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Plandemic 2020

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Good Patriot funny gun videos and more. When the "Powers That Be" share their plans..

Good Patriot funny gun videos and more

Join me as I go through what's coming down the road in terms of vax jabs, their attempt to 'reset" the entire world system & Bill Gates' new video. For The Worried & The Warrior Reality is, life isn't going to be the same. Here's some encouragement for what's ahead. The LEFT Is Going To Try & Steal The Election I go over the 22 page "Transition Integrity Report" that lays out their plans to steal the election of 2020 How To Prepare For What's Ahead A practical guide on how we can better navigate civil unrest and more... Is it time to "rodeo" with the ATF? When the ATF threatens us with 2A infringements, we've got to push back. Your Guide To Buying Body Armor Let's talk about something we never thought we'd have to talk about! Fauci: Masks, Social Distancing Likely Until 2022. No, I think they're-- I think it's multifaceted.

Fauci: Masks, Social Distancing Likely Until 2022

I don't think you could put your finger on one thing. But the one thing that I think is important, and I've been analyzing this, really, for quite a while, is that, particularly with young people, and clearly young people are driving this new surge. Because if you go back and look at the demography of the new infections, the age group is at least 15 years younger than what we were seeing a few months ago when things were surging in New York when they got hit very badly. So what happens is that younger individuals who generally, statistically, are not going to have symptoms to the frequency that elderly people do. They're not going to get very sick. Because by allowing yourself to getting infected or not caring if you do get infected, you are propagating a pandemic.

And then someone who's vulnerable to severe consequences will get infected. So somehow, we've got to keep getting that message across. Dr. Judy Mikovits & Rob McCoy - FSC 245. Tracking Down the Origin of the Wuhan Coronavirus. As the world is gripped by the ongoing pandemic, many questions remain about the origin of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus—commonly known as the novel coronavirus.

Tracking Down the Origin of the Wuhan Coronavirus

Join Epoch Times senior investigative reporter Joshua Philipp as he explores the known facts surrounding the CCP virus and the global pandemic it caused. In his investigation, Philipp explores the scientific data, and interviews top scientists and national security experts. MILLIONS PEACEFULLY PROTEST COVID RESTRICTIONS.

COVID-19 Cures

COVID Vaccine Info. NZ politician Billy Te Kahika says NZ is under martial law. He says to resist. Gov denied this. Australian researchers tout new ‘wonder drug’ as potential cure for coronavirus patients – IOTW Report. Ivermectin treatment is a ‘real killer of coronavirus’: Professor. WATCH: Dr. Stella Immanuel COVID-19 Hydroxychloroquine Video. Twitter Dr.

WATCH: Dr. Stella Immanuel COVID-19 Hydroxychloroquine Video

Stella Immanuel Medical professionals attended the America’s Frontline Doctors Summit in front of the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, D.C., on Monday, July 27. Many doctors took the opportunity to address the media and the U.S. public about the country’s fight against COVID-19 and a few, including Dr. Stella Immanuel, spoke out against the current accepted virus treatment and the need to wear masks. Video of Immanuel speaking quickly went viral as she talked about her experience treating COVID-19 patients with hydroxychloroquine and her belief in its effectiveness. Here is a segment of her speech: PROTECT THIS DOCTORPresident @realDonaldTrump was right about HydroxychloroquineDr. Oliver Darcy, a CNN reporter, shared that the video was removed from Facebook after gaining over 13 million views. Darcy also later confirmed that the video was removed by YouTube for violating its community guidelines. On April 27, she posted her support of President Donald Trump:

References — America's Frontline Doctors Summit. White Paper on Hydroxychloroquine View the PDF This is the culmination of months-long research from all sources.

References — America's Frontline Doctors Summit

It explains how Americans have come to be in the grip of fear. All the myths and all the misconceptions about a safe