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The Venus Project Jacque Fresco

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Listen as Albert Einstein Reads ‘The Common Language of Science’ (1941) Here’s an extraordinary recording of Albert Einstein from the fall of 1941, reading a full-length essay in English: The essay is called “The Common Language of Science.” It was recorded in September of 1941 as a radio address to the British Association for the Advancement of Science. The recording was apparently made in America, as Einstein never returned to Europe after emigrating from Germany in 1933. Einstein begins by sketching a brief outline of the development of language, before exploring the connection between language and thinking. “Is there no thinking without the use of language,” asks Einstein, “namely in concepts and concept-combinations for which words need not necessarily come to mind? Despite this evident separation between language and thinking, Einstein quickly points out that it would be a gross mistake to conclude that the two are entirely independent.

Perfection of means and confusion of goals seem–in my opinion–to characterize our age. Related Content: Does Capitalism Exploit Workers? Jacque Fresco-Bridging Differences. Forward - Future My Love. FUTURE MY LOVE tells the story of economy as a human relationship – and of our quest for alternatives. With the ideal of a resource-based economy in mind, how can we release a film that has been made under the constraints of the current system – but still try and explore an alternative? We came up with an idea to build our own 'gift economy'. Click on the red arrow to play a short video explaining how it works.

This kind of concept is also known as pay-it-forward. Wikipedia shows there's quite a bit of history to the idea, yet we seem to be the first to apply it to film distribution. Would you like to be part of it? Give the film to others Did you see FUTURE MY LOVE? Click on the blue arrow in the player to gift the film to others – friends and strangers alike. If you don't specify email recipients for all the vouchers, the remaining ones will feed into a big pool that enables anyone to watch the film for free – as long as there are vouchers in the pool. You haven't seen FUTURE MY LOVE yet? TVP Magazine 05 (October) The Aqualibrium Garden - The Future of Food. Fresco-waste, early stories, ideas. Robot Farming and the Future of Food: Hard Work on Wheels. TVP Magazine 05 (October) Welcome to the Future clip.

"The Choice is Ours" documentary series by The Venus Project. Mentor. Mentors are supporters who's main focus is on educating themselves to the highest level on the aims and proposals of The Venus Project, with the goal of using this achieved level of understanding to help educate others locally, regionally and globally to the same standards through online lectures, seminars, study groups and more.

Achieving the level of mentor will require extensive study of The Venus Project and its proposals, as well as relevant areas relating to human and ecological wellbeing. The level of competence in understanding The Venus Project's proposals, along with the ability to accurately and effectively communicate it to others, will be tested through a series of online assessments and assignments throughout the mentor program. Note: Some elements of this program are currently in development. The length of the course is 48 sessions and each session is up to 3 hours in length.

Applicants will receive a reply with an invitation for an interview. F.A.Q. The Venus Project | Beyond Poverty, Politics and War. Paraíso ou Esquecimento (Documentário-2012)