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Boing Boing. FEED _ The New Brain_ The Elaborate Machine. Almost 30 years ago, the celebrated British magazine Encounter published a cover story by Gordon Rattray Taylor entitled, "A New View of the Brain. " Taylor's topic, the future of neuroscience, strayed a bit from the magazine's standard literary and political fare (the same issue ran articles by Friedrich Hayek, Paul Theroux, George Kennan, and an assessment of Claude Lévi-Strauss), but Taylor assured his readers that what he had to say was of real interest to anyone concerned with culture and the human condition. "It looks as if research on the brain may be the most dynamic area in biology during the next 30 years, just as molecular biology has been during the last 30...

[C]ertainly great advances are imminent, and the social and ethical consequences will be dramatic. " Maintaining a skepticism that would have served him well among today's digital evangelists, Taylor refrained from rash predictions about human engineering, artificial intelligence, or the dissolution of the self. The Atlantic Online. HotWired. Advertising Age. Pitchfork Media. Radio. The New Yorker_ Nightline Tapes and Transcripts. Cigar Aficionado. Smithsonian Magazine. Salon Magazine. DoubleTake Magazine. Blurt Online - Music News, Reviews, Videos, and more.

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