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GRANDIR|グランディール京都・ベーカリー. Mutt Agency - Strategy for rockin’ brands. POLPO - Venetian sharing plates. My No-Fuss Formula for Pricing My Services. Landscape Architects :Melillo + Bauer. Off Box Architecture. Shop for unique and fresh new design arrivals. Date Calculator: Add to or Subtract From a Date – Results. New Jersey's 'Brick City' just broke ground on the world's largest vertical farm. Utrecht. Art, Design, Illustration, Sci-Fi & Fantasy. Discover » Most Funded. All Cat Beds, Loungers & Hideaways – hauspanther. DuckDuckGo. Zealot by Jo Thornely on Apple Podcasts. Photos - Sambuca Houston.

Ten Ways to Keep Your Revit Model Speedy – Payette. Pokémon. Special Brick Shapes. Brick Slip Feature Lintels. A new addition to our brick support systems are IG’s Brick Slip Feature Lintels, where brick slips are bonded together onto an IG steel lintel.

Brick Slip Feature Lintels

This one piece unit arrives on site with the bricks, matched to your façade, attached to the load bearing lintel. This eliminates the need for a specialist brick contractor and time-consuming hour’s onsite, cutting bricks to suit complicated structural openings. IG’s Brick Slip Feature Lintels are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, enabling the builder to achieve even the most challenging of architectural designs. Our complete range of lintels can cater for Brick Slip Feature Lintels; whether you require a parabolic arch, flat arch, segmental arch, gothic arch or even a full circular arch (bullseye), IG’s Brick Slip Feature Lintels can be installed quickly with minimum interruption to the contractors schedule. Dog Toys, Treats & Gifts Every Month.

Concealed Lintel Systems : Hohmann & Barnard, Inc., We Anchor the World! New!

Concealed Lintel Systems : Hohmann & Barnard, Inc., We Anchor the World!

Designed and engineered concealed lintel systems for brickwork Architects can feel free to incorporate this classic look into prestigious edifices such as Houses of Worship, Libraries, Universities, or wherever the design calls for a statement of timeless and imposing beauty. Virtually any design incorporating flat or arched brickwork can be brought to fruition in conjunction with H&B's job-specific concealed lintel systems. The opportunites for Architectural creativity are virtually limitless, the designer provides the vision and H&B will engineer and fabricate it. HALFEN - Videos - HCL Concealed Lintel System - Masonry systems - PRODUCTS. Episode 52: Dictator Style by The Observatory. Natty Shirts. History's Dumpster. Creating Keynotes. Palms Of Shady Villa, Houston, TX - MHT123 - Trumpet Harmon Mute. Easy Baked Coconut Shrimp. Crispy baked coconut shrimp is super easy to make and is a perfect healthy appetizer.

Easy Baked Coconut Shrimp

Hey guys, It’s Layla here from and today I have a super easy and healthy recipe for you today. Its crispy coconut shrimp they’re its baked! I love making baked versions of my favorite fried foods because you get all the flavor without all the added calories. This baked coconut shrimp is super super easy to make and even easier to eat! The shrimp is crispy and crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside. To get started simply combine the panko and shredded coconut in a bowl and set aside. AIA Codeofethics and professionalcondcut 033017. Castles, responsive parallax landscape. Prints – Ancient History Encyclopedia. Home Legend Master Collection "Maple Sedona" Engineered Hardwood : EBTH. Guided Imports - Manufacturing in China, made simple. ARE 5.0 - Practice Management - Staffing Plan. Deltek iAccess for Vision.

JC Pierce Architects and Construction Managers in Pittsburgh. Looney Ricks Kiss. Size Guide – Rex Specs. Building An Aquaponics System (The Backyard Prepper Series): Anthony D Faricloth, Gabrielle Lofland: 9781481190022: Books. Home page of Todd Klein, award winning comic book letterer. NCARB - National Council of Architectural Registration Boards. Whether you’re just starting school or you’ve been practicing for years, we found eight podcasts guaranteed to leave you feeling inspired (and a little less cranky from your morning commute).

NCARB - National Council of Architectural Registration Boards

In no particular order, here are the best audio shows for architects and design buffs. Archispeak Each episode, Evan Troxel, Neal Pann, and Cormac Phalen get together for a casual conversation about all things architecture. The trio often weighs in on trending topics—including licensure at graduation (episode 36) and the emergence of millennial architects (episode 39). Spotlight on Design Produced by the National Building Museum, the lecture series features legendary voices in architecture, urban planning, and design. Past speakers include Zaha Hadid, Frank Gehry, and Shigeru Ban, to name a few. 99% Invisible This imaginative podcast might just change the way you think about design.

