Global Financial and Economic Crisis

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Welcome to Democracy Now! Common Dreams. CorpWatch : Index. The Yes Men. Alan Greenspan’s Perpetual Motion Machine. I formally propose that Alan Greenspan, former Chairman of the Federal Reserve, be considered for the Nobel Prize.

Alan Greenspan’s Perpetual Motion Machine

Not for the prize in economics, a field in which Mr. Greenspan has shown a very limited grasp, but for the prize in physics. His remarkable accomplishment is related to the invention of the world’s first perpetual motion machine. Many physicists (and a few economists) claim that a perpetual motion machine is impossible, but Mr. What went wrong with finance.

Human Rights

Rise of Neoliberal and Undemocratic Europe. What is the continuity you see between the moment of Maastricht through the Lisbon Agenda and the Lisbon Treaty, to the Six Pack and now this new Fiscal Treaty?

Rise of Neoliberal and Undemocratic Europe

The Maastricht Treaty was a treaty that presented two completely arbitrary figures: 3 percent budget deficit with regard to the GNP and 60 percent for the debt. Why not 4 per cent or 2 per cent? Why not 55 or 65 per cent? Nobody knows. Susan George. Susan George: How to win the Class War November 2013 The Transnational Institute is proud to present Susan George's compelling satirical 'guide for corporate leaders': How to win the Class War – The Lugano Report II Debt, austerity, devastation July 2013.

Susan George

Naomi Klein. Dear Joe, Congratulations on your hasty and unnecessary hatchet job on a book I haven't even finished yet, based on an edited interview about one-tenth of its content.

Naomi Klein

A book of which you haven't read a single word. Disagree with the interview I gave, fine. Mänskliga rättigheter Amnesty. Welcome to Third World Network (TWN) "Too Big to Fail". The News Dissector.