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‘Fragrant Nature’ Showcases Exceptional Hotels & Resorts in Kerala at Arabian Travel Market 2017

‘Fragrant Nature’ Showcases Exceptional Hotels & Resorts in Kerala at Arabian Travel Market 2017
At the Arabian Travel Market 2017 in Dubai, Fragrant Nature, the designer of premium lifestyle hospitality experiences in Kerala, is showcasing three phenomenal resorts and hotels in Kerala, for site visitors from throughout the world. The award-winning hospitality driver has also enhanced its new 'Kerala Golden Trio' bundle, particularly for visitors from the GCC region, guaranteeing them 3 authentic lifestyle experiences in the nick of time for summer. Currently one of the most-recognised hotel and resorts operator in Kerala, Fragrant Nature Resorts is also wanting to increase to the GCC region, and bring its flavour of hospitality that is specified by customised service, health food, wellness and exotic locations. “Our ‘Kerala Golden Trio Package’ has actually been specially created for site visitors from the region, who wish to experience the variety of Kerala's natural elegance and have memorable and authentic hospitality choices.”

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