Entrepreneur Architect Every week, Mark R. Architect Exam Prep Listen up ARE candidates. Any podcasts we forgot? Workflow Wednesday: Revit to 3ds Max. ESP M10 Electric Guitar Satin Black. Close Window There's no skimping on the essentials: the basswood body has a bolt-on maple neck with a thin, U-shaped profile that's hand-friendly.

ESP M10 Electric Guitar Satin Black

The 25-1/2" scale rosewood fretboard and adjustable Tune-O-Matic-s... Click To Read More About This Product Gear returned in mint condition. University of Houston Architecture and Design Alumni Association - Évènements. What Street Food Looks Like in 30 Countries Around the World. “It really is a type of haute cuisine,” says Krishnendu Ray, associate professor and department chair of the NYU food studies program.

What Street Food Looks Like in 30 Countries Around the World

As democratic food for the masses, he says, street food stands apart from more homestyle cooking: bold flavors and spices, crisp griddled edges and crunchy fried crusts, made at stands layered with eye-catching colors. At the recent CityFood symposium in New York City, Ray and other scholars explained how street food the world over contributes to an aesthetic that’s different everywhere but grounded by a universal theme: thrifty, satisfying fare that’s immediately delicious, and essential to the geographic and economic fabric of our cities.

Yet while street food is riding a surging wave of attention and adoration, the vendors who spend their days making our falafel, kebabs, and empanadas are often overlooked, and even declared a public nuisance despite their hard-fought contributions to urban culture. For Ray, such measures lead to two kinds of loss. BLINK – Asia–born, Internationally Acclaimed Hotel and Resort Designers. The Violinist's Wedding Album For Violin And Keyboard. Wedding violin and piano music. The Violinist's Wedding Album For Violin And Accompaniment CD. Johann Sebastian Bach "Air on the G String - Piano Accompaniment" Sheet Music in D Major - Download & Print - SKU: MN0125740. A Vehicle For Telling Stories. 65 FREE AMAZING LINE ICONS BY PAVEL KOZLOV. Mont-Tremblant’S aquatic complex – Héloïse Thibodeau Architecte.

The Mont-Tremblant aquatic complex is built in an enchanting and picturesque setting near the Curé-Mercure high school.

Mont-Tremblant’S aquatic complex – Héloïse Thibodeau Architecte

This turnkey project, in collaboration with Cogela, is a complex on the cutting edge of modern aquatic facilities. It is designed as much for the citizens as for top athletes. LED Table Lamps & LED Desk Lamps. Why LED Desk Lamps and Table Lamps are Important LED table lamps and desk lamps combine all of the favorable qualities of portable lamps with the benefits of LED technology to create new modern lighting designs that are unique, highly innovative, and practical.

LED Table Lamps & LED Desk Lamps

From ultra-slim profiles like the Contour Table Lamp from Pablo to super unique designs like the Copycat Table Lamp from FLOS, the use of LEDs in portable lamps has allowed for decorative, compelling designs to serve as part of the decor of the room as opposed to simply being an additional light source. Free Paper Glass Mockup.

Google. Greenhouse Recruiting Blog. Ariana Moon is a Senior Recruiter at Greenhouse—and a proud one at that!

Greenhouse Recruiting Blog

She partners with hiring managers across all teams at Greenhouse to learn what they do and help them hire the best people for their teams. Outside of work, she dedicates her time to Latin dancing and loves exploring her physical limits almost as much as she loves eating sweets. There’s a lot of talk about the importance of data in recruiting these days, and for good reason, too! As recruiting teams evolve their understanding of the recruiting funnel and implement metrics-driven approaches similar to that of sales and marketing teams, taking a closer look at how we use and report on data is a natural and necessary outcome. Our Recruiting team at Greenhouse is no stranger to this movement. Read on to learn why we believe in the importance of data in recruiting at Greenhouse as well as what kinds of reports we use in real-time to keep our hiring managers informed and involved in our recruiting process.

Topline Office in China by HEAD Architecture and Design. HEAD Architecture takes a boring space and transforms it into a lively, fun place to work.

