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Bands, musicians, artists. Theory. Download. Guitar. Utilities. Listen. Orchestral. All music videos. Backing Tracks for Singers. Jazz. Home : Best Ever Albums. uDiscoverMusic: discover more about the world’s greatest music. List of Peel sessions. Wikipedia list article Where an artist has recorded more than one session under different names then both names have been listed. 0–9[edit] A[edit] AC/DC recorded a Peel session in 1976.

List of Peel sessions

B[edit] C[edit] D[edit] E[edit] F[edit] G[edit] H[edit] Herman Düne recorded six sessions between 2000 and 2004. Jeff Porcaro video. Dig! - Music Makes Life Better. Interviews with rock legends since 1982. Acclaimed Music. Paul's Extreme Sound Stretch. By Nasca Octavian PAUL Introduction This is a program for stretching the audio.

Paul's Extreme Sound Stretch

It is suitable only for extreme sound stretching of the audio (like 50x) and for applying special effects by "spectral smoothing" the sounds. It can transform any sound/music to a texture. The program is Open-Source and it's released under the version 2 of the General Public License. Please note that this is suitable only for extreme time stretching (e.g. if have a melody of 3 minutes and you want to listen it in 3 hours).

Features It produces high quality extreme sound stretching. Sound examples Download You can download the source code for Linux or binary for Windows from here. Screenshots. Nick Drake: the music behind his extraordinary legacy. - The Music Show - ABC Radio National. Thenewperfectcollection. The 60 Best Songs Ever Written About New York City. For the past few weeks we’ve been locked in the basement at Yankee Stadium, subsisting on nothing but Bergen Bagels, listening to the best songs about New York City through headphones endorsed by Lou Reed.

The 60 Best Songs Ever Written About New York City

Our mission: to come up with a list of the 60 best songs ever written about our city, songs that best capture what it’s like to live, love, struggle, and exist in the sprawling, unforgiving, culturally dense metropolis we pay too much to call home. We started by agreeing on the songs we shouldn’t include — naked and clunky stabs at new New York anthems that fall flat and ring inauthentic, like Jay-Z’s “Empire State of Mind,” U2’s “New York,” and Taylor Swift’s “Welcome to New York.” Thoughts, Research and Experimentation with Electronic Music, Art and Photography. Tom Waits Songs, Complete list of Tom Waits Songs & Music - FamousFix. Music News, Reviews, Videos, Galleries, Tickets and Blogs. Hawkwind Album Cover Photos - List of Hawkwind album covers - FamousFix.

Various - Popular Music's Golden Hit Parade (Box Set, LP) at Discogs. Progressive Rock - Definition, Genres & Articles. Music Reviews, Music News. Dope Blog for Music Junkies and Gig Addicts. John Peel’s BBC Festive Fifties 1976-2003. John Peel’s Festive Fifty 1976 1.

John Peel’s BBC Festive Fifties 1976-2003

Led Zeppelin – Stairway To Heaven 2. Derek & the Dominoes – Layla 3. Bob Dylan – Desolation Row 4. Pink Floyd – Echoes 5. . « The Forgotten Fifty » of 1977: 1. John Peel’s Festive Fifty 1978 1. John Peel’s Festive Fifty 1979 1. TeamRock - The home of rock and metal. Recent music reviews & album reviews by Any Decent Music. JamBase - Go See Live Music. Loudwire. Mendelssohn free piano sheet @ ALL PIANO SCORES. BBC Two - Later... with Jools Holland. Pitchfork. Comparative Video 101. Heavy Metal News, Music Videos, Tour Dates. The Blues Blogger. Glasgow Apollo / Who Played When. The Bands Who Played at the Green's and Apollo We are trying to create a definitive list of all the bands that played at the Green's/Apollo and to provide dates, ticket stubs, reviews and setlists.

Glasgow Apollo / Who Played When

If you can add to our list or spot an error please let us know. Just click on the year you want to see gigs for, or if you are brave you can see all of the gigs we currently have by clicking the "All" link. Any pictures, ticket stub scans, press clippings etc from the Green's/Apollo would be much appreciated, please send us an email. The image on this page is from an AC/DC concert at the Apollo in October 1979. At last part of the mystery has been solved. Foundation, museum, musical instruments, Vazquez Collection, Jose Vazquez, viola da gamba, violin, violoncello, viola d'amore, baryton, early music course,

Ultimate Classic Rock. Top 100 Glam Rock singles of all time. Music Reviews, Ratings, Charts, News. - the setlist wiki. Featured Song Recordings, Top Karaoke Songs. Here you get your chance to sing from a special selection of songs and get some good exposure!

Featured Song Recordings, Top Karaoke Songs

Sing any of the songs listed and we'll post your recording here within a few minutes. You can see all the songs you can choose from on the Featured Songs page in the Record section. National Librarian Day! Find the nearest librarian and give them a hug today! Join us Friday for the Bunny Hop! Maybe Audio Recorded By musicalheartIn the Style of from Annie (Broa... 1 view 3 comments For the kiddo in each of our musical hearts... <3 Forever And Ever, Amen Audio Recorded By BrazenRaisinIn the Style of Randy Travis 0 views 0 comments Just a quick one while packing. My Way Audio Recorded By johnny21In the Style of Frank Sinatra 0 views 0 comments.

Bandcamp. AllMusic. SoundClick - Free MP3 music download and much, much more. Music Gear, Equipment, Tuition & Reviews. The Best Cover Songs - The Covers Project.