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Traditional European Food from 14 Different Countries. Europe is so much more than just ancient history, kings and queens, castles and churches.

Traditional European Food from 14 Different Countries

Europe is also home to some of the tastiest and most interesting food in the world – but what should you eat and where? What are some examples of traditional European food? Let us show you the way… 1. Food, eating behavior, and culture in Chinese society. 1.

Food, eating behavior, and culture in Chinese society

The social functions of food Food is not only the source of nutrition for human, but also plays various roles in our daily life, beliefs, and socioeconomics. 1.1. Moroccan cuisine culture! - Friendly Morocco. Moroccan people are professional investors in every part of a slaughtered sheep’s body!

Moroccan cuisine culture! - Friendly Morocco

It is funny but very true: – Steamed sheep’s head is flavored with many spices and made even more tender and appealing to hungry eaters! If you are new to the Moroccan cuisine, you may get surprised to know that you can eat the whole thing even the eyebrows! An Introduction to Icelandic Cuisine. What are the key characteristics of Icelandic food and is it any good?

An Introduction to Icelandic Cuisine

Is it true that Icelanders only eat dried fish and fermented shark? What should travellers eat while visiting Iceland? Read on to learn everything about food in Iceland and the ingredients that make this nation's cuisine delicious. Discover Iceland's largest selection of Culture Tours Sample some of the BEST food in Iceland on The Reykjavík Food Walk Get to know some Delicious Icelandic Recipies Familiarise yourself with Icelandic culture by reading about The History of Iceland In the past, resources in Iceland were few and far between; the lack of sunlight severely limited fishing and hunting options, and the island’s isolation under the Arctic Circle made the importation of goods and food items difficult at best.

For centuries, therefore, Icelanders maintained a simple diet that reflected the harsh natural circumstances in which they struggled to survive. 5 Great Reasons Why Food is the Best Way to Get to Know a Culture - Whether you consider yourself a foodie or not, the fact is, you have to eat.

5 Great Reasons Why Food is the Best Way to Get to Know a Culture -

Moreover, food has a way of bringing people together. For example, when you have guests at home, the first thing you do is probably prepare them a nice meal. Even if you don’t have anything else to offer, they will feel appreciated and warmly welcomed. 5 Reasons Why Food is the Best Way to Understand a Culture. Have you ever had those moments where you are running out the door and suddenly you realize you forgot to pack a lunch… again!

5 Reasons Why Food is the Best Way to Understand a Culture

Let me paint a picture for you, and you can tell me if it sounds familiar or not. 8:45: Oops… forgot to make breakfast! You grab a granola bar and head out. 10:00 You feel a crash coming on. Time for a coffee! 3:00 You lost track of time. 8:00- Feeling ravenous again!! 12:00- The hunger begins to strike again. Look, if that scenario at all hit home, then you are not in good company. Here is the good news: there is an answer. What Is Food Culture And What Does It Have To Do With Our Health? ‘Fragrant Nature’ Home Design Trends for 2017 - Hire A Hubby. Another year over and done with which means the new interior design fashions are now hitting the net!

Home Design Trends for 2017 - Hire A Hubby

We’ve been doing our research for you and discovered the top ten trends for your home in 2017: Every year Pantone pick their colour for the upcoming year and this year is ‘Greenery’ which is supposedly a colour of rejuvenation and refreshment. Leatrice Eiseman, the Executive Director of the Pantone Colour Institute says, “Greenery bursts forth in 2017 to provide us with the reassurance we yearn for amid a tumultuous social and political environment. Satisfying our growing desire to rejuvenate and revitalise, Greenery symbolises the reconnection we seek with nature, one another and a larger purpose.”

Whilst brass has been around for years, several designers such as Elizabeth Lawson, have been playing around with the finish; going for a more satin brass which gives off a warmer feel. Minnesota Luxury Homes and Landscaping - Mpls.St.Paul Magazine. 1.

