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Global Financial and Economic Crisis

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Welcome to Democracy Now! Common Dreams. CorpWatch : Index. The Yes Men. Alan Greenspan’s Perpetual Motion Machine. I formally propose that Alan Greenspan, former Chairman of the Federal Reserve, be considered for the Nobel Prize.

Alan Greenspan’s Perpetual Motion Machine

Not for the prize in economics, a field in which Mr. Greenspan has shown a very limited grasp, but for the prize in physics. His remarkable accomplishment is related to the invention of the world’s first perpetual motion machine. Many physicists (and a few economists) claim that a perpetual motion machine is impossible, but Mr. Greenspan simply shrugs them off, retorting that their “representation of reality is at fault” and insisting that all his speaking engagement fees are paid for in gold. Countries with substantial trade surpluses with the US (China, Japan, Korea) realize the importance of the American market as the outlet for their export-oriented growth model. In addition to his work on the perpetual motion machine, Mr. Dr. What went wrong with finance.

Human Rights

Rise of Neoliberal and Undemocratic Europe. What is the continuity you see between the moment of Maastricht through the Lisbon Agenda and the Lisbon Treaty, to the Six Pack and now this new Fiscal Treaty?

Rise of Neoliberal and Undemocratic Europe

The Maastricht Treaty was a treaty that presented two completely arbitrary figures: 3 percent budget deficit with regard to the GNP and 60 percent for the debt. Why not 4 per cent or 2 per cent? Why not 55 or 65 per cent? Nobody knows. They came out of the sky, those numbers, doubtless from the Bundesbank. When the time of Lisbon came, we'd rather stopped talking about that. In France, we had a huge campaign based on about 1000 collectives that sprung up all over the country, but nobody in the establishment expected us to win.

So what happened after that? So here we have Lisbon, we're not allowed to vote on it because obviously we're going to vote the wrong way. And so, they didn't vote correctly either. We have a serious problem with this because Brussels wants austerity. What do they do? Susan George. Susan George: How to win the Class War November 2013 The Transnational Institute is proud to present Susan George's compelling satirical 'guide for corporate leaders': How to win the Class War – The Lugano Report II Debt, austerity, devastation July 2013 As the creditors get fatter, the innocent are punished.

Susan George

Corporate power and crisis January 2013 Susan George provides an introduction to TNI's State of Power 2013 report, exposing how the unprecedented concentration of corporate and elite power is at the root of our economic and ecological crisis. Economic Crisis and the Christian Conscience To which aspects of this crisis should Germans and especially German Christians be most attentive? Neoliberal strategies and the European crisis November 2012 Austerity policies in Europe are telling people two things: that they are guilty for the crisis because they have been living beyond their means and that they need to pay for it.

Rise of Neoliberal and Undemocratic Europe March 2012. Naomi Klein. Published in the New York Times For a great many women around the world, Donald J.

Naomi Klein

Trump’s defeat of Hillary Clinton feels like a painful setback not just for democracy, but for our gender. Voters chose a loose cannon of a man with zero government experience over a calm, collected and supremely qualified woman. Mänskliga rättigheter Amnesty. Welcome to Third World Network (TWN) "Too Big to Fail" The News Dissector.