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Polymer Clay FAQ | Choosing & Mixing. What brand of polymer clay should I use? There's no one answer to this question; each clay brand has its own strengths and weaknesses, and different clay artists have different preferences. Some of the available brands are: Sculpey Polyform Products Co. There are three types of Sculpey: The original Sculpey comes only in white, in 2-lb boxes.

It is a soft clay, very brittle and chalky when fired, and is the least expensive of the clays. The colors are strong and may overwhelm colors in other clays when mixed; if you're mixing Sculpey III with another clay brand, start with small amounts of the Sculpey III and watch the color. Premo Sculpey Polyform Products Co. This replacement for Promat is the newest of the clays.

Fimo Eberhard Faber Fimo is a widely-available polymer clay and probably the most popular among clay artists, although you may not be able to find all of the colors locally. Promat Polyform Products Co. Promat is made by the same company as Sculpey. Cernit T&F GmbH. How to Paint Skin Realistically-Remastered. Facebook. My Pet Dragon by Richi89 on DeviantArt.

56 Brilliant Ways To Reuse Plastic Bottles.□ You Got To Try These Before You Trash One More.

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12 Artist Hacks (You Probably Didn't Know) Commencer un Bullet Journal - la méthode en 10 étapes - Soho Hana. Vous cherchez un outil pour vous organiser au quotidien ? Pour noter tout ce qui vous passe par la tête ? Vous avez entendu parler du Bullet Journal, et vous aussi vous voulez tester ce nouveau concept ? Mais voilà, vous ne savez pas exactement comment ça fonctionne, ni comment vous lancer… Rassurez-vous, c’est très simple !

Sortez un carnet, prenez un crayon, c’est tout ce dont vous aurez besoin ! Il ne vous reste plus qu’à suivre la méthode ci-dessous, détaillée en 10 étapes : 1 – Créer un index2 – Numéroter les pages3 – Créer un planning annuel4 – Remplir votre planning annuel5 – Créer le planning du mois6 – Remplir le planning du mois7 – Remplir l’agenda quotidien8 – Passer au mois suivant9 – La migration10 – Les collections Vous êtes prêt ? L’index vous sera très utile lorsque votre Bullet Journal commencera à se remplir.

. → Inscrivez le mot « INDEX » en haut des 3 premières pages de votre carnet. Astuce : Pour gagner du temps, achetez un carnet qui contient déjà un index à compléter ! One Stroke Painting: How To Use the Angle Brush.m4v. Bleaching Colored Items | Clorox. How do you bleach colored clothing completely white? We never recommend letting undiluted bleach contact any fabrics or hard surfaces—it should always be diluted first. Depending on the fabric and dye that was used to color an item, soaking in a bleach and water solution can produce several outcomes: 1. No change in color.

It often surprises people that some dyes can be safely bleached without losing color. 2. 3. 4. Bleach is extremely useful for the DIYer, not to mention fun to work with, because of all the interesting affects that can be achieved with it. How do you bleach polyester? §. Voici comment les jeux d'ombre et de lumière peuvent sublimer vos photos. Par Clément P. il y a 16 heures Amateurs de photographie, les ombres sont un moyen génial pour sublimer vos clichés. Il y en a partout, elles sont uniques et ne fixent aucune limite quant à leur utilisation.

La beauté des 16 images compilées ci-dessous le confirme. Grâce au pouvoir incroyable de l’ombre, chaque photo, a priori plutôt classique, est totalement transformée. De quoi donner des idées à l’artiste en herbe qui est se cache en vous, et qui cherche à s’exprimer. Vous allez en prendre plein la vue : @kristinsundberg @DavidBasanta @HeatherMason @SolveSundsbo @EmilioJimenez @WendyHope @GeorgeMayer @CristianaPantea @LucienClergue @ArseniySemyonov @hands-on-body @thewildflower_ @FernandFonssagrive @AbbieWyatt @NeilSnape.

How to Use Watercolor - Introduction Tutorial. Transform a TSHIRT Into a SKIRT! | DIY Fall Clothes ♥ Alejandra's Styles. Easy Distress Ink Watercolor Backgrounds (With Iron-Off Embossing) Glowing murals - BOGI FABIAN. DIY Book Cloth for Bookbinding | Sea Lemon. How to Make a Hardcover Book: Case Binding. DIY Text Block for Case Binding (How to Make Your Own) DIY Kettle Stitch Bookbinding Tutorial | Sea Lemon. DIY CHOCOLATE BAR PHONE CASE. DIY Room Decor & Organization - EASY & INEXPENSIVE Ideas! How to Remove Color Bleed From Polyester Fabric. Color bleeding is a common laundry woe, particularly if you have made the mistake of washing unlike colors together. When a color transfer occurs, this results in the dying of the lighter-colored fabric.

Dye happens to be one of the most difficult stains remove. This is particularly apparent on polyester fabrics, which cannot be bleached. Nonetheless, you can successfully remove color transfer stains from polyester fabrics through a non-chlorine bleach method. eHow | Home eHow Hacks Loading Things You'll Need Enzyme presoak or detergentCool to lukewarm waterColor stripper Pretreat stains with a detergent containing enzymes. Sponsored Links Photo Credit Andrew Olney/Photodisc/Getty Images Promoted By Zergnet Comments Please enable JavaScript to view the <a href=" Related Searches Read Article 19 Home Decor DIYs That Only Look Expensive From Around The Web Is DIY in your DNA?

Submit Your Work! Login with Facebook Login with Google We need some additional information from you. FORGOT? Bleach Alternatives to Whiten & Remove Odor in Polyester. Even though bleach brightens whites and helps remove stains, it contains toxic chemicals that can cause discoloration and damage to a wide array of fabrics, including polyester. An excessive amount of bleach as well as improper use can damage the polyester fabric beyond repair. Several inexpensive and common bleach alternatives will whiten and deodorize polyester safely. Error loading plugin: Plugin file not found Baking Soda Baking soda is an all-natural white powder that contains sodium borate.

Borax Not only is borax a common ingredient in green cleaners, it will also boost your laundry detergent's cleaning power and brighten your white fabrics. Hydrogen Peroxide Even though it is safer and less damaging to fabrics than bleach, hydrogen peroxide does not lack stain-removing power and will eliminate bloodstains from white clothing safely. Oxygen Bleach Sponsored LinksBad Leads got you down? Promoted By Zergnet Comments Related Searches FORGOT?