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Risky behavior

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L’institut Ipsos a réalisé une étude pour mieux cerner l’usage des nouvelles technologies par les jeunes de moins de 19 ans. Le constat est sans appel : l’hyper-connexion des jeunes s’intensifie. 13h30 par semaine sur Internet pour les 13-19 ans Les adolescents (13-19 ans) passent en moyenne 13h30 par semaine sur Internet en 2015, contre 12h20 en 2012. Why would anyone take the A4 skinny waist challenge? Image copyright Azura Ge The #A4waist challenge - in which women compare the size of their waists to the width of a standard A4 sheet of paper - started in China and prompted a huge online backlash.

Why would anyone take the A4 skinny waist challenge?

But what do some of the women who participated in the trend say - why did they take part? It's been criticised as irresponsible and potentially unhealthy. The latest craze from China involves mostly women holding up sheets of paper and taking selfies - they "win" if the paper entirely obscures their waist. It's called the "A4 challenge" after the standard paper size that's just 21cm (8.3in) across. Critics - and there were many online - say the challenge, like other similar trends before it, could promote eating disorders and body shaming: Fla. teen on life support after Facebook 'Fire Challenge' A Florida teenager is on life support after being set ablaze for a troubling social media stunt known as the "fire challenge.

Fla. teen on life support after Facebook 'Fire Challenge'

" Robert Seals, 15, was rushed to the hospital on Monday night after being doused in a flammable liquid and set on fire by a friend who held a match to his clothes. Seals' aunt, Lisa Oliphant,told the Orlando Sentinel"My nephew was hollering, 'I'm on fire! He set me on fire! ' “I see the little boy walk up and gush something on him and then flick. I see the little flick, and then my nephew's running down the street on fire. Oliphant called 911 and doused Seals in water as he struggled to breathe following the incident in Pine Hills. Fire Challenge. About Fire Challenge is a dare game in which the participant voluntarily sets oneself on fire for a short period of time by applying flammable liquids or igniting combustible parts of one’s body and filming the outcome, similar to other pain endurance challenges that have spread through the social media, such as the Eraser Challenge and the Hot Pepper Challenge.

Fire Challenge

Origin One of the first fire challenge videos uploaded to YouTube is titled “Fire challenge” and was uploaded on April 5th, 2012, by YouTuber 1BlazinEagle1. The video features the YouTuber lighting his chest hair on fire. As of July 2014, the video has gained over 100,000 views. Spread On April 7th, 2013, Viner RolandConstantino introduced the hashtag #FireChallenge to accompany Vines that involve bringing a flame in contact (or near contact) with your body. Media coverage of the challenge increased in late July of 2014, after satirical news site News Nerd published an article on a fictional death due to the game on July 24th.

Fire Challenge : le nouveau défi stupide fait ses premiers brûlés. What Is the Belly Button Challenge? Something Bad? Yes. A hotly contested, supposedly ancient manuscript suggests Christ was married.

What Is the Belly Button Challenge? Something Bad? Yes

But believing its origin story—a real-life Da Vinci Code, involving a Harvard professor, a onetime Florida pornographer, and an escape from East Germany—requires a big leap of faith. On a humid afternoon this past November, I pulled off Interstate 75 into a stretch of Florida pine forest tangled with runaway vines. My GPS was homing in on the house of a man I thought might hold the master key to one of the strangest scholarly mysteries in recent decades: a 1,300-year-old scrap of papyrus that bore the phrase “Jesus said to them, My wife.” The fragment, written in the ancient language of Coptic, had set off shock waves when an eminent Harvard historian of early Christianity, Karen L.

Le challenge du nombril est le nouveau thigh gap (et il est tout aussi débile) So What IS Neknominate? The Crazy New 'Australian' Drinking Game Taking Britain By Storm. It seems there’s a new trend in town: Neknominate.

So What IS Neknominate? The Crazy New 'Australian' Drinking Game Taking Britain By Storm

Seemingly invented by the Aussies, the craze has crossed the water and taken Britain by storm. The latest drinking “game” puts milking, champagning, McDiving to shame. The challenge consists of filming oneself “skolling” - that’s downing to you and I - copious quantities of alcohol in a short space of time, and then setting a challenge for someone else to complete. Although health experts have warned of the dangers of the craze, it shows no signs of showing down. One description, appearing on one of many Facebook pages set up in honour of the game, reads: “Neck your drink. 'Lethal' drinking game Neknominate sweeps social media. "Thanks for the nomination Luke," jokes a young man in a YouTube clip pouring what he says is a new, unopened bottle of Sambuca spirits into a pint glass along with another, unidentified drink.

'Lethal' drinking game Neknominate sweeps social media

As the liquids mix, he observes: "And that is congealing nicely ... whew ... okay," before knocking back the potion. After a brief pause he declares: "I nominate [he names some friends]. You've got 24 hours lads. Get it done. " The game, known as Neknominate, is thought to have originated in Australia and is now sweeping the world. Neknominate: The 'fun' internet drinking craze that killed Jonny Byrne and Ross Cummins WILL kill again warn emergency services. Two people have died already and dozens more are risking their lives to become part of the newest internet craze, NekNominate.

Neknominate: The 'fun' internet drinking craze that killed Jonny Byrne and Ross Cummins WILL kill again warn emergency services

To those taking part in the online drinking challenge it is just a bit of fun… but this game is far from harmless. It encourages participants to guzzle booze in more and more perilous situations, to the extent that emergency services are warning that its extreme dares are bound to result in more fatalities. Thigh Gap : le trou entre les cuisses, nouvel objectif inquiétant des adolescentes. Alors que 70 000 jeunes filles sont touchées par l’anorexie en France, un nouveau phénomène vient inquiéter parents et autorités sanitaires.

Thigh Gap : le trou entre les cuisses, nouvel objectif inquiétant des adolescentes

Le Thigh Gap, ou « trou entre les cuisses » est devenu le Saint Graal pour les jeunes filles qui veulent s’identifier aux mannequins et aux people des magazines. Problème, cette quête de l’ultra maigreur est dangereuse pour la santé. Un nouveau défi minceur envahit les réseaux sociaux. Des jeunes filles utilisent une feuille A4 pour montrer au monde qu’elles sont maigres.

Un nouveau défi minceur envahit les réseaux sociaux

C’est le nouveau challenge maigreur – on ne peut définitivement plus parler de minceur – qui circule sur les réseaux sociaux. Un nouveau défi maigreur aussi absurde que dangereux vient de voir le jour sur les réseaux sociaux : Le « A4 waist challenge » (traduction : le défi de la taille A4). Il s’agit de placer une feuille A4 – dans le sens de la hauteur, évidemment… – devant son ventre et de se prendre en photo afin de prouver que sa taille ne dépasse pas 21 centimètres de largeur (la même donc que celle d’une feuille A4). Public Health Social Media Challenge.