Topline Office in China by HEAD Architecture and Design

From the architects: Topline’s existing factory and office in Dongguan – a rather drab Chinese industrial building with attached dormitory – were given an overhaul to give them a more modern branded feel. This was intended to last for the 18 month period while their new premises were under design and construction.

3-D Printed Furniture Company Print the Future Opens NYC Pop-Up. Print the Future, a new technology startup that offers custom 3D printed furniture, has opened a pop-up store in New York City at 325 W. 38th Street. Designed in collaboration with Lori Dennis, top interior designer and star of HGTV's The Real Designing Women, the concept store puts the cutting-edge 3D printing process on display. "Print the Future is about more than just furniture; it’s about innovation, and making ideas on demand a reality by moving the needle in the 3D printing space, the possibilities being endless,” says Neil Patel, founder and CEO.

“We are at the forefront in the 3D printing space and have big visions. What Starbucks is to coffee, Print the Future will be to 3D printing; synonymous with its product.” Inspirationde - Source of design & inspiration. Gallipoli. 2016 Make Me Pulse. Les meilleurs sites web Classe. What We Do - Headscape. Introducing The New Uber App For Riders. Work at Square. Career opportunities. Planning - Maxx Designers- Commercial Plans and Permits. ELBE PHILHARMONIC HALL (ELBPHILHARMONIE) Standing next to the River Elbe in the heart of Hamburg’s HafenCity, the Elbe Philharmonic Hall (Elbphilharmonie) is a radiant beacon of music and culture. After nearly ten years of design and construction, the Hall officially opened on January 11th, 2017, offering visitors access to a unique social and cultural center.

Built on more than 1000 reinforced concrete posts, the Elbe Philharmonic Hall blends old and new, repurposing the foundations of a brick-façade warehouse as the platform for a spectacular, contemporary glass structure. The building houses a philharmonic orchestra, a hotel, dining facilities, apartments, and the Plaza viewing platform. Zumtobel worked closely with Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron, German lighting design firm Ulrike Brandi Licht, and German glass designer Detlef Tanz to develop a customized lighting solution for the magnificent space. Castello Chiola designed by Filippo Spiezia. Three Columns Grid Overview. Lyons Dougherty, LLC. Litigation Attorneys in Florida & Georgia. Custom Exhibition Stands - Trade Show Displays & Booths. Reputation Squad, the augmented influence agency. Digital Agency in Leeds & London. Les meilleurs sites web Futuriste. Nuenorm – Experience the NUE.

FirstTouch, Inc. ELBE PHILHARMONIC HALL (ELBPHILHARMONIE) 一歩先のオフィスをご提案します. Sibling & Edward Sexton - Involve Digital. 20889730?action=product_interest&action_type=title&beacon_version=1.0. David Coggins - Men and Style. À propos · Macan. Results. Ping Identity. Design Achievement - Online security and identity management company Ping Identity needed a new home in Downtown Denver to showcase the firm's unique culture and provide a positive, fun workspace for its entrepreneurial staff.

DLR Group's design began with a visioning session which distilled the desired styles of the Ping Identity stakeholders into a unified vision for all - ultimately named eclectic vibe (eclectic design with a personalized vibe). The supporting vocabulary developed by the team and implemented throughout the design process, encompassed creating a space that is comfortable, innovative, unique, funky, and interesting. 10 Companies That Totally Nailed the Company Culture Video. While working on this project, I realized all companies take different (very different) approaches to their company culture video.

Some prefer to have the videos feel more like employment promotions, where they are encouraging people to apply and straight up telling them why by including things like insurance and dental information or vacation policy. Others use the company culture video as a way to broadcast what the company does as a whole; mentioning features and benefits for customers. Elbphilharmonie: Countdown to the opening. Elbphilharmonie Slow & Motion - Awwwards Nominee. Enjoy Activities in Palliser Bay. Leistungen & RLC AG Architektur, Projektentwicklung - Von der ersten Idee bis zur Fertigstellung. RLC gestaltet Projekte, welche Ästhetik, Funktionalität und Wirtschaftlichkeit nach den Bedürfnissen der Kunden, vereinen.

People Architecture. Modern Contemporary Home Design Architect Austin, Dallas and San Antonio. Mountain Modern Design. An Austin, Texas based Architecture & Design Studio. Awwwards Nominees. Shutterstock.