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fashion <br /><h3>This site is much cooler with JavaScript enabled. Please turn it on! <a href=" target="_blank">Here's how &rarr;</a></h3> — Below are all the messages tagged fashion — Dad: Got a haircut today! Me: Oh, a special one? 5 Great Ways to Find Music That Suits Your Mood Jessica Miller has written for, The Jew and the Carrot, and is an avid digital music explorer. She holds a B.A. in religion from Barnard College, and blogs regularly on her own site, The Boomerang Blog. You don’t have to be Oliver Sacks to know that music can have a profound effect on the human psyche. Music is undeniably important in shaping moods, and, likewise, certain frames of mind require certain kinds of songs. Luckily for us, there are now several websites out there that feature mood searches.

The 55 Funniest Signs From the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear from FOD Team We know that we're a little late to the game and that plenty of other websites have already posted best signs of the rally. But this is the internet, and since we are a website on that internet, we are required to post this. So without further ado… Atom Smasher's Error Message Generator Do not link directly to the image! No Hot-Linking! Your link will not work! Feel free to copy this image and use it on your own web site, and please link back to here. No signs were harmed during the production of this web page; IANAL; void where prohibited; subject to change with or without notice; all information provided "as is" and any express or implied warranties, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness are disclaimed; no other warranty expressed or implied; this is not an offer to sell securities; use only in well-ventilated area; keep away from fire or flame; not recommended for children; this supersedes all previous notices; no Microsoft(tm) products were used during the making of this web page or any images contained herein; all trademarks remain the property of their respective owners.

Create Music Beats - The online music factory - Jam, remix, chords, loops JamStudio for 2021! Download the Windows App or Mac App to keep using JamStudio! DO IT NOW! This app will work after Flash is removed from browsers in 2021! 12 must-have Dashboard widgets for the average Mac user Most Dashboard widgets are useless pieces of crap. With that said, a good widget can be both fun and useful. Our list of 12 must-have widgets covers a wide range of categories, which should appeal to pretty much everyone looking to get the most out of their Mac experience. Of course, not everybody’s favorite can be included so if there’s one you feel should be added to the list, let us know in the comments! Online Drum loop Machine Drumbot is the next best thing to a real drummer. Full song loops and tons of grooves. Designed specifically for non-drummers for use as backing tracks during song composition. We've partnered with real drummers, (can you think of a better beat maker?) who've created entire songs, from intro to outro, then organized everything to help you discover that perfect groove.

CoralSculptures We probably don’t have to mention the life-threatening conditions natural reefs are under today due to human behavior. However, artificial reefs, which are quite a new phenomenon, have proved to be a very good alternative as they are durable, environmentally friendly and offer relief to the natural ones as they can regenerate. With 400 life-size human sculptures installed 9 meters below sea level, Silent Evolution plays many roles, but it is foremost an artificial reef encouraging the growth of marine life. Taylor’s sculptures are created with a pH-neutral concrete, reinforced with fiberglass, which (surprisingly) attracts marine life. Taylor also ‘rescues’ coral damaged in storms or by humans, and replants these on his sculptures.

9 Reasons It’s Important to Have a Best Girlfriend … Every girl needs a best girlfriend. Female friendship is so rich and rewarding, and I think that as you get older, it's easy to forget that sometimes. I remember my best friend being the most important thing to me when I was younger. In fact, finding a best friend was always paramount. We would honor each other with best friend necklaces, the ones with those broken heart charms, where each girl gets one half. “Be Fri” said one side; “st ends,” said the other half. Nudge Select 1 of 8 different Sound Patterns from the small Matrixes icons on the right. Use your mouse to draw notes on each 16 Step Matrix. Adjust the volume of the iNudge. Wallpaper Videos See the universe come to life via animations, scientific visualizations, expert commentary, and more.

The top 100 songs ever recorded Every year some corporate, musical crackpot devises a list filled with meaningless jargon only a washed up Oxford Humanities professor could interpret. Just because you smoked LSD and memorized the Webster’s dictionary in college while your peers were experiencing life doesn’t give you the right to fill our heads with unintelligible metaphors that sound like they originated in the laboratory of Hitler’s propaganda czar. Stop tricking us into accepting your musical opinions with that superior intellect and schizophrenic writing style. Finally after years of fuming at the Musical Media Complex (MMC) we’ve decided to release our very own list into cyberspace. Below you won’t find all the verboseness that’s usually wrapped into the standard Rolling Stone expose. It’s just a straight up list containing only the 100 greatest sounding songs from recorded human history.

List of urban legends about illegal drugs LSD[edit] Some of the strangest urban legends told are those about lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), a potent psychedelic drug that gained popularity in several countries in the 1960s and 1970s, and experienced a brief resurgence in the mid to late 1990s before declining from 2000 onward. The drug's relation to the 1960s counterculture was likely part of the reason for such legends. Attempted murder[edit] "Anyone caught selling LSD can be charged with attempted murder."

heart tattoos with wings Heart tattoos angel wings search results from Google Here are some heart tattoo designs that I liked. For heart with wings tattoos, there are so many possibilities,

Hi chrisfabritz You might also find something you like here. Happy Pearling L8trs by timepeaces Sep 14

Yes it is awesome. I saw the part about the upgrade. I had to put it in two different sections one interactive graphics and magic music. If Or is that music magic I forgot already :) lol If you like music drop by my music pearls section. I have some fantastic glass harp music and lots more. Happy Pearling l8trs by timepeaces Jun 2

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