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Home - Skytree. ILS Technology. FF-Automation. Lighting HVAC Energy Management Solutions. Cloud Based Oilfield Automation Packages and Features. Logic Machine platform for KNX/EIB, EnOcean, Modbus, DALI, BacNet. Controlant. Highly Scalable Metrics, Monitoring & Alerts. Home. Wireless Connectivity, Security and Experience. SeeMoto - Business Process Automation. Wireless Temperature Monitoring & Sensing - Humidity, WiFi Sensor & Monitor, Remote Data Logger, Room Temperature Sensor - SensoScientific, Inc. Business Intelligence, Analytics & Mobile. Compliant Hosting Solutions. WMS Cold Storage Solutions. Home - Validated Cloud. Valarm. SensMap Visualization Framework. Electric Imp - Electric Imp. TST – M2M solutions – Smart City – IoT. Xively by LogMeIn – Business Solutions for the Internet of Things. Cloud Integration, SaaS integration, Elastic iPaaS. PLCcloud. Danlaw « Telematics.

For more than three decades, Danlaw has been, and continues to be committed to the development and testing of automotive and consumer networked electronics.

Danlaw « Telematics

Our automotive customers and partners include industry leading OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers. Building upon our three decades of automotive and consumer electronics development experience, and leveraging the combined resources of our 300+ employees, Danlaw launched its fleet and insurance vertical initiative over six years ago. This effort was aimed at providing a telematics solution that directly connects a vehicle’s critical information (i.e. - vehicle speed, engine RPM, fuel level, etc.) along with its position information (GPS data), and acceleration measurements to a end user applications.

The primary goal was to provide a completely self-contained and self-installed solution that allows fleet managers and insurance companies a means of collecting critical vehicle and position information for a variety of business critical needs. RTI - Your systems. Working as one. RTI - Your systems. Working as one. FICO® Analytic Cloud. Zementis. Memory Everywhere » Thin Film Electronics ASA. Memory Everywhere » Thin Film Electronics ASA. Electronic Shelf Labels. Internet of Things Connectivity Platform - - Powered by ioBridge.

Internet of Things - ThingSpeak. M2M Devices, Networks, Solutions - Numerex. DeviceHive - M2M, Machine-to-Machine Communication Framework. Embedded Web Server and M2M Solutions. M2M Solutions. Our Vision and Approach to M2M With Smart Grid and its underlining technologies evolving, the “Smart Community” or “Smart World”, as broader and more advanced views of Smart Grid are taking shape.

M2M Solutions

NTT DATA forecasts that intelligent social infrastructure, primarily supported by machine-to-machine (M2M) autonomous communication, will allow governments and businesses to provide highly advanced, comfortable and seamless services on a real-time basis. To that end, we have developed a wide variety of end-to-end technologies and solutions to support a smarter world, including applications, business intelligence, cloud computing platforms and hardware devices, including sensors. Our approach to M2M is three-fold: specifically Connect, Create, and Contribute. Connect. Simple. Remote. Sensing.

Etherios - Solutions for Today's Connected World. Novatel Wireless - Home. ISS Connectivity – Your industrial connectivity source! ISS Connectivity – Your industrial connectivity source! Echelon IIoT. Smart Energy Starts Here - Echelon. Carriots - Internet of Things Platform. Carriots - Internet of Things Platform. Ayla Networks - Cloud Connectivity Solutions for the Internet of Things. Home. Qualcomm Life. The 2net™ Platform* from Qualcomm Life is truly novel, offering a set of wireless health solutions that can elegantly and reliably capture and deliver medical device data to integrated portals or databases from nearly any customers’ or technology partners’ wireless medical device for storage in a system designed for security and interoperability.

Qualcomm Life

It’s a whole new way of connecting devices and liberating biometric data so that it becomes ubiquitous across the continuum of care. Global Software Services Company and Communications India centric Offshore Software Services Outsourcing. Gemalto, World leader in Digital Security. Virdata. Synapse Wireless - Proven Solutions for the Internet of Everything. Connect to innovate. Sentilo. Engine - connect - designer. Internet of Things Application Platform - ioBridge.

Amega Scientific Corporation - Centralized Monitoring Systems, Environmental Monitoring, Laboratory Monitoring. Wireless temperature monitoring systems. Most Advanced Pharmaceutical Monitoring System and Only Complete Solution — PharmaWatch from AmericanPharma. Wireless Temperature Monitoring & Sensing - Humidity, WiFi Sensor & Monitor, Remote Data Logger, Room Temperature Sensor - SensoScientific, Inc. eSight energy management software. Tridium. iBuilding Cloud. Managing energy in the commercial sector often involves an extensive portfolio of sites across a wide geographical area. eSight allows users to access energy data in a central system, perform complex analysis and produce automated reports for distribution.

iBuilding Cloud

Users may also access the simplified eSight Express interface to access energy data for specific sites without the need for training. When combined with a fast and reliable hosted infrastructure, eSight Energy becomes a very flexible platform that is simply accessed via a web browser on any internet connected PC, Laptop or other device. This is what the iBuilding Cloud from One Sightsolutions LTD makes possible... Fast and flexible access to the industries leading energy suite. Our eSight Energy cloud installations are backed by high performance Dell blade servers, a dedicated storage area network running over 10Gbit/s fibre and redundant gigabit connections to the internet. This is cloud based aM&T at its best! Cutting-edge M2M technology to manage the ioT - azeti. Intelligence When and Where You Need It in The Internet of Things. The aerospace and defense industry has benefited from the vision of the Internet of Things for decades.

