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Educational Technology

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Edutech for Teachers. TheTechSpec Blog. The Best Add-Ons for Google Drive. Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling. Social Media in Education. 8 Ways Technology Is Improving Education. The Education Tech Series is supported by Dell The Power To Do More, where you'll find perspectives, trends and stories that inspire Dell to create technology solutions that work harder for its customers so they can do and achieve more.

8 Ways Technology Is Improving Education

Don Knezek, the CEO of the International Society for Technology in Education, compares education without technology to the medical profession without technology. “If in 1970 you had knee surgery, you got a huge scar,” he says. “Now, if you have knee surgery you have two little dots.” Technology is helping teachers to expand beyond linear, text-based learning and to engage students who learn best in other ways.

Its role in schools has evolved from a contained “computer class” into a versatile learning tool that could change how we demonstrate concepts, assign projects and assess progress. Despite these opportunities, adoption of technology by schools is still anything but ubiquitous. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. These eight technologies are redefining education. Keeping it Simple with Wikispaces Classroom. A big part of our focus for Wikispaces Classroom was making things easier.

Keeping it Simple with Wikispaces Classroom

We removed features people weren’t using or got in the way. We made the layout cleaner, simpler, and harder to break. And we also exposed the powerful functionality we have under the hood in ways that make it really easy to do the things you want to do. There are many different ways for a teacher to organize their digital classroom these days, from the bare minimum to intricate learning management systems. With Wikispaces Classroom, we wanted to give you what you love about Wikispaces — its simplicity and ease of use — along with an extra layer of management for the classroom that we hope you’ll find equally simple, for you and students alike. Organizer Bar The Organizer Bar lets you access Members, Settings, Projects, and Assessments.

We’ve taken the settings you most care about as a teacher and put them at the top of each Wikispaces Classroom page so you can access these controls whenever you need them. 50 Great EdTech Tools for Teachers and Educators ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. April, 2015 Looking for some powerful EdTech tools to try out in your class or probably use for your professional development?

50 Great EdTech Tools for Teachers and Educators ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

This Symbaloo web mix created by Amy has you covered. The collection has around 50 wonderful educational tools and except for Knowable, an application we didn’t know before, all of the rest have been already reviewed here in the past. And if you ask us about our top 10 from this collection we would mention the following : 1- Socrative Socrative lets teachers engage and assess their students with educational activities on tablets, laptops and smartphones. 2- TED Ed Offers a collection of excellent educational video covering a wide variety of intellectual topics. 3- TodaysMeet TodaysMeet is an excellent backchannel chat platform for classroom teachers and learners. 4- Pearltrees Pearltrees lets you organize all your interests. 5- Remind 6- Nearpod The Nearpod platform enables teachers to use their iPads to manage content on students' iPads, iPhones, iPods or Macs.

25 Tips For Teaching With Apps. 25 Tips For Teaching With Apps by Terry Heick We’ve done tips in the past for teaching with tablets.

25 Tips For Teaching With Apps

This one is similar, so there is some overlap, but this has more to do with apps specifically. Below are 25 tips for teaching with apps. Let us know in the comments what we missed. 1. If you’re going to use something important, interdependent, and new, you’re going to need some kind of model or framework to contextualize it. “Despite the rhetoric around m-learning virtually guaranteeing contextualised learning, very few of these scenarios rated highly in the scales for authenticity.

It is mobility and access that underscores learning through apps, and using this technology without adjusting the design of learning experiences could yield underwhelming results. 2. There are a lot of apps, tools, and platforms out there. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: google docs.