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Today available 4989 logos (71155 KBytes)! Attention!!! This is 100% free service. All the materials available here are the property of their owners. The authors of this site do not bear any responsibility for the use or damage of any materials from this server. Otherwise, you'd better ask the logos 'of trade marks' owners.

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Logo Design Love Awards now open The Logo Design Love Awards are now open for submission. The aim of the awards is to give some well deserved exposure to lesser-known graphic designers, and to uncover the most effective blog logos amongst todays popular blogs. It’s completely free to enter, or to submit an entry on behalf of a blog you think should win. The only requirement is that entrants must have their logo displayed on their blog header between February and April 2008. There’ll be 10 heats, each from a different blog category (shown below), and the 10 winners will advance into the final. Blog categories

Flourishes, Borders, Frames, Objects, Vintage, Ornate, Decorative Free Vectors Sep 08 Were back from summer vacation with some free tree vectors just in time for autumn. These free tree vector stock art graphics vary in style and can be modified for any design- be it poster designs, animations, packaging, and more. I’m sure you all will get much use from these free tree vectors considering how everything is going “green” nowadays- as it should be, we only have one earth- lets take care of it. 24 Cool Logos with Hidden Symbols Did you know that many famous companies have objects and symbols hidden inside their logos? This post showcases cool logo designs that cleverly use negative space to convey subliminal messages. Via Rail Logo Canadian rail service features train tracks in the middle of their logo. [link] LG Logo

Symbol Signs The complete set of 50 passenger/pedestrian symbols developed by AIGA is available for all to use, free of charge. Signs are available here in EPS and GIF formats. Additional symbol signs are available free of charge at The Noun Project. Download the complete set of Symbol Signs (ZIP archive, 377 KB) About the symbol signs This system of 50 symbol signs was designed for use at the crossroads of modern life: in airports and other transportation hubs and at large international events. Inspiring cute monster logos Why do little monsters work great for branding? For two main reasons. First they are somewhat scary and therefore evoke the biological fight-or-flight response, which immediately raises the attention of the viewer. Second these little character logos are usually dominated by faces that we humans are wired to remember. Check out this collection of cute monster logos below. The following logos are available to purchase from StockLogos:

Cool examples of animal logos Site Statistics Members: 90,636Logos: 53,335Sales: $1,460,173 Login or Register Cool examples of animal logos Animal logos work great for many reasons. 1. Todd’s Blog » LOGO LINKS Here’s an alphabetical list of all the Logo Studies and related logo design entries on this site, plus some links to other sites. LOGO STUDIES: ACTION COMICS/SUPERMAN Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Superman SMASHED!

A Showcase of Startup Logos Startup companies these days need to find a way to stand out and attract attention – to them, every new visitor could be a potential customer or investor, and they need to make sure that their design doesn’t put people off. It’s for this reason that so many new startups are coming up with beautifully designed sites with impeccable user interfaces – they know that customers like the appearance of new apps and products as much as they like the functionality, and it’s a way of standing out from traditional, blandly designed company sites. In many ways it’s for this reason that young, emerging startups often put a lot of care and attention into their identity, logo & branding – they need to stand out and they want to make sure they look good.

Opinions on Corporate and Brand Identity Work UnderConsideration is a graphic design firm generating its own projects, initiatives, and content while taking on limited client work. Run by Bryony Gomez-Palacio and Armin Vit in Austin, TX. More… products we sell Logo Design Tips You Can Learn From The World’s Biggest Brands According to the ‘Top 100 Global Brands Scoreboard’ the top 50 brands & logo designs in the world are, in ranking order: Coca-Cola, Microsoft, IBM, GE, Intel, Nokia, Walt Disney, McDonald’s, Toyota, Marlboro, Mercedes-Benz, Citi, Hewlett-Packard, American Express, Gillette, BMW, Cisco, Louis Vuitton, Honda, Samsung, Dell, Ford, Pepsi, Nescafé, Merrill Lynch, Budweiser, Oracle, Sony, HSBC, Nike, Pfizer, UPS, Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan, Canon, SAP, Goldman Sachs, Google, Kellogg’s, Gap, Apple, Ikea, Novartis, UBS, Siemens, Harley-Davidson, Heinz, MTV, Gucci and Nintendo. You would think that an analysis of all of these logo designs would give us some good commercial logo design tips… Well, luckily the website Webson did a bit of an analysis for us…

The Best and Worst Identities of 2011, Part II: The Best To end the year on a positive note here are The Best Identities of 2011. As much as I enjoy posting the train wrecks, the Bests are more fun, mostly because my selections tend to generate plenty of disagreement. You can catch the worst here. 10 Commandments of Typography by Fontyou Typography needs moral but mostly aesthetic instructions. Here is a list of 10 Commandments of Typography, rules to follow and tips to know to be a better person, or at least a better graphic designer! 1. You shall not deform There are so many font families with several weights and styles, so why do you persist in bolding, condensing or small-capsing by hand, guys? If you need something bold or light, choose a font with several weights, but please don’t just add an outline, you have 99,9% chance to damage the letter design (counterforms, serifs, endings etc).

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