Intelligence When and Where You Need It in The Internet of Things

Often referred to as the connected battlefield or network-centric warfare, information sharing and collaboration with a wide variety of ground, sea, air, and space assets greatly enhances the quality of battlefield information and situational awareness. Intelligence is being built into these assets at a record pace, enabling autonomous activity rather than simple remote control. As a result, the reliability, security, and safety of the systems controlling these devices are paramount.

Sophisticated surveillance and intelligence-gathering payloads for these assets often come from different manufacturers, so cooperation among manufacturers and the use of standards such as the Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE™) are important for interoperability. Enabling the Internet of Things - Building Connected Products and Experiences. Inductive Automation. Welcome to the Future of Real-Time Data over the Cloud.

OPC Server from MatrikonOPC – Modbus and 500 OPC Servers and Products. Cloud Based Automation. DAQBridge Modbus. Get data from your Modbus devices into the Cloud without a PC.

DAQBridge Modbus

The DAQBridge is a 4.2" x 3.25" x 1" black box that only uses 6 watts of power. It collects data from your Modbus RTU and TCP devices over Ethernet, RS485 and RS232 and sends it to your DAQConnect account. Each DAQBridge can communicate with multiple devices. Use multiple DAQBridges if your devices are in multiple locations. Using a "WiFi Bridge" device, you can connect a DAQBridge to an existing WiFi network. Cloud - Sign In. - Products. Bausch Datacom. The DinBox M36 is a telemetry solution in DIN-rail housing with embedded SMS application.

Bausch Datacom

The product is perfectly tailored to the industry's needs where reliability is important. With the DinBox M36, machines can be controlled or monitored through GSM/GPRS or SMS. Industrial PC: ads-tec implemented IT solutions for industrial applications - ads-tec. Home Automation & Business Monitoring. Jones Lang LaSalle launches IntelliCommand powered by Pacific Controls. The global smart-building cloud-based portfolio management solution, IntelliCommand™ provides 24/7, real-time remote access to control buildings, reduce carbon footprint and energy costs by 18 per cent.

Jones Lang LaSalle launches IntelliCommand powered by Pacific Controls

Device Cloud: Driving the Internet of ANYthing. SensorCloud™ Wireless Temperature Monitoring System by E-Control Systems. Sensaphone. Axeda M2M & IOT Platform for Internet of Things. GSM Alarm, SMS Alarm, GSM Intercom, GSM Gateway, Desktop Phone, 3G Terminal, GSM Controller, GSM Care Phone, GSM Lift Phone, 4G, LTE, LTE Broadband - Witura. Business & Commercial IP Security Systems. Secomea Secure Communication Made Easy. Wireless Security Cameras with a built-in 4G Cellular Modem. It's a revolutionary new way of managing your surveillance video.

Wireless Security Cameras with a built-in 4G Cellular Modem

There are no DVRs... just a cloud camera with a 4G cellular modem. Freedom from cabling All wireless systems claim to be cable-free, but our 4G cameras truly are. The 4G modem connects to the internet just like a cell phone.View all setup options for wireless security camera systems Freedom from networking hassles Don't want to deal with networking?

Freedom from DVR hardware Since our cloud cameras store video internally (Edge Storage) instead of using a DVR, you have complete flexibility. The advent of 4G cell service brings bandwidth and affordability to new consumers. Diverse Energy - The PowerCube. The PowerCube® is a self-contained, 24/7, “baseload” power solution incorporating the Company’s patent protected technology.

Diverse Energy - The PowerCube

It offers an 80% CO2 reduction and a 25% reduction in total cost of ownership with a 2-year return on investment. Unlike alternative power solutions that are ‘back-up’ only or rely on unpredictable wind and solar combinations that have a longer ROI, the PowerCube® is easy to deploy and provides a clean, secure and reliable 24/7 electricity supply with substantial operational and environmental savings. 3G Wireless Solar Powered Security Camera. • Complete ‘wire free’ solution for remote monitoring & surveillance • Fully integrated wireless motion activated digital camera with 3G modem • Images are sent immediately to mobile phone, PC or Monitoring Station • Operates for up to 11 weeks in cloudy conditions (Sending 100 images/day!) • Full control and configuration of the camera via SMS commands • Battery operated wireless motion detector activates the camera up to 80m away and operates for 27 weeks (200 triggers/day) before recharging is required. • Choice of 4 telephoto lenses to identify intruders or registration plates from a distance • All images are concurrently stored on an internal removable encrypted SD memory card • Weatherproof housing with sun shield, Solar Panel, both with adjustable mounts.

This is the Solar Cam with Wireless Receiver & Motion Detector. Resensys. Sensaris - Wireless sensors. Internet of things solutions.Appcessories.Sensor networks. CradlePoint 3G/4G Network Solutions. Waspmote - Shop. Libelium - Connecting Sensors to the Cloud. Data Station Plus. Cloud Based Automation. Cloud Based Automation. Industrial Networking.