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Serena Williams’ Australian Open victory speech about Venus is heartwarming. Economist. IN MANY ways the African Union (AU) is outdoing its European counterpart.


It has never presided over a continental currency crisis. No member state is threatening to quit. Africa: World Reaction to Trump Inauguration Mixed. AnalysisBy Mariama Diallo Hundreds of thousands of people at the National Mall in Washington looked on Friday as Donald Trump became the 45th U.S. president, and a far larger audience around the country and throughout the world witnessed the event through live broadcasts.

Africa: World Reaction to Trump Inauguration Mixed

VOA reporters talked to people around the globe who said they are looking at the transition of American power with a mix of admiration and apprehension. Russia In Moscow, a “Russian Army”-brand clothing store flashed Trump’s image on an electronic billboard and offered discounts to American citizens. The Reality Of Being Black In America. Audio PlayerAudio Player Last night I planned a Christmas message for the show.

The Reality Of Being Black In America

I was going to tell you to watch less news, love on your family and friends, go see Fences & Hidden Figures, and do some good in the lives of the people around you. Then, late last night, while I was literally writing out my notes, my friend and Morehouse brother Lee Merritt, who is an attorney in Dallas, sent me a video that shook me to my soul. In Fort Worth, Texas yesterday, a 46 year old mother, Jacqueline Craig, reported to the Forth Worth Police Department that a fully grown, bearded white man in her neighborhood, put his hands on her 7 year old son and choked him. Her teenage daughters were with her while she was making the report and had sense enough to record her making the report on Facebook Live.

'Boost Africa Initiative' Seeks Young Innovative Entrepreneurs. Heat, hunger and war force Africans onto a 'road on fire' AGADEZ, Niger -- The world dismisses them as economic migrants.

Heat, hunger and war force Africans onto a 'road on fire'

The law treats them as criminals who show up uninvited at a country's borders. Prayers alone protect them on the journey across the merciless Sahara Desert. But peel back the layers of their stories and you find a complex bundle of trouble and want that prompts the men and boys of West Africa to leave home, endure beatings and bribes, board a smuggler's pickup truck and try to make a living far, far away. North NAACP Leader Kicked Off American Airlines Flight — He Says Because He’s Black. Soulja Boy Arrested For Violating Probation Terms In Hollywood Hills. Gambia Electoral Commission Under Siege. Botswana Singer Putting Stamp on Local Music Industry.

Kanye West spotted at Trump Tower. Musician Kanye West was spotted Tuesday morning (Dec. 13) in the lobby of Trump Tower.

Kanye West spotted at Trump Tower

A spokeswoman for Donald Trump confirmed to Business Insider that West is meeting with the president-elect, but no information was giving about the topic.\ "We've been friends for a long time," Trump, standing next to West, told reporters in the lobby. Ghanaian President Mahama Concedes Defeat. Cameroon: Protesters, Security Forces Face Off. South Africa: Biometric Information On Tourists Necessary. Pretoria — Home Affairs Director General Mkhuseli Apleni says it is necessary to have fingerprints of all tourists or travellers visiting the country.

South Africa: Biometric Information On Tourists Necessary

Apleni said this helps to identify the person especially when a crime has been committed. Speaking at a meeting attended by key tourism and immigration stakeholders in Pretoria, earlier today, Apleni emphasised the importance of taking fingerprints of all the people visiting the country. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss developments on the immigration regulations. Last year in April, the Department of Home Affairs introduced the Biometric system which captures travellers' fingerprints at South Africa's international airports. Is Nigeria on Brink of Turning Shiites into Enemies? Unesco Highlights Ethiopia's Intangible Gada Heritage. Gambia: Reconciliation or Revenge? Gambia's President-Elect Calls on Exiles to Return. Zimbabwe: Zim Activist Abducted, Left for Dead. Photo: VOA Zimbabwean riot police clash with protestors (file photo).

Zimbabwe: Zim Activist Abducted, Left for Dead

Pro-democracy activists in Zimbabwe are worried that a period of gross human rights abuses may be returning to the southern African nation after a prominent social rights activist was abducted by unknown assailants on Thursday night and left for dead in Harare. 'Dancing in The Street' as Gambian President Jammeh Loses Poll. Want To Rewatch Your Favorite Black Films In Theaters? Now You Can.

Untitled. Somalia Postpones Presidential Election. Did Nigerian Militants Blow Up Oil Pipeline in Delta State? Somalia: Deadly Car Bomb Hits Marketplace. A car bomb has exploded inside a bustling marketplace in Somalia's capital Mogadishu.

Somalia: Deadly Car Bomb Hits Marketplace

The preliminary death toll stands at 10 people but is expected to climb considerably, medical sources said. Militants targeted a central Afisiyone marketplace in southern Mogadishu on Saturday, causing carnage and killing at least 10 people and wounding twice as many in the densely populated area, police said. "There was chaos and severed dead bodies strewn around the street," eyewitness Abdulahi Osman told the Agence France-Presse news agency, "The market was so busy with people shopping when the blast ripped through the area.

