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5 Tips for Maintaining Your Hardwood Floor. Once you’ve invested in a hardwood floor for your house, you’ll want to keep it looking good.

5 Tips for Maintaining Your Hardwood Floor

Spills and dirt are harder to take out from a carpeted floor than a hardwood floor. However, consistent maintenance is essential to keep your floors in excellent condition for several years to come. Here are five tips for maintaining your hardwood floor: Clean Spills Immediately Any spills on your hardwood floors will cause stains if they are not wiped as soon as they happen.

Sweep Daily You might think it’s a bit excessive to sweep or dust your hardwood floor every day, but it’s not. Use Rugs and Hall Runners Prevention is better and cheaper than restoration. Use Protective Furniture Pads You can’t control some of the dents and scratches on your hardwood floors, but you can control others. Re-Finish After 3 Years. Prahran Residence. QT Museum Hotel. City Penthouse. Flooring Options For Your New Home. The type of floor you choose for your new home determines how comfortable you will be.

Flooring Options For Your New Home

And because it's the floor that bears the brunt of most of the activities you undertake at home, choose a floor that will withstand your daily activities. The Weber® Kettle. The Weber kettle has been around for quite a while,now and it is here to stay.

The Weber® Kettle

There is a reason that they are still at the forefront of their game, even after all these years. It remains a firm favourite amongst those who love to barbecue, and there is a different kind of Weber for every type of outdoor food enthusiast out there. If you take care of your Weber, it can last anywhere between 5 and ten years. As long you keep up with the maintenance and not leave it out in the rain seven days a week. Outdoor Heating. With winter basically on our doorstep, it’s time to head indoors and snuggle up in the evenings and during the weekends.

Outdoor Heating

You don’t have to spend the entire winter indoors, with amazing outdoor heaters available, that can turn cold evenings on the porch into amazing memories. There are some incredible outdoor heaters to choose from. It’s just a matter of what your needs are. Here are just a few you can choose from. This portable heater will heat up your outdoor area and will look good doing it.

Morso Kamino Cast Iron Outdoor Fireplace. How Often Should I Organise A Roof Inspection? Roof maintenance is often overlooked because, unlike the rest of your house, its main components are not quite visible.

How Often Should I Organise A Roof Inspection?

The rafters, trusses, and sheathing components of your roof are usually well tucked away, hidden behind your ceiling. Many people only inspect their roofs when there is a sign of leakage inside the house. The frequency of your roof inspection depends on various factors including the material it is made of, the prevailing weather conditions where you live and the age of the roof among others. These factors sometimes come together. There are several types of roofing materials each having unique characteristics. Weather Conditions The prevailing weather conditions where you live have a big impact on the frequency of your roof inspections.

When summer comes along, the high temperatures can expand the panels and result in the formation of gaps in the roof that cause leakages when it rains. What Are The Best Roofing Options For Suburban Homes? One of the original reasons people built houses was to have a dry roof over their heads.

What Are The Best Roofing Options For Suburban Homes?

In the past, the main factor that influenced the choice of one roofing material over another was the weather and the availability of raw materials as well as skilled labour in the region. Nowadays, the development of modern building technology and globalisation has made practically every building material available locally. This means that you could be spoilt for choice with the variety of roofing options available. Roof Repair, How Does It Work? There are a few home repairs such as leaking roofs, leaking water pipes or electrical faults that should not be delayed.

Roof Repair, How Does It Work?

These have to be attended to as soon as you discover them because they tend to cause more damage over time, both physically and financially, if neglected. DaVinci Custom Gas Fireplace. How To Find The Right WOOD HEATERS For Your Home. Ways GAS HEATERS Can Make You Invincible. The Secrets To OUTDOOR HEATERS. Brilliant Ways To Use FREESTANDING GAS HEATERS. The Ultimate Guide To INBUILT WOOD HEATERS SYDNEY. The Secret Of WOOD FIREPLACES SYDNEY. Things Everyone Knows About WOOD HEATERS SYDNEY. When it comes to heating your home, you have the option of choosing electric, gas operated or wood stoves and fireplaces.

