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Tiziana Saponaro

I'm an ESL teacher, freelance translator, blogger and contributor to I taught Italian and ESL at an international boarding school in Switzerland for seven years, ESL and English literature at an international boarding school in Italy for nine years and Spanish as an exchange teacher for a year in Virginia, USA. Currently I am a teacher of English for Information Technology at a Technical Institute in Verona, Italy, where my teaching focuses on best practices of educational technology for active student-centered learning and engagement. I am an advocate for thinking differently about teaching styles, so I keep up-to-date with new teaching methodologies. I love inspiring students and supporting them in building creative projects that utilize mobile devices, apps and web tools. My vision is to create an interactive learning environment that can accelerate learning to its highest level. I love traveling and learning about foreign cultures and have a strong belief in the value of international cultural experience. I lived in Switzerland, Virginia and California and travelled throughout Europe, the USA and Canada.

My blogger profile. My Facebook page. My educational blog. My videos on Vimeo. Conference: Giornata Europea delle Lingue. In Veneto da alcuni anni questo appuntamento è promosso dall’ufficio scolastico regionale con la celebrazione della GIORNATA EUROPEA delle LINGUE a Verona, collegata ad un concorso finanziato da una banca locale e dalle associazioni datoriali come riconoscimento della rilevanza della scuola quale luogo privilegiato di apprendimento di più lingue nei percorsi di formazione.

Conference: Giornata Europea delle Lingue

La “festa” si svolgerà mercoledì 16 ottobre presso L’Educandato “agli Angeli”, via Cesare Battisti, 8, Verona. L'evento vede come protagonisti, accanto agli ospiti “istituzionali”, gli studenti dai 4 ai 18 anni, che hanno partecipato alla seconda edizione del concorso “Europei e... non per un solo giorno” che quest'anno aveva come tema " Diventiamo tutti giornalisti per il Corriere dell'Europa ( ). Article in a local paper, 16 October 2013. English For Information Technology at ITIS Marconi. Dettagli Categoria: Istituto.

English For Information Technology at ITIS Marconi

I've been voted one of the best teachers in Italy. MasterProf. Pratiche educative innovative Tiziana crea da sé le lezioni multimediali e le pubblica sul suo sito.


Qui una raccolta delle sue lezioni: Flipped Classroom at ITIS Marconi. Pics: my students explain my Flipped Classroom at a conference. My successful Apple Distinguished Educator Application Video. Conference: ADE Institute, Amsterdam, July 2015. ADE Institute video. ADE Institute 2015, certificate of attendance. Conference: Challenge to Change", Venice, 3 November 2015. Conference: "Challenge to Change", Venezia 3 Novembre 2015. 'Challenge to Change', certificate of attendance. Conference: Villafranca, 23 November 2015. Education. Resume. My CV. References. My students. Cooperative learning.

Example of students' work. Students' portfolio. Student showcase. The school where I teach. The online course I have created. My multimedia lessons created with ThingLink. Lesson example. A collection of multimedia projects. My students/developers present the app they have created. Students present their projects. Students present their projects.

Reflections on 5 years of iPad teaching.pdf. La mia flipped classroom. Scarica la versione PDF del lavoro Insegno inglese nel triennio di in un Istituto Tecnico Industriale, nella sezione di informatica.

La mia flipped classroom

Tre anni fa ho creato un sito web/repository con le mie lezioni flipped. Si tratta di un ambiente virtuale per l’apprendimento della lingua inglese, dove pubblico i materiali didattici sostitutivi del libro di testo e i contenuti proposti durante le mie lezioni come: video lectures e tutorials che introducono e spiegano gli argomenti trattati,minilessons, articoli di argomento tecnologico, seguiti da attività di comprensione del testo,discussion topics, per la conversazione in lingua inglese,mind maps, per ripassare gli argomenti studiati,quizzes con correzione immediata, per monitorare l’apprendimento e l’autovalutazione,collaborative activities, finalizzate alla realizzazione di progetti multimediali da presentare alla classe in lingua inglese,un e-portfolio, per condividere i progetti realizzati.

Figura 1 – Sito/repository ( 1. 2. How I have implemented the Flipped Mastery Model, by Tiziana Saponaro. As an early adopter of the Flipped Classroom model, I realized there was a next step in this methodology evolution.

How I have implemented the Flipped Mastery Model, by Tiziana Saponaro

I created multimedia, interactive modules for each learning objective, posted them on my website and assigned them as homework.This freed up precious classtime to work directly with students on projects or other engaging learning activities. As Bergmann and Sams said "Technology has freed up the teachers to individualize the learning for each student". (Bergmann, Sams 2012). Now I want to make the best use of my face-to-face class time and I'm ready to venture further, by adopting the Flipped Mastery Model. Digital Storytelling: an Efficient and Engaging Learning Activity.

As an ESP teacher in a technical school for the last seven years, I have often used digital storytelling as a learning activity.

Digital Storytelling: an Efficient and Engaging Learning Activity

Allowing students to create their own digital stories has proven to be a highly effective means of ensuring that students remember what they learn. Digital storytelling empowers students to be confident communicators and creators of media as they gain essential 21st-century literacy skills and reach deeper understanding in all areas of the curriculum. This technique is a combination of the old storytelling tradition and new technology. With increasing availability of computerized devices in schools, various forms of digital media production have become quite common as approaches to learning.

A digital story is essentially any combination of a spoken narrative and a number of visuals, perhaps with a soundtrack - along with new technologies to edit and share the story. 6 Benefits of BYOD In the classroom. A few years ago, I decided to incorporate mobile devices into my lesson plans.

6 Benefits of BYOD In the classroom

While the content still remains the focus of my teaching, I think technology can enhance learning at every point in a lesson. As an early BYOD ("Bring Your Own Device") adopter in my school, I have seen increased learning outcomes and test scores, not to mention that my students are now more engaged in learning activities. The current generation of students has grown up with technology and want to use it in every aspect of their daily lives — including school. They have an expectation that the same technology they use at home will be available at school too. Thanks to the mass consumerization of technology, students are now some of the most enthusiastic and savvy users of state-of-the-art mobile computing devices. They keep their beloved mobile devices on them at all times, and are not just using them to communicate with friends or download music.

Student participation increases. Get 2 Free eBooks. How To Create A Paperless Classroom With Your Blog. Advantages of multimedia in the curriculum. I have elected to incorporate multimedia into the curriculum by using which is tailored on my students needs.

Advantages of multimedia in the curriculum

The primary benefits of this methodology are to: - Develop a community of learners through online activities, like videolessons and interactive tests and quizzes ( - Provide authentic assignments, like reading a CNN article on "virtual reality", followed by a video and a discussion in class.