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Learning and teaching resources. Image: Omotesando Koukou Gasshoubou! (2015)

Simple free learning tools for students and teachers. Vito Technology - iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and MacOS Educational Apps. Stargazing guide Guide to the sky day and night The next generation of the best-selling Star Walk, winner of Apple Design Award, used by over 10 million people, Star Walk 2 is an exquisite stargazing tool that combines astronomical data with premium technology to deliver an effortless journey through thousands of stars, comets, and constellations.

Vito Technology - iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and MacOS Educational Apps

13 Non-Traditional (And Under-Used!) Websites for Reading. The Whooo’s Reading Blog Team Keep students engaged with these non-traditional reading websites.

13 Non-Traditional (And Under-Used!) Websites for Reading

They’ll learn fun science facts, discover new people and places, and much more. More: 15 Unusual (But Awesome!) Websites Humans of New York Allow your students to take a walk on the streets of New York City as they browse the amazing stories of these NYC residents. Art Project - Google Cultural Institute. Daily Pnut – The World in a Nutshell. Highbrow. Yousician. Covenantsectraining. Start Learning at Treehouse for Free. Read These Books Instead of Getting an MBA. I don’t blame people for wanting to get an MBA.

Read These Books Instead of Getting an MBA

It’s not their fault they’ve been duped into believing it’s the best way to further their career in business. But, as we all know, (and Goldman Sachs agrees) spending over $100,000 for a useless education — and putting yourself in debt for the next 10 years — is the wrong move for 95% of people. Grow Your Skills with Online Video Lessons. Find, Create, & Study Smart Flashcards. Uncubed Edge. Quickly Improve Your Handwriting with These Fantastic Resources. If you’ve always wanted to improve your handwriting but never got around to it, here’s your chance.

Quickly Improve Your Handwriting with These Fantastic Resources

If you’re a firm believer in graphology — the study of handwriting and its relation to character traits — you may believe that your handwriting is as fixed as your character. But you’d be wrong. You may also believe that decent handwriting is obsolete, or that teaching cursive in schools is a waste of time. But for many, teaching handwriting is still something we need to take seriously. As is teaching ourselves good handwriting.

Online Arts and Technology Courses. Design Engineer Community. Twitch. Talks at Google. Home. Learn Science at Nature. The Air Force Collaboratory. CS2N is your home for robotics education, computer science activities, robotics curriculum, computer science competitions, and animation competitions all related to STEM education. Craftsy Classes: Learn from the world's best instructors in 900+ classes.

Dave Conservatoire. Drawspace: Now everyone can draw. Learn Programming, Web Design, Business. CreativeLive: Free Live Online Classes - Learn. Be Inspired. 10 Most Engaging Uses of Tech Integration.

PHP Classes for Natural Language Processing » Home. Lifehack. Today, you can learn practically anything online — from mathematics, coding, speaking new languages, and almost anything else you can think of.


Dozens of online tutoring sites have educated millions of students around the world for a fraction of the cost of college courses. The key to maximizing this accessibility of information is not just choosing which topic you want to learn about, but which online tutoring sites provide the best learning experience. We’ve narrowed down the sites to the best of the best, each with a different focus and value proposition (such as focus on age, language, higher education, etc.). Here are six of the best and most useful online tutoring sites to boost your learning and take your knowledge to the next level. 1. Focus: Basic Classroom Topics. Home Studio Center: Free Learning Resources and Courses. Open KnowledgeWorker - The Open Platform for Sharing Knowledge. ITProTV. 12 ways to use Google Classroom’s newest features.

Google has released some great new features for Classroom.

12 ways to use Google Classroom’s newest features

But what can we do with them? Here are some ideas. (Sketch by Matt Miller) In fall of 2014, Google released Classroom to anxiously awaiting teachers. In a year’s time, those teachers put Classroom to work, with students turning in more than 70 million assignments. Google released a handful of useful updates to Classroom recently and some others in the last few months that let teachers and students do even more fantastic learning. 5 YouTube Videos to Help You Get Started with Linux. Getting started with Linux isn’t as tough as it might initially seem, but it’s very easy for me to sit here and type that while you’re sweating over whether to choose Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Debian etc., and trying to work out how to migrate your data across.

5 YouTube Videos to Help You Get Started with Linux

And that’s before you even consider the learning curve of a new OS. Well, apart from the good news that Ubuntu and Mint are pretty much interchangeable for beginners, and use a mouse driven user interface not a million miles from Windows and Mac OS X, the problem with data migration is pretty much a non-issue. PhET: Free online physics, chemistry, biology, earth science and math simulations. MongoDB University. Veeam Availability Suite University Course – Overview Training. Want to Learn Web Design? 7 YouTube Channels to Get You Started. YouTube has channels that cover every conceivable topic.

Want to Learn Web Design? 7 YouTube Channels to Get You Started

An innovative, hands-on learning experience. Learn Chef. Puppet Labs Training - Puppet Labs Training. Command Line Power User. Microsoft Virtual Academy – Free IT Training, Online Learning of Microsoft Technologies. Free Online Courses & Online Learning from ALISON. Excel MOOC - Course Units. Learn Swift: The Complete iOS8 Developer Course.

*** Now Updated for Xcode 6.1*** From the creator of The Complete Web Developer Course (the most popular and best reviewed course on Udemy ever), comes The Complete iOS8 and Swift Course: Learn by Building 15 Real World Apps.

Learn Swift: The Complete iOS8 Developer Course

Looking to boost your income as an app developer? All the PicMonkey Tutorials! - PicMonkey Blog. Skillcrush: Digital skills are job skills. Sign in or Register. Best Online Courses. Blinkist: Serving curious minds. Diffen - Compare Anything. Diffen. Discern. Decide. Voki Home. Building Apps for Windows Phone 8.1. 51 minutes, 28 seconds 52 minutes, 32 seconds 31 minutes, 51 seconds 34 minutes, 48 seconds 27 minutes, 43 seconds 36 minutes, 45 seconds 36 minutes, 13 seconds 17 minutes, 51 seconds 48 minutes, 20 seconds 50 minutes, 59 seconds.

Building Apps for Windows Phone 8.1

Flock - Smarterer. Sell online courses on your own site - MOOC course reviews. The course of Operating Systems addresses fundamental notions of an operating system as an essential component of a computer system. In particular, the course describes the architecture, essential functionalities and main components of an operating system.

SlideRule: Find Online Courses/MOOCs. Read Reviews/Ratings. Learn piano online. As a beginner I was able to progress very quickly. It was so easy to get started and learn new songs. I can’t wait for the mobile version! Sabine C., Research associate at a German university I wanted to play 8 out of every 10 songs flowkey had available. For someone as early on in piano as me seeing the highlighted black keys was a huge help and watching the hand positions from that camera angle was perfect. Interactive Science & Technology Timeline.

Deadly sins of punctuation. LittleKnownPuncuationMarks. Web Hosting Infographic. Stoodle. - How-to video. How-to for living. How to - Discover the expert in you!