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Spido DaysOut.NL Het Zeeuwse Landschap Virtual Tour Amsterdam / Holland Amsterdam is one of the most well-known cities in the world, rich in historical events and intensive culture life. Particular here, for instance, the Hermitage, a famous Russian museum, founded its filial. But in spite of all the cultural and educational efforts, we associate Amsterdam not only with the museums and tulips. Amsterdam owes the dam its foundation in XIII century which protected the place from the inundations. The city built "with scale" looks like a toy from the bird-eye flight, the toy made of meccano: everything is accurate, clean and cozy here. But this tranquility is ostentatious: the reality is Amsterdam sucked in different kind of sins which, by the way, managed to live in harmony with its decent townspeople. It's forbidden to smoke indoors in order to save the Netherlanders' health. Don't you smoke grass? And where can ordinary townspeople make love? Generally, come!