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Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without. ~Confucius I just took a look at CNN’s site and it was, as usual, boasting its favorite palette of troublesome nouns and verbs. Six Amazing Songs That Illustrate What it Means to Be Human | Six Amazing Songs That Illustrate What it Means to Be Human |
Funwari Milk-chan: Breast-shaped plushies Funwari Milk-chan: Breast-shaped plushies 19 Oct 2007 From character goods maker JUN Planning comes a series of mammary-shaped plush toys known as Funwari Milk-chan ("Fluffy Milk") and friends. According to the official Funwari Milk-chan website, these mildly naughty plushies are modeled after the palm-sized inhabitants of Milk Village, a quiet southern hamlet the size of Tokyo Dome.
Jan16 Mushroom Stroganoff Beef stroganoff was my favorite dinner growing up, and my very favorite part of that dinner was picking out all of the mushrooms in the sauce for myself. Now that I’m an adult and mainly a vegetarian, I decided to update the classic that my Grandma found on the back of a bag of egg noodles sometime in the 1950s. There are two ingredients that you won’t find in other stroganoff recipes that make this take on it completely different. Mushroom Stroganoff • 2 Tbsp butter • 1/2 C minced onion • 1 clove minced garlic • salt and pepper • 2 C sliced mushrooms (I like portobellos) • 1 C vegetable broth • 1 Tbsp vinegar • 4 oz tomato paste • 1/2 C sour cream • 1 bag wide egg noodles Design Crush Design Crush
Well, my friends. We’ve reached the end of our time together here at No Ordinary Rollercoaster. And rather than end on some bullshitty lookback over the past five years and eight-hundred posts, or some pompously profound valedictory speech about how I’ve grown and will be forever changed, I’ll leave you with the very simple truth: No Ordinary Rollercoaster — Just Gay Enough No Ordinary Rollercoaster — Just Gay Enough
The Steel Closet | Good to Go!
Dialog with Paulette Pascarella The thing about German-born Interior Designer Harry is. . . he is not a formula. His bespoke heritage pushes the boundaries of the current commonplace beige palettes. His unexpected and magical uses of color and objects are expressed in interiors of striking variety. The result of his vision is a bit of; fashion designer Matthew Williamson meets Auntie Mame in Manhattan. All about the sophistication of the mix, all about the statement. Dialog with Paulette Pascarella
ReubenMiller There's nothing like cute salt and pepper shakers to make an ordinary meal on an ordinary seem a little brighter. Above, Koziol of Germany created these birds on a tree salt and pepper shaker set. You can buy it here. ReubenMiller
Dallas Clayton
geek with curves Star Wars has wound its way through my life in many ways and because of it, specifically because of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, I became more aware of the Herculean feat that is voice acting. There are talented people behind the faces of my favorite cartoon and video characters and though that seems obvious, I didn't really consider it until seven or so years ago. Since then, I've been following the work of various voice actors, and James Arnold Taylor is one of my favorites. geek with curves
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How to Make Anything Signify Anything Detail from a photograph of World War I cryptographers trained by William and Elizebeth Friedman, Aurora, Illinois, early 1918. By facing either forward or sideways, the soldiers formed a coded phrase utilizing Francis Bacon’s biliteral cipher. The intended message was the Baconian motto “Knowledge is power,” but there were insufficient people to complete the r (and the w was compromised by one soldier looking the wrong way).Included as a pull-out poster in issue 40, Knowledge Is Powe is also available for purchase in an unfolded version suitable for framing. To see a large version of the full photograph, go here. Decoded version is here. How to Make Anything Signify Anything
What a 'Liberal Media' Might Look Like Editor’s Note: For decades now, the American Right has pushed the myth that the national U.S. news media is “liberal,” even though the owners are mostly wealthy corporations run by rich executives who generally favor Republicans over Democrats. And that was true even in the days before Fox News and right-wing-dominated talk radio. Even the limited inroads of liberalism in media have been under pressure in recent days with MSNBC’s ouster of liberal icon Keith Olbermann and AOL’s purchase of HuffingtonPost (raising new questions about Arianna Huffington’s ideological sojourns). However, in this essay, Lisa Pease contrasts what today’s media is versus what a “liberal media” might look like: I’m surprised that otherwise intelligent people continue to believe the myth that the media is “liberal.” What a 'Liberal Media' Might Look Like
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unruly things I’m seriously obsessing over these incredible rings from WWAKE. just stunning, right? both available at Steven Alan. I know I’m already a week behind, but I thought I’d try for this lovely project again. I got halfway through last year and quit for whatever reason. but this year I’ve got high hopes. unruly things
Pruning back the power of the executive branch - Pruning Shears I wanted to write about SOPA this week and thought Chris Hayes had a very nice segment on it. Since MSNBC doesn’t provide transcripts of his show I had to provide my own - which crowded out the blogging time. I’ll do a SOPA post next week, referencing this as needed. I did my best to get what everyone said correct and omitted most of the verbal padding (“you know?”, “right?”
Aram Bartholl – Blog Talk at CCC congress Kill Your Phone! workshop at #30C3 I had a lot of fun running this workshop at the congress last week. Visitors were invited to make their own blocking pouch.
Women over 50 don’t have babies because they would put them down and forget where they left them. One of life’s mysteries is how a 2-pound box of chocolates can make a woman gain 5lbs My mind not only wanders, it sometimes leaves completely. The best way to forget your troubles is to wear tight shoes. Maryannaville
The Best Chocolate Mousse of Your Life Under 5 Minutes : Cafe Fernando – Food Blog - chocolate mousse recipe - herve this - Chocolate
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