Facebook Twitter Parker...1001 Albums.. 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die Published in 2005 by Cassell Illustrated. Selected & written by 90 leading international critics, general editor Robert Dimery. In chronological order 1955-2005. Parker...1001 Albums..
Cut MP3 Files Online Cut MP3 Files Online Technical advances in mobile phones have caused an explosion in their use around the world. Along with the popularity of carrying mobile phones, the use of ringtones has also increased which are applied to differentiate between callers as well as to make cell phone use more fun. In the past, ringtones have generally been purchased from online sites and other mobile phone companies that promote them in their pre-made forms.
SPIN From the concert stage to the dressing room, from the recording studio to the digital realm, SPIN surveys the modern musical landscape and the culture around it with authoritative reporting, provocative interviews, and a discerning critical ear. With dynamic photography, bold graphic design, and informed irreverence, the pages of SPIN pulsate with the energy of today's most innovative sounds. Whether covering what's new or what's next, SPIN is your monthly VIP pass to all that rocks. SPIN
Free Music Search powered by Google = Musgle Musgle originates from the idea of combining words Music and Google. The idea is simple yet very powerful. To see Musgle in action just type a song title, or the artist name, or both in a search bar and hit 'Enter' - you will be redirected to the Google page with relevant search results. Click on one of those results, and you will have a chance to directly download the song you are searching for - very smooth! Although Musgle is not affiliated with Google, ALL its strength comes from it :) When searching for any kind of music (mp3, wma, wav, etc), Musgle calls Google for help by submitting a special search query to it, which is based on Advanced Google Search Operators. After Google does its hard work, it returns results with direct links to mp3, wma, wav, etc.. music files that can be downloaded directly with no hassle! Free Music Search powered by Google = Musgle
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dazzledkid | Bill Withers - Ain't No Sunshine
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VIRAL VIDEO SELECTION Big Ups to EKLIPS This is a Commercial. An Amazing, Amazing Commercial. a Beat Box History of Hip Hop a Beat Box History of Hip Hop
Thanks for discovering One Track Mind! Subscribe via email to have each day's song delivered to your inbox. [ download ] His third effort under his own name, Cobirds Unite, is a fitting testimonial to a quarter-century spent writing and recording music. Rusty Willoughby “C’mon C’mon”  |  One Track Mind: free, legal MP3 downloads Rusty Willoughby “C’mon C’mon”  |  One Track Mind: free, legal MP3 downloads
pain pack :: zefrank posted this video earlier today. It’s called “Hot Drinks.” It was for Wendy’s employees in the 90’s to learn how to pour hot drinks. It’s also possibly the greatest song ever. There’s another video to teach employees how to serve cold drinks. It’s called "Cold Drinks." Joe Mande - New obsession: Early 90's Wendy's training videos Joe Mande - New obsession: Early 90's Wendy's training videos
Famed street artist Mr. Brainwash shows his love for boxing champ Muhammad Ali with a cool art print for under $1,000. Named after Ali’s self-proclaimed moniker, “The Greatest” features a quadrupled image of the champ’s face on hand torn archival If you’re already in the market for a fresh white pair of kicks for spring, Nike SB has a new Nike SB Dunk Low Pro waiting for you. The all-white base is made up of soft leather on the upper Skullcandy adds a touch of camo to their line of headphones and earphones, with a little help from the makers of Realtree camo and our Dew homie Theotis Beasley. Green Label Sound Green Label Sound
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Help make more breakdowns - Mashup Breakdown Blog Help make more breakdowns - Mashup Breakdown Blog I’ve started to get requests for breakdowns of other albums — yes, Yes, YES! Here’s how you can make it happen: 1. The easy part — Find links to the audio for the tracks on SoundCloud or YouTube . 2. The harder part — Identify the samples — specifically, for each sample we need artist, album, and start and stop times.
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Unkut Dot Com Unkut Dot Com Video: Royal Flush feat. Nutso – Flushtown Another single from the Grand Capo LP, with Grand Papa Tre on the beat and DJ Modesty on the cuts. Raekwon – The Living Room
Mixer Beatmixing is a disk jockey technique of mixing two tracks so that the beats of one occur at the same time as the other. Beatmixing was invented in the late 1960s by Francis Grasso, who tried to keep people from leaving the dance floor between the songs. Initially he was looking for records with the same tempo, counting the tempo with a metronome. When the tempos didn't match, he was adjusting the pitch control on the turntable to bring the beats in sync.
Soft Machine: We Did it Again [purchase] Yes: Beyond and Before [purchase] As we wind down the In Memoriam theme and move on to (I hope) happier discussions, I decided to wedge in another pair of tributes, this time to musicians who played on early albums by prog bands, and then left. Star Maker Machine
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About BD Benjamin Dowden (BD) is a visual artist based in Bristol in the South West of the UK. Much of his work is interested in portraiture, creating portraits in film, photography and paint. Since 2004 he has supported his own work by freelancing for the arts, creating behind the scenes documentation in both film and photography. Major clients include Sadler's Wells (London) and Aardman Animations (Bristol) as well as many theatres and dance companies. :: Portraits :: Hip Hop :: Videos | Performance
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Lead Singer of Travis busking in London (West End)
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