I saw many dead bodies but I could not count, I have helped collect more than 10 of them. " African Leaders Mourn Fidel Castro. South Sudan: Starvation Threat Numbers Soar. An aid organisation in South Sudan has warned of severe food shortages, with the civil war spreading to rural areas of the country, cutting farmers' access to their agricultural lands.

South Sudan: Starvation Threat Numbers Soar

The aid group CARE told Al Jazeera that if the armed conflict continues, as many as one million civilians could go hungry in the region of Equatoria, adding 20 percent more people to the almost five million already facing starvation. Fred McCray, country director of CARE aid group, said what is happening in Equatoria is "disheartening" because it is "traditionally the greenbelt of South Sudan" and is critical to the country's food sustenance. Dozen killed in South Sudan clashes "This is an area with rich agricultural production, which families used to produce more than enough food or enough food to meet their basic needs," he told Al Jazeera's Hiba Morgan, who is reporting from Torit in Equatoria. Nigeria: Three-Horse Race as Ondo State Goes to Polls. Africa: Shell Tries to Dodge Responsibility for Nigeria Oil Spills... Again.

AnalysisBy Joe Westby The oil company is back in the UK courts trying to shift the blame for the environmental destruction wrought in the Niger Delta.

Africa: Shell Tries to Dodge Responsibility for Nigeria Oil Spills... Again

At a hearing in the UK courts this week, oil company Shell asked the judge to throw out two legal actions concerning oil spills from the company's pipelines in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. Shell doesn't deny the areas are polluted. Instead, as it has done for decades, the company is trying to shift responsibility for environmental destruction onto anybody but itself. Yabatech College Hostel in Lagos Goes Up in Flames. VVIP Endorse President Mahama-JM Toaso - Nigeria's Former First Lady Loses Bid to Unfreeze Account. Rwanda Introduces New Maternity Leave Benefits. Nigerian Movie Producer Seun Egbegbe Denies Stealing iPhones. 'Boost Africa Initiative' Seeks Young Innovative Entrepreneurs. The Oromo Protests Have Changed Ethiopia. A New Off-Grid Energy Challenge Aimed at African Women. Africa Re-Ignites Debate on Gandhi's Legacy. ICC 'Open to Discuss Concerns' of African Countries.

Church in Uganda Disowns 'Rebel' Priests. Artists to Battle for Honours at Nigeria Hip-Hop Awards. Nigerian Govt Digs in Heels as Biafra's Kanu Applies for Bail. Nigerians Condemn Killing of Boy in Lagos. Botswana Officials 'Brutalize' Zimbabwe's Illegal Immigrants. Is Egypt Hindering the Construction of the Grand Ethiopian Dam? Corruption Is Fighting Back Vigorously - Nigerian President. Fearless entrepreneurs dreaming big in Nigeria. Ukraine’s Merchant of Death in South Sudan. The war profiteers’ answer to critics who say they’re fueling carnage in the world’s newest country? Somebody’s gonna do it.

KIEV—Lieutenant General Nikolai Ryabets never thought of himself as a businessman. His world has always been missiles and anti-aircraft systems. Welcome to Linda Ikeji Social - Login. Tanzania Considers Replacing Gold With Tanzanite Gemstones. A Real-Life Horror Movie Unfolds as ISIS Loses Control in Mosul. KHAZER CAMP, Iraq — Ali Mohammed thought he knew ISIS — the lethal but mostly disciplined thugs who patrolled his neighborhood in eastern Mosul for the past two and half years. But it wasn't until a few months ago, shortly before Iraq's military began its offensive to retake Iraq's second-largest city, that the militants' true character was laid bare. "They just started to create executions. Just for anybody," said the 47-year-old iron worker, who now lives with his large family in a tent in the massive camp for displaced people in Khazer. Africa: U.S. Experts Urge Trump to Engage Africa.

Photo: Ali Shaker/VOA Trump and his running mate, Indiana Governor Mike Pence, July 2016 By John Allen Atlanta — Top U.S experts who have advised Republican leaders on Africa are concerned about President-elect Donald J. Malawi: Trial of HIV-Infected Man Over Ritual Sex. By Mark Caldwell A man infected with the HIV virus, who has been accused of sleeping with 100 girls and women in a series of ritual cleansing acts, was due to go on trial in Malawi on Friday. The 45-year-old HIV-infected man faces charges which include grievous bodily harm and was repeatedly denied bail.

He is said to have slept with at least 104 women and girls, some as young as 12, in a ritual that lasts three days. He said each family paid him a fee of between $4 ( 3.80 euros) and $7. Ali Kiba Gets Award that Was Wrongfully Given to Wizkid. Militants Retake Town From Somali Soldiers.