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The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology - IAOMT. Is Hydrogen Peroxide Mouthwash Harmful for Teeth? Heal a tooth abscess in record time. Stop oil pulling & heal your teeth the easy way. Toxic dental fillings can casue over 30 chronic health conditions. (NaturalHealth365) If you think the only thing to fear from a dental visit is some discomfort, think again.

Toxic dental fillings can casue over 30 chronic health conditions

Conventional dentistry practices, like putting dental fillings loaded with mercury in the mouth, are exposing the body to neurotoxic heavy metals and increasing the risk of systemic infections – which lead to many chronic health conditions. Dental amalgam fillings are made of material containing between 43 and 54 percent mercury, a known neurotoxin.

While people with an above average number of fillings are known to excrete as much as 10 times the mercury of someone with no fillings, that level can be reduced by 90 percent if the fillings are removed and replaced with safer material. To learn more about the dangerous health risks of conventional dentistry and the importance of seeking out holistic dental care, visit the Holistic Oral Health Summit. Xylitol and Biofilm: Can't have one with the other. NDF Mouth Rinse™ The Toothpaste That Might Make Dentists Obsolete. Photo credit: A recent revolutionary invention comes to us from Japan, one that might make dentists obsolete.

The Toothpaste That Might Make Dentists Obsolete

A Japanese researcher, Kazue Yamagishi, has created a toothpaste that fills in holes and cracks, all the while restoring the tooth enamel just by brushing! This toothpaste contains many of the same components that make up tooth enamel, but in a liquid form. This makes it super easy to use. Yamagishi came up with this new formula through a series of experiments with hydroxyapatite, or crystalline calcium phosphate, which is what makes up our teeth. This toothpaste can quickly and seamlessly fix cavities with no need for drilling or fillings. Unlike our skin and bones, our tooth enamel, which is the hard part on the surface of the teeth, is not able to regenerate itself once it becomes damaged. The problem with most fillings at the dentist is that 60 percent of the dental treatments need to be redone at a later date.

What Your Dentist May Not Tell You about Your Oral Health. Monday, February 22, 2016 By: Linda J.

What Your Dentist May Not Tell You about Your Oral Health

Dobberstein, Chiropractor, Board Certified in Clinical Nutrition Your mouth, teeth, tongue, and gums provide clues to the health of your body. Many of these clues are related to nutritional deficiencies or hidden underlying problems. Some of these signs are frequently passed off as normal or missed. Recognizing these clues often give us the first hint related to loss of optimal health. Why You Should Never Listen to Your Dentist, Why You Should Never Brush Your Teeth After Consuming Sugar, and the Epidemic of Poisonous Cavity-Causing Fluoride - The Health Wyze Report. Biological and Mercury Free Dentistry. 15 Foods That Cause Yellow Teeth (#10 Is Really Surprising!) Photo credit: Let’s be honest, shall we?

15 Foods That Cause Yellow Teeth (#10 Is Really Surprising!)

We live in a society that places a great deal of approval and self-worth on appearances. Just one look at the celebrities with their super white pearly whites and you realize that yellow or stained teeth are not a fashion statement of which anyone should be proud. Exactly why do our teeth turn that ugly yellow-grey color? Amalgam Fillings Release Mercury Vapor Into Your Body 24/7. 21st November 2015 By Elisha McFarland Guest Writer for Wake Up World Research at the University of Calgary, Faculty of Medicine and other prominent medical schools, have demonstrated that mercury vapor continuously escapes from dental amalgams and 80 percent of this vapor is immediately absorbed through the lungs and into the bloodstream.

Amalgam Fillings Release Mercury Vapor Into Your Body 24/7

Once in the blood, mercury vapor enters into the cells almost immediately. Mouth Guard Monitors Health, Transmits Info Wirelessly to Smartphone. Engineers at the University of California, San Diego, have developed a mouth guard that can monitor health markers, such as lactate, cortisol and uric acid, in saliva and transmit the information wirelessly to a smart phone, laptop or tablet.

Mouth Guard Monitors Health, Transmits Info Wirelessly to Smartphone

The technology, which is at a proof-of-concept stage, could be used to monitor patients continuously without invasive procedures, as well as to monitor athletes’ performance or stress levels in soldiers and pilots. In this study, engineers focused on uric acid, which is a marker related to diabetes and to gout. Currently, the only way to monitor the levels of uric acid in a patient is to draw blood. The team, led by nanoengineering professor Joseph Wang and electrical engineering professor Patrick Mercier, both from the University of California, San Diego, describes the mouth guard’s design and performance this month in the journal Biosensors and Bioelectronics. Testing the sensors. Can Tea Fight Cavities? Tea is one of the most consumed beverages in the world.

Can Tea Fight Cavities?

There are many varieties — black, oolong, pu-erh, green, and white, just to name a few. Each type is processed differently to promote varying colors, tastes, and aromas. It turns out that all tea coming from the Camellia sinensis plant may provide benefits for teeth and gums, much more so than previously thought. It looks like tea’s antioxidant properties, along with other compounds, may be responsible for its beneficial effects on teeth. 80% of all chronic diseases are related to problems in the mouth. (NaturalHealth365) Conventional dentistry that takes a one-tooth-at-a-time approach could be setting you up for health consequences, some of them serious.

80% of all chronic diseases are related to problems in the mouth

That’s because teeth often harbor infection with few, if any, outward symptoms. There is evidence that teeth are connected to other body systems, allowing them to have a far-reaching impact on your health. Yet, many Americans receiving routine dental care are left with chronic infection and compromised immunity that can open the door to all types of disease.

Did you know that just one uneducated visit to the dentist can have devastating effects on your health! Join Jonathan Landsman plus over 30 world-class health educators at The Holistic Oral Health Summit. How to Reverse Cavities Naturally and Heal Tooth Decay - Dr. Axe. There is a common belief today about cavities that once you have tooth decay, that cavity can NOT be reversed.

How to Reverse Cavities Naturally and Heal Tooth Decay - Dr. Axe

Then the only solution to oral wellness is to have part of your tooth drilled out and filled with a synthetic material. However, it’s been proven that there are ways to reverse cavities naturally. In fact, according to a study published in the British Medical Journal, cavities and tooth decay could potentially be reversed with diet. (1) Will oil pulling reverse cavities? Why gum disease increases your risk of cancer.

(NaturalHealth365) A person in my health network had very bad breath.

Why gum disease increases your risk of cancer

From my experience with diagnosing gum disease – I suspected an advanced gum infection. An Inconvenient Tooth - Fluoride Documentary. The 5 Best Natural Alternatives to Fluoride. By Dr. Got Wisdom Tooth Pain? We Have 15 Solutions! (#10 is Insane!) Surprising Side-Effects Of Root Canals Video. NIH Protects Sugar Industry Over Children’s Teeth. Is Hydrogen Peroxide Mouthwash Harmful for Teeth? Two ways dental work destroys your health and how to repair the damage. (NaturalNews) Many of us are afraid of the dentist. The sound of a drill buzzing is enough to get your heart racing, and the smells and awkwardness of having your teeth worked on doesn't exactly make it easier to put that dental appointment on your list. If that wasn't enough, understanding common dental procedures and how many of them are conducted has also given people more reasons to avoid the dentist.

Given what we know now about two major dental procedures, who can blame them? The problem with root canals Teeth are similar to other organ systems in the body in that they require a blood supply, lymphatic and venous drainage, and nervous innervations. Every Day Foods That Are Destroying Your Teeth (It’s Not Candy) Photo credit: bigstock You have probably heard that eating candy, hard candy, or chewing ice can ruin your teeth. You might have also heard that drinking coffee, red wine, or tea will cause ugly stains. Well, while some of the above is true, there is probably nothing more damaging than some of the foods we eat regularly. Common foods that we don’t even think twice about eating or drinking.

Wisdom Teeth Dental Scam & Why You Need Your Wisdom Teeth. The truth is, I am writing this article about the importance of wisdom teeth while all of mine have been extracted. They have been gone for years. I am pretty sure many of yours have been long gone as well. I didn’t know any better. We trust our dentists to do the best job possible while often not even questioning their methods. Oral and Systemic Connection: Using A Tooth Meridian Chart To See The Links. Revised and updated to be easier to use, this Tooth Meridian Chart shows you further that the mouth and body are interconnected. Problems in the teeth can have a direct influence on another organ (or organs) in the body. No matter what you think about Chinese medicine, acupuncture, meridians (energy channels or pathways), and chi (energy), you should give this ancient method of diagnosis and treatment a chance.

Tooth-Organ Acumeridian Relationships. What You Think You Know About Gum Disease is Probably Wrong! Healing Teeth Natural without Drugs, Surgery or Dentists. Healing Teeth Natural without Drugs, Surgery or Dentists. Dental Health Slideshow Pictures: 19 Habits That Wreck Your Teeth on Root canals can cause breast cancer. (NaturalHealth365) I’ll begin this article by stating the obvious: I am not a dentist and I don’t pretend to be. However, I talk with women all over the globe every week about breast cancer – as I coach them on my program which involves the ‘7 essentials’ of breast cancer prevention and treatment. Root canal procedures threaten human health. (NaturalHealth365) In our book The Toxic Tooth, Dr. A holistic approach for gum disease and cavities - step by step.

Health In Focus Dentists Reveal Amazing New Tooth Decay Treatment That Could Put An End To Fillings Forever. Dentists Reveal Amazing New Tooth Decay Treatment That Could Put An End To Fillings Forever. Top 10 Home Remedies For Teeth Whitening. The 10 Best Ways To Whiten Your Yellowish Teeth Naturally. The dentistry holocaust: How America has been mercury poisoned by an industry in denial. Regrow your Teeth. Natural Home Remedies for Tooth Decay and Cavities - NaturalON. Effective Natural Solutions for Your Teeth and Gums. 2nd February 2015. Researchers Link Joint Deterioration to Periodontal Problems. Electromedicine dentistry device encourages teeth to repair themselves, making fillings obsolete - Can a dental infection cause a massive heart attack. Top 13 Herbal Treatments For Toothache.

Natural remedies for gingivitis. Coconut oil prevents tooth decay. 4 reasons dental problems are causing illness in your body - Are There Safer and Healthier Alternatives to Root Canals? Modern dentistry is the root cause of many "incurable" diseases. Dentist speaks out about the dangers of mercury.