Things Everyone Knows About WOOD HEATERS SYDNEY

It is however difficult to replicate the authenticity of a proper wood fireplace with the others. Over time, wood stoves have come a long way in terms of design. This is in an effort to improve of the aesthetics and efficiency. It has also been prompted by the need to meet newer and more stringent emission regulations. They have minimal ash, require less wood and have a lot less wastage when it comes to heat dispersal around the home. Environmentally Friendly.

Tips For Roof Plumbing. The Secret of Successful META ROOF RESTORATION. Why To Hire Roofing Contractor Sydney. Perfect Colour To Personalise Your Floor Design. Perfect Colour To Personalise Your Floor Design. Travertine tile inspirations for your Newcastle Home. Travertine is a great *finish* that can be used anywhere in your home as it will always look beautiful.

Travertine tile inspirations for your Newcastle Home

From bathroom walls and kitchen splashbacks to travertine pavers Newcastle around your pool, you’ll be amazed how travertine can transform your home. If you thought travertine was just for your floors – think again! Travertine is often mistaken for marble or limestone, but it’s actually a form of rock with sedimentary properties that has a beautiful buffed matte finish that can’t be matched.

Travertine looks great in both traditional and modern homes, and there aren’t many floor materials that can create the same rustic yet sophisticated look to an entry-way than travertine floor tiles. Different Patio Paving Options. When it comes to patios, style and design count for everything. Aside from the furniture layout and the small decorative additions, the paving is an important design element to consider.

Different factors guide a professional’s selection of a patio paving option for a home. The factors include cost, durability and design. Nonetheless, the final decision always rests on the homeowner. Why People Swear By Their Portable BBQ's. With barbecue season still on the high, there are succulent smells produces in many backyards this weekend.

Why People Swear By Their Portable BBQ's

But despite this many barbecues owned by Australians, not this many of them are portable. If you are one of the people who is looking to get your bangers, burgers, steaks and shrimps out wherever you are, this post is for you as we have put together more than enough reasons for you to go mobile this Weber BBQ season to take your grilled meats beyond your outdoor kitchen. The type of portable grill you choose should depend not only where you want to grill, but also what. If you and your friends hit the beach quite frequently, you will want a grill with legs to keep it stable in the sand.

For a spontaneous grill party in the park, you need a type that is elevated to prevent the grass from burning. Beefeater Bigg Bugg Amber with Trolley. What Are The Pro's Of Using Ethanol Heaters? Homeowners and interior designers have increasingly turned to ventless ethanol heaters and tabletop burners as they not only warm up a room but make attractive home décor items. Even though there is nothing like a traditional wood fire with its smell of burning resin and crackling noises, ethanol heaters still provide a lively flame to warm your hands and feet by and get you through a long and bleak winter.

Admittedly they don’t give out as much heat as a traditional wood heater, which might be able to heat up a whole house, but the amount of heat an ethanol heater generates is about as efficient as that of a radiator. Ethanol heaters have become more and more popular lately as they operate without a chimney, making it possible to move the gadget from room to room. Owning an ethanol heater comes with many benefits: you don’t have to provide storage for firewood nor do you need to chop it, there will be no ash cleaning nor smoke or smell. Read More. Plan Ahead And Get Your Heating Ready For Winter. Scouts are always prepared – it’s part of their founding ethos. So if you ever strived for a badge or wore a woggle, you probably have a stash of emergency supplies and an evacuation go-bag under the bed, just in-case.

As for your home heating requirements, it’s unlikely you don’t have that under control. We’re sure you know exactly what state your heater is in, when its warranty will run out, and what your options are for replacement. For the mortals among who aren’t quite that organised, it may be good to remind yourself winter is coming. So You Want To Be A Grillmaster? LADIES GRILL TOO. Interior and Exterior Guide. Become THE BBQ King Or Queen. Barbecues hold a special place in the heart of the Australian community. A barbecue is a true labor of love that unites families and friends, strangers and acquaintances, the young and the old. Reunions of old friends and the start of new friendships have all bloomed around a barbecue as it is the most satisfying social event one can think of. As part of tradition, folks from all over could treat a barbecue pot luck style, bringing favorite or assigned dishes to contribute. While this is still common practice, restaurants have caught on the BBQ wave and a variety of them offer catered barbecue services.

