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181. Little Known Ways to Create Your Own Graphics Using PowerPoint. Freebies – RS Design. Shootout is a multiple choice quiz template which has a basketball theme.

Freebies – RS Design

Change the questions and create your own gamified quizzes. Sticky Notes Template. You will need red and white square sheets of paper for this garland.

The size of the squares is at your wish. We used A4 sheets, and made two squares from every sheet. Each square is folded in an accordion, bent in the middle and then glued to the next square. Alternate red and white colours. Zelena učionica. Medallion Snowflakes. Last week, I had posted that some friends and I were going to be making snowflakes to send to the Connecticut PTSA to help decorate a new school for the students of Sandy Hook Elementary.

Medallion Snowflakes

Since then, they have posted on their website that they are no longer taking donations of snowflakes, as they have, in a way, been snowed in with the generous contributions of people from all over the world. White Christmas Mason Jar Luminaries {tutorial} #MarthaHolidayPaint. Can you believe it’s almost Christmas?

White Christmas Mason Jar Luminaries {tutorial} #MarthaHolidayPaint

Time to start thinking about Christmas crafts! Yay! I was inspired by this post @ Crafts by Amanda & Martha Stewart make these beautiful & so easy white Christmas luminaries. Look at what I received in the mail from Martha Stewart Paints. Ви треба само пластично шише и малку стиропор. Резултатот? Совршена декорација за Божиќ! Create Cheap homemade Modge Podge! - 2.

18 wonderful Christmas cards you can make in just 30 minutes. With a little searching, you can find virtually any type of Christmas card, of every possible colour, texture, size and shape.

18 wonderful Christmas cards you can make in just 30 minutes

They come in such a huge variety that they no longer surprise anyone. However, there is one thing these cards do not have... We at Bright Side believe that handmade cards are more fun. Erasmus+ programme: How to write a good project (smarter goals) Scanning thermal camera. The DIY thermographer is a camera which creates an image of what temperature things are -- a 'heat' camera.

Scanning thermal camera

This approach has been put on hold in favor of the "thermal flashlight" technique which is now posted on the main Thermal Camera tool page We're making a 'scanning thermal imager' which means we just use a temperature sensor and sweep it back and forth across a scene, recording the temperature variation to build up an image that looks like this: ICT Tools and Resources for Schools, Teachers and Educators. Learn How To #InventAnything. At littleBits we believe in empowering more people around the world to be creators and not just consumers of technology.

Learn How To #InventAnything

That is why we deeply care about supporting our community in their learning journey as makers. And starting today we are offering a FREE online course to help anyone around the world learn how to #InventAnything using littleBits. Sign Up Course Description. Sign In. Flipped Learning Network / Homepage. Content Not Available - Please Log In. Microsoft Virtual Academy – Free IT Training, Online Learning of Microsoft Technologies.

Yammer : OneNote Water Cooler. Кондензација, што е, како настанува, и нејзино елиминирање - PVC Прозори и Врати. Creativity on the Run: 18 Apps that Support the Creative Process. "The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, the rational mind is a faithful servant.

Creativity on the Run: 18 Apps that Support the Creative Process

We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. " - Albert Einstein We do not need to teach creativity, but rather inspire its daily practice. Somewhere along the way, we simply forgot to honor this innate gift and how to access its power. Our role as educators is to encourage learning experiences that increase the ability to recognize and listen to our inner voice. Let us begin by shifting emphasis from finding the right answer to creating school cultures that encourage risk-taking and embrace ambiguity. The Idea Catcher We can start by using note-taking apps to encourage observation and reflection.

5 Fantastic, Fast Formative Assessment Tools. I thought I could read my students' body language.

5 Fantastic, Fast Formative Assessment Tools

I was wrong. As an experiment, I used Socrative when I taught binary numbers. What I learned forever changed my views on being a better teacher. Why Formative Assessment Makes Better Teachers Formative assessment is done as students are learning. Here's what happened in my classroom. Clarisketch.

Microsoft Macedonia. Créez votre vidéo d'animation et marquez les esprits. Dropr: The easy online portfolio website. Top Content this Week. EFL 2.0 Resources. $29.95 for lifetime access to all content – now and forever!

EFL 2.0 Resources

Including videos. All resources well organized, at your finger tips. Register and pay below. Get a one stop resource library! Tens of thousands of resources / files, instantly downloadable. Just register on EFL Classroom 2.0 and make payment. Already a member? Dipsticks: Efficient Ways to Check for Understanding. What strategy can double student learning gains? According to 250 empirical studies, the answer is formative assessment, defined by Bill Younglove as "the frequent, interactive checking of student progress and understanding in order to identify learning needs and adjust teaching appropriately. " Unlike summative assessment, which evaluates student learning according to a benchmark, formative assessment monitors student understanding so that kids are always aware of their academic strengths and learning gaps. Meanwhile, teachers can improve the effectiveness of their instruction, re-teaching if necessary.

"When the cook tastes the soup," writes Robert E. Storytelling for the YouTube generation.