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Hermes on Lyst. [DIY] Butterfly Statement Ring | Fashionrolla by Xenia Kuhn: [DIY] Butterfly Statement Ring. Blog DIY - Do It Yourself - Loisirs Créatifs | My Diy.


Blog.franceduvalstalla. DIY. Une semaine à thème chaotique mais je ne vous cache pas que je me sens un peu fatiguée, si ce n’est épuisée… Je sais que c’est une période à passer mais là ce n’est pas évident et les seuls moments qui me comblent sont ceux que je passe sous la couette.


Je taquine mes limites et si je ne veux pas exploser en plein vol, je vais essayer de m’écouter un peu plus. En me relisant je me trouve presque au fond du trou, mais il n’en est rien mais vous savez il y a des moments où on est Up et des d’autres Down, je crois que je traverse un Down, mais je ne vous raconte pas comme le Up va être canon… J’ai des idées en pagaille et aujourd’hui ce qui me prend le plus de temps ce sont des questions administratives et chiantes, comme monter une société… il me tarde que toutes ces choses juridiques soient derrière moi pour pouvoir enfin me consacrer à des choses plus créatives et des choses pour moi! DIY Découpage Eggs – Honestly YUM. If you don’t already know, we’re huge fans of découpage and vintage botanical prints over at HonestlyWTF.

DIY Découpage Eggs – Honestly YUM

So when I came across the idea to combine two of our favorite things into a spring-themed project, I was instantly inspired. Découpaging eggs is an easy and impressive way to dress up your next Sunday brunch. And although you can easily apply this technique to chicken eggs, I encourage you to go big with spectacular ostrich eggs! You’ll need:ostritch, emu or chicken eggshellscolor copies of vintage botanical prints or printed sheet paperegg stand or candle holdersharp scissorsmatte Mod Podgeflat brush. A n n a • e v e r s - DIY Fashion blog | DIY fashion blog.


MAISON. IPH CROCHET. Pulseras de rafia e hilos de colores. Para estas coloridas pulseras he usado rafia como material y el disco de kumihimo para tejer el cordón.

Pulseras de rafia e hilos de colores

Estoy enganchada a esta técnica, es sencilla, relajante y permite variedad de trenzados usando diferentes patrones. Estas pulseras son muy similares a las que hice el verano pasado, pero con dos vueltas y utilizando dos colores de rafia, podéis verlas aquí. Como materiales he usado: . 2 tiras de rafia de un metro y 75 cm en un color. DIY | DESIGN AND FORM - Part 3. Can you believe it?


Already december! Only 21 days until Christmas Eve. ( Here in Sweden we celebrate it on the 24th.) So what better diy than a christmas diy. Here you have a lovely origami ball. How To Make a Cool Cinemagraph Image in Photoshop. No doubt you’ll have heard of the term Cinemagraph since it exploded onto the Internets.

How To Make a Cool Cinemagraph Image in Photoshop

Originally coined by Photographers Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck, a cinemagraph is a clever revival of the classic animated GIF. It combines features of video and photography to create a the illusion of a still image but with cool motion effects. Let’s take a look at how to create your own animated GIF cinemagraph by playing around with Photoshop’s animation tools. Some of the best cinemagraph examples can be found on the creators’ own website. Their original cinemagraphs from New York Fashion Week capture moments just like an ordinary photograph, but also preserve that living moment in time to re-experience endlessly. 365 days of DYI craft projects / Okay so not hearts, but this is a cool idea.

DIY Vintage-Inspired String Holders. We’re serv­ing up a dou­ble dose of crafty good­ness this week with another amaz­ing craft tuto­r­ial from Eva Monleón.

DIY Vintage-Inspired String Holders

Here’s a fun craft tuto­r­ial inspired by vin­tage string hold­ers. I love those cute pot­tery heads with strings com­ing out of their mouths like they’re eat­ing spaghetti. Craft Lightning: Pottery Barn Inspired Golden Burlap Candles ~ MAD IN CRAFTS. I have been itching to get my fall decorations up for a few weeks now.