Minnesota Luxury Homes and Landscaping - Mpls.St.Paul Magazine

Sustainable Garden in South Minneapolis On a corner lot near Diamond Lake, homeowners wanted to create an urban oasis that would serve as an extension of their living space, while showcasing ecological water management practices. “The overall challenge and goal of this project was to contain water on site and to prevent runoff into storm drains and the nearby Diamond Lake,” says Steve Modrow of biota Landscape Design + Build. “By implementing different water management practices, we were able to complete our goal as well as set up an educational opportunity for the neighborhood.” Yardbird Furniture Opens in St. Louis Park - Mpls.St.Paul Magazine. Add outdoor furniture to the growing list of reasons St.

Yardbird Furniture Opens in St. Louis Park - Mpls.St.Paul Magazine

Louis Park is a destination for home furnishings. Yardbird Furniture opens this week, specializing in wicker furniture built to withstand a Minnesota winter. The new company created by father and son Bob Dillon and Jay Dillon will focus on selling direct to consumer—both online, and with the added benefit of the showroom for the instant gratification of local shoppers. The Dillons are not new to outdoor furniture—it was after years selling to big box stores that they say they realized the market is very skewed. “Everyone has the same experience; it’s so expensive, it’s hard to transport home, and there are so many options,” Jay says.

Yardbird offers complete sofa sets and chaise lounges featuring a folding mechanism that allows for easy storage. No advance orders are necessary when you shop the warehouse—pieces can be taken out on the spot. Experts predict what's hot — and not — for home design in 2017. Does your house feature a decorative sign that lets your friends and family know that they are, in fact, "home"?

Experts predict what's hot — and not — for home design in 2017

If it does, or if you have a "cucina" sign in your kitchen or a "family" plaque reminding everyone what they're a part of, 2017 might be the time to let it go. Zillow Digs and a cadre of interior design experts have released their annual decree of what's in and out when it comes to home trends for the upcoming year, and quote art is on the "ditch" list. It joins two other trends that were, until recently, considered home decor must-haves: cool grays and industrial furniture. "The quote art trend is overdone, and a fad that will be forgotten quickly in 2017," declares Zillow. "Rather than decorating with words or clichéd sayings, homeowners will start to incorporate artwork reminiscent of the colors and textures found in nature.

" Gray tones are also overplayed, having gone from sophisticated to safe and spurring homeowners to crave pops of color instead. ‘Fragrant Nature’ Showcases Exceptional Hotels & Resorts in Kerala at Arabian Travel Market 2017. At the Arabian Travel Market 2017 in Dubai, Fragrant Nature, the designer of premium lifestyle hospitality experiences in Kerala, is showcasing three phenomenal resorts and hotels in Kerala, for site visitors from throughout the world. The award-winning hospitality driver has also enhanced its new 'Kerala Golden Trio' bundle, particularly for visitors from the GCC region, guaranteeing them 3 authentic lifestyle experiences in the nick of time for summer.

Currently one of the most-recognised hotel and resorts operator in Kerala, Fragrant Nature Resorts is also wanting to increase to the GCC region, and bring its flavour of hospitality that is specified by customised service, health food, wellness and exotic locations. Top 10 Home Design Trends To Expect In 2017. 2017: The hottest home and interior design trends. 12 Home Design Trends for 2017, According to Pinterest. 8 Top Design Trends in 2017 for the Luxurious Home - Mansion Global.

A new year offers a clean slate. It’s a chance to tweak (or totally ditch) the old and ring in the new. This goes for all aspects of life, including the home. So, in the spirit of change, we asked design experts to reveal the hottest home décor trends for 2017. If Pantone, a company known for its color matching system and industry color trend predictions, is any indication, 2017 is the year of Greenery, a yellow-green shade that takes its cue from the environment.

Other hot colors include earthy shades like Kale (yes, the color is just like the vegetable) and Hazelnut, a warm nude, in addition to splashy shades like Lapis Blue, a vivid jewel tone and Flame, a fiery orange.