Don’t cheat the party and don’t cheat your guests. Roof Restoration: What Is It? Best Tips For MARBLE TILE NEWCASTLE. Things You Must Know About REGENCY WOOD HEATERS. Truth About GAS FIREPLACES SYDNEY. All About FREESTANDING WOOD HEATERS SYDNEY. Freestanding wood heaters have been a staple in Australian households for many generations – although it’s safe to say that designs have changed quite a bit over this time. While old-school wood heaters would burn your hand to touch, new wood heaters are insulated so that this is a thing of the past – although you’ll still have to be careful when tending to your wood fire, of course.

Home Heat & BBQ in Sydney have models of wood heating freestanding heaters to suit all tastes and home styles, from the unassuming Blaze range to the styling featured, Bordelet series. The Secrets To GAS BBQ. The Secrets To PIZZA OVENS. Your Key To Success: BEEFEATER BBQ SYDNEY. The Truth About GAS HEATERS. The Secret of Successful OUTDOOR HEATERS. Secret Techniques To Improve ROOF PLUMBING. The Secrets To METAL ROOFING. The Ultimate Guide To COLORBOND ROOFS. Importance Of Re-Roofing. Gas Heating Options That Will Improve Your Décor. Redesigning Your Outdoor Area With These Tips. Add Some Style Your BBQ Area With These Tips. Summer BBQ Trends Through The Years. Make Your Grill Sizzle. How To Host An Unforgettable BBQ. What’s The Difference Between Limestone And Sandstone? Why Are Metal Roofs So Popular? How To Prevent Corrosion On Metal Roofs. There are many things a metal roof can resist; fire, extreme weather, winds, wild animals, and aging.

But metal roofs are prone to corrosion, which is a natural process where moisture and chemical reactions cause oxidation and damage the roofs. How a Simple Re-roofing Can Give your Home a Fresh New Look. Weber cCharcoal Grill. There are different levels of barbeque lovers. Portable BBQ. Gas BBQ. The Ultimate Secret Of CHARCOAL BBQ GRILL. Morso Pizza Oven. All You Need To Know About Pizza Oven Sydney. Hawkesbury Heating. How To Have A Fantastic Bbq Sydney With Minimal Spending. The Ultimate Range Of Outdoor Heaters. Tips About METAL ROOF REPLACEMENT. Importance Of Roof Plumbing. Five Signs That Your Roof Needs Repair. Roof Repairs. Roofing Services and Maintenance Sydney. Limestone Pavers. What A Grill Wants: Don’t Forget Barbie Maintenance.

Make It A Social Summer. 4 Chilled Out Summer "Adventures" Maintaining Your Roof. Tips For Creating An Alfresco Dining Area. Get Your New BBQ In Time For Australia Day! Low Maintenance BBQ’s. Your Complete Guide To Roof Inspection. Five Signs That Your Roof Needs Repair. Weber Baby Q BBQ. Weber gas options. PortableGrill. Charcoal BBQ Grill. Weber BBQ - Weber Grills - Weber Charcoal. Beefeater BBQ. Outdoor Heating Sydney.

Outdoor Heating Sydney - Outdoor Heaters. Ethanol Fireplaces Sydney. Tips for roof maintenance. The Advantages Offered by Metal Roofing. Residential Roof Replacement - All Roofing Services. Travertine Stone Pavers. NewTech Stone and Marble. WEBER BBQ SMOKER SERIES. SPRING IS A GREAT TIME TO CLEAN YOUR FIREPLACE. OUTDOOR HEATING OPTIONS THAT WILL ADD TO YOUR DECOR AS WELL AS WARMTH. Cleaning Your BBQ Is Easy With These Tips. Morso Forno Pizza Oven. Accessories for Your Weber BBQ - Hawkesbury Heating.