Craft Lightning: Pottery Barn Inspired Golden Burlap Candles ~ MAD IN CRAFTS

We had to take everything down from our walls and shelves in preparation for the roofers to begin banging around, so it was a perfect opportunity to start from a blank slate. I often look to the Pottery Barn catalog for autumn decorating inspiration, and this year I found a few new ideas. Love Maegan: Pretty Faux Fur DIY Boot Shapers from Water Bottles Fashion + DIY + Lifestyle. Let me first start by saying that this may be one of my all-time favorite DIYs EVER… and I think my best DIYs come from pure necessity and/or a real desire to have something fabulous that I can’t find elsewhere.

love Maegan: Pretty Faux Fur DIY Boot Shapers from Water Bottles Fashion + DIY + Lifestyle

For instance, I can NEVER find really great boot shapers… thus, some of my boots are lying flat in their original boxes & others are standing with their original paper boards & tissue paper that came with them {very unchic!}. Really, when it comes down to it, I don’t want to spend money on boot shapers but I also don’t want to look in my closet and see a bunch of wine bottles or plastic bottles sticking out of my shoes. So this is my solution… and as soon as I finish more SmartWater bottles, I’ll be making sets for all my boots in my closet.

NOTE: Though this DIY is not complicated, there are a lot of steps. What You’ll Need… It design itbed futon. In the seam. Catalogue Fashion Book. Memi The Rainbow.

IPH bolsos

IPH BIJOUS. Taylor and Demolish: DIY Celine Trio Purse. *washer necklace* ¡Buenos días!

*washer necklace*

¿Qué os parece este collar de Honestly WTF? A mí me ha gustado tanto que he decidido hacer el mío ☺ [TUTORIAL] DIY Removable Shoe..... Wings! I do hope that this goes here...

[TUTORIAL] DIY Removable Shoe..... Wings!

I didn't really make shoes, per say... I just made a accessory for the shoes? Please let me know if this needs to be moved. Some of you may know the Greek messenger god, Hermes. DIY Soapmaking - How to Make Cold Process Soap. Posted by Rebecca D. Dillon | | Ever wondered how to make old fashioned lye soap - also known as cold process soap - the way your grandmother or great grandmother used to make?

Thanks, I Made It. Inspiration and realisation: DIY Fashion + Home. TIMI Elsewhere: Rope Belt DIY for M&J. True Blue Me & You: I'll Try Not to Waste Our Time. DIY Pool Clutch | Sprinkles in Springs. DIY Ombre Tassel Necklace. SPOON ROSE PIN DIY : Trinkets in Bloom | Creative Fashion DIY. Ribbon Wrapped Ring DIY : Trinkets in Bloom | Creative Fashion DIY. DIY Anthropologie Necklace |

101 Handmade Gifts for Men {DIY} Stamp out stains: boy shirt refashion. Swellmayde. DIY Doily Wedge Shoes. DIY: mouse ears | BLOWUP BLOG! Crème de la Craft | DIY projects made from everyday objects. How to Make a Tote Bag from a Pillowcase (Easy No-Sew DIY) DIY: tassle | BLOWUP BLOG! Designer's fashion blog: DYS: create your own studded bracelet. Home - Creature Comforts - daily inspiration, style, diy projects + freebies.

DIY Chiffon Fabric Peony Flowers. FALCONWRIGHT — Products. La Casa Vergara. Singapore Fashion Blog: DIY Tutorial Miu miu Collared chain necklace | Monoxious. D.I.Y Bow Necklace Tutorial. How To Make a Handbag Out of a Recycled Book. Recyling plastic (Part 1) Ex-men's shirt as new dress for you. News « Debbie Smyth. Littlefly » Rings. Untitled. Cómo catar licores - barralibre. Wxy的虾窝. DIY Felted Rocks. How to Tie the Caterpillar Sinnet by TIAT. A.P.C. | PRODUCTS. Bandit Manchot - Cartes postales en cuir upcyclé. Pamela Love. ‪CHANEL Artisans‬‏ Retoque Foto Creabar Retoque Foto Photoshop. ‪How to make a shoe - Part 4.‬‏ ‪Carlos cuir à l'atelier‬‏ Daniela bekerman. Muebles - Alvaro Tamarit.

‪ecochair - foldable cardboard furniture‬‏ Lascivious | The first and last word in directional lingerie. Fashion forecasting with market intelligence - EDITD.