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350 Photoshop Tutorials. Photoshop is what makes the virtual world seem alive.

350 Photoshop Tutorials

Its nothing less than a blessing for designers. The Internet is full of Photoshop Tutorials and you will find a tutorial on each and every tool. With that being said, we understand that these tutorials require time and effort to find so we’ve saved you both. How? Well, basically, we compiled a collection of easy to understand Photoshop tutorials that will aid you with just about every aspect of Photoshop and teach you the essentials of the software. Who knows, after going through these tutorials, you may end up being the next big thing in the world of Graphic Design. This article is divided in 14 Sections: Advertisement Tutorials for Beginners 5 Common Photoshop Myths Solved for Absolute Beginners In this post, author will provide 5 Simple, Yet Useful Photoshop “How-to”s for Absolute Beginners.

More Information on 5 Common Photoshop Myths Solved for Absolute Beginners How to Use and Create Brushes in Adobe Photoshop Text Tutorials Fire. Games People Play: Game Theory in Life, Business, and Beyond. Insights into all endeavors in which humans cooperate or compete, including biology, computer science, politics, agriculture, and, most importantly, economics.

Games People Play: Game Theory in Life, Business, and Beyond

For example, game theory has become an invaluable tool for economists, underpinning the theories of five Nobel Prize winners in economics; helps corporate decision makers through the alternatives of complex negotiations where thousands of jobs and billions of dollars may be at stake; plays a crucial role in international diplomacy and military strategy, influencing the fates of nations even when that influence may well be invisible to the uninitiated; and provides insights into the origins of human behaviors, not only for psychologists seeking to understand why we act as we do, but also for evolutionary biologists asking how those patterns of actions—as human strategies—were handed down.

Learn the Basic Games on which More Complex Interactions Are Built If neither confesses, they each get a one-year sentence. Psychology studies relevant to everyday life from PsyBlog. The U.S. Small Business Administration. The Power Of The Mind: How To Train Yourself To Be More Successful : Managing.

How can you use the latest discoveries in brain science to improve your life?

The Power Of The Mind: How To Train Yourself To Be More Successful : Managing

Here are some techniques. November 02, 2011 Leadership tycoon Warren Bennis once said, “We seem to collect information because we have the ability to do so, but we are so busy collecting it that we haven’t devised a means of using it. The true measure of any society is not what it knows but what it does with what it knows.” There is a wealth of information at our disposal today on the latest discoveries in brain science. We can either drown in this information or turn it into a lifesaver by extracting its practical knowledge. Use visualization to learn a new skill Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to continuously create new neural pathways.

In a Harvard University study, two groups of volunteers were presented with a piece of unfamiliar piano music. Albert Einstein, who is credited with saying that “imagination is more important than knowledge,” used visualization throughout his entire life. Parker J. Night School News, Videos, Reviews and Gossip - Lifehacker.

Free Online Course Materials. 25 Mind Blowing Text Effects Photoshop Tutorials. Photoshop Crash Course. 35 Tutorials to create amazing Vector Graphics using Inkscape. Inkscape is a free vector graphic design alternative software similar to Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw, only it doesn’t cost you a penny.

35 Tutorials to create amazing Vector Graphics using Inkscape

It is maybe not as powerful as its higher priced rivals, but certainly powerful enough to design high quality vector graphics. If you are looking to venture into vector design, I recommend using Inkscape first, learn as much as you can and then if you need something with more kick splash out on Illustrator. Create a Light Bulb Icon Creating a Coffee Cup Sticker with Folded Edge Illustrating a Rainbow Create a Vector Compass Pac-Man Baddies Illustrate A Peacock How to create a cool looking wallpaper Rubber Stamp Create a Snail Create a chibi Tux penguin Sketch a Dragon Pile of Coins Postage Stamps Shattered / Smashed Text Icon Creation Text and Simple Styling Realistic Vector Guitar Chinese Dragon Palm Tree Horse Head An Angry Cat Paper Note Epic Logo Obama Poster Melon Vampire Valentine's Day hearts Inkscape-tastic icons Inkscaping a Globe with latitude, longitudes.

Chrome Text. 25 Helpful Tutorials for Lighting Effects in Photoshop. Photoshop allows designers with unlimited possibilities when it comes to creative effects, including lighting effects.

25 Helpful Tutorials for Lighting Effects in Photoshop

There are plenty of different ways to create lighting effects in Photoshop, and there are equally as many different possible uses for them. If you’re interested in learning more about how to create awesome lighting effects in your own work, here are 25 tutorials that can help. Looking for hosting? WPEngine offers secure managed WordPress hosting. You’ll get expert WordPress support, automatic backups, and caching for fast page loads. Laurie McCanna's Photoshop Tips - Tip # 2, Making Colored Ball Icons in Photoshop.

Khan Academy.