated 80% of this collection relates to Indonesia, with maps from the colonial period as well as the modern maps thereafter. A small part of approximately 5% relates to the territory of Suriname and the former Netherlands Antilles (Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, Sint Maarten, St. Eustatius and Saba). The remainder relates to other areas, with an emphasis on Southeast Asia. Southeast Asian & Caribbean Images (KITLV) The KITLV image collection holds photographs, prints and drawings that were acquired by The Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies (KITLV). Housed at Leiden University Libraries since 2014, as part of the KITLV library collection. The biggest part of the image collection consists of photographs. Around 1890 the KITLV started collecting photographs for the purpose of documenting the image of the Dutch East and West Indies in all their facets, such as landscapes, town views, architecture, and life under indigenous and Dutch rule and so forth. The number of images described is constantly increasing as previously undocumented image material is added to the database.

Slave narratives from Dutch colonisation in Indonesia by Karen Williams In 1657, five years after the start of Dutch colonialism in South Africa, an indigenous man, Doman, was sent to the Dutch “prize colony” of Batavia, present-day Jakarta. The Dutch colonisers who had landed in South Africa wanted to acquaint him with Dutch culture as well as help him to improve his Dutch-language skills. Doman was a Khoi man and his Khoi name is believed to be Nommoa. "The World's Oldest Trade": Dutch Slavery and Slave Trade in the Indian Ocean in the Seventeenth Century “Compared with the Atlantic trade, none of this Indian Ocean flow of captive labor, legal or illegal, has been well researched, and there are no conclusive quantitative studies of its volume …”P. Finkelman and J. C. Miller eds.,MacMillan Encyclopedia of World Slavery(New York, 1998), p. 851. “In comparison with the literature on the trans-Atlantic slave trade, a number of topics in the slave trade in Asia and Oceania remain under-researched …”S.

Het verhaal van de anderen De koloniale geschiedenis van Nederland is ruim vier eeuwen oud. Het merendeel van die tijd werd door weinigen getwijfeld aan de juistheid en rechtvaardigheid van het Europese en dus ook Nederlandse optreden in den verre. Dat inzicht is in de afgelopen eeuw, ietsje langer, eerst langzaam, daarna sneller en in de afgelopen decennia radicaal omgeslagen. Dutch museums vow to return art looted by colonialists Thousands of pieces of art deemed looted by Dutch colonialists could be returned to their country of origin after the Netherlands’ most famous museums backed a report proposing a wholesale “recognition and rectification of these injustices”. The directors of the Rijksmuseum and Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam said they would support the proposal made on Tuesday for a legal structure for the return of an estimated 100,000 pieces where a claim for restitution could be made, with the emphasis on return where “involuntary loss” is identified. Among the exhibits cited by the report from the Dutch Council of Culture as needing examination is a 70-carat diamond that belonged to the Sultan of Banjarmasin and was sent to the Netherlands after his land, now part of Indonesia, came under Dutch control at the end of the 19th century. The diamond is on display in the Rijksmuseum. He said: “It is an important issue that has received increasing attention, including internationally, in recent decades.

Koloniaal verleden Cookies op de website van de NTR. Geef uw toestemming! Wij plaatsen Functionele cookies, om deze website naar behoren te laten functioneren en Analytische cookies waarmee wij het gebruik van de website kunnen meten. Deze cookies gebruiken geen persoonsgegevens Hieronder kan je aangeven welke andere soorten cookies je wilt accepteren: Meer uitleg New York State Archives The New York State Archives holds the surviving records of the Dutch colony of New Netherland, which encompassed the earliest European settlements that became the states of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. These 17th-century records concern the full range of government functions including relations with native inhabitants, particularly the Mohawks, Mahicans, and various groups around New Amsterdam and the Delaware River. Extraordinarily detailed, these records contain a wealth of information about the people of New Netherland, with great potential for biographical and genealogical research.

The Dutch East India Company's shipping between the Netherlands and Asia 1595-1795 Edited by J.R. Bruijn, F.S. Gaastra and I. Schöffer, with assistance from A.C.J. Vermeulen and E.S. van Eyck van Heslinga

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