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Migrant Invasion - The Illuminati Plan for White Genocide

Migrant Invasion - The Illuminati Plan for White Genocide


Black Africans in Renaissance Europe: November 2011 Had an excellent day at the Victoria and Albert museum Spotlight on the Diaspora gave my St Maurice presentation twice. Met some lovely people. Here's the transcript of my talk. Blending in, Jade Helm Style: Fake Rental Trucks Reveal Hidden Spy Rooms By Aaron and Melissa Dykes Jade Helm’s tagline is “mastering the human domain”. We have been told that, in part, this has to do with special operations outfits from the Navy, Army, Air Force and Marines using covert warfare techniques to infiltrate average American neighborhoods (as mock “hostile environments”) and walk “undetected amongst civilian populations” without being noticed by the rest of us. Oh, and it’s for “refining the skills needed against an ever changing foreign threat” (emphasis added on the word ‘foreign’) according to Army Special Operation Command spokesman Mark Lastoria. Well, here’s one way they reportedly have done that. Mike Lamb, a staff writer for Barstow, California’s Desert Dispatch was invited to a small press meeting prior to a joint forcible entry operation training exercise at Fort Irwin National Training Center called Operation Dragon Spear last month.

List of railway stations in Sri Lanka by line - Wikipedia List of railway stations in Sri Lanka by line From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search This booklet is dedicated to the memory of Note: when you use any link in the text (for example to view a note) you can return to your place by using your browsers 'back' button. This booklet is dedicated to the memory of Len Garrison 1943 - 2003 1 Bernays' Mass Mind Control Tactics Loom In Background of Jade Helm Psyop By Bernie Suarez To begin with, let’s reiterate that we are factually in the middle of operation Jade Helm 15 as of mid-August 2015. Thus, every major influential piece of mainstream media news currently being put forth is reasonably suspected of being part of this cooperative psyop. Notably, there is also a clear and verifiable history of CIA’s mainstream media working hand-in-hand with the U.S. Military Industrial Complex.

Timetables, fares, tickets, advice Visit Sri Lanka and take the train... Sri Lanka is a fabulous place - safe, friendly and remarkably hassle-free. Taking the train is a great & inexpensive way to get around, the train journeys are real cultural experiences and the most scenic routes will be highlights of your visit - in particular the wonderful journey from Colombo to Kandy and up into Tea Country and the coastal train ride from Colombo to Dutch colonial Galle. British visitors will find the stations, signal boxes and old red semaphore signals very familiar! On this page you'll find a beginner's guide to taking the train around Sri Lanka. Square of Opposition The Square of Opposition in Historical Perspectives Special Issue of History and Philosophy of Logic (Taylor&Francis - Editor-in-Chief: Volker Peckhaus) Edited by Jean-Yves Beziau Federal University of Rio de Janeiro - UFRJ Brazilian Research Council - CNPq Brazilian Academy of Philosophy - ABF &Stephen Read University of St Andrews, Scotland

Facebook’s New “Snitch and Snatch” Surveillance Program Provides Intel to Jade Helm Subscribe and get Galactic News Daily Updates: Technology is neutral. The same gun that is used to hunt for a life sustaining source of food, can be used to murder an innocent human being. In short, technology can be used for either the welfare of humanity or to the detriment of humanity. In July, I learned that Facebook had instituted a new software program that ties directly into the new artificial intelligence programs connected to Jade Helm. I was told by my source that the program would ultimately be defended as a means to protect children from child molestation and that law enforcement would be dispatched by Facebook before an attack upon a child could be realized.

Diyatalawa - Wikipedia Diyatalawa (දියතලාව) is a garrison town in the central highlands of Sri Lanka, in the Badulla District of Uva Province. It is at an altitude of 1,499 m (4,918 ft) and has become a popular destination for local holiday makers. It is home to the Diyatalawa Garrison of the Sri Lanka Army, which includes the Sri Lanka Military Academy, officer training center of the army; SLAF Diyatalawa, the Sri Lanka Air Force's ground combat training centre; and facilities of the Sri Lanka Police. History[edit] It is not known when Diyatalawa became a training station for troops, but available records show that it was selected around 1885, when the British Army first established a garrison at Diyatalawa. At that time training was conducted at the Imperial Camp which is now occupied by the Gemunu Watch troops.

Amistad Digital Resource: Black Opposition to Vietnam Demonstrators at the Harlem Peace March to End Racial Oppression, 1967. Source: Courtesy of Builder Levy, photographer. Enlarge image Harlem Peace March to End Racial Oppression, 1967. Media Rolls Out Next Psyop Phrase of Jade Helm 15: "State of Emergency" By Bernie Suarez Are you keeping up with national news in the United States? Are you awakened to the globalist plans? Are you aware of Jade Helm 15 psychological operations and the gradual yet predictable storylines we’ve been seeing this summer leading up to and through the current Jade Helm psyop? Then this latest story might intrigue you.

Bandarawela - Wikipedia Bandarawela (Sinhala : බණ්ඩාරවෙල, pronounced [ˈbandarawela]; Tamil: பண்டாரவளை) is the second largest town in the Badulla District which is 30 kilometres (19 mi) away from Badulla. Bandarawela is 200 km (120 mi) away from Colombo and about 125 km (78 mi) away from Kandy, the two capital cities of Sri Lanka. Thanks to its higher altitude, compared to surrounding locations, Bandarawela has milder weather conditions throughout the year making it a popular tourist destination for locals. Bandarawela is within hours reach of surrounding towns and cities by both road and rail. The town is influenced by its colonial history and rests among dense, lush forestation occupying a niche among visitors as a base for eco-tourism. Politics[edit]

Behold! There Are Mistranslations in the Bible and the Word 'Elohim' Can Be Used as a Plural by Erik Parker Los Angeles August 2002 from ErikParker Website Spanish version Contents Additional Information Introduction Hundreds in Texas Organize ''Counter Jade Helm'' Surveillance Operation By Melissa Dykes Several hundred people in Texas have organized “Counter Jade Helm,” in response to the upcoming multi-agency, multi-state, artificial intelligence-run Jade Helm military drill set to begin on July 15th in Bastrop, Big Spring and Junction, Texas. From what appears to be the official website Counter Jade Helm, aka CJH, is a training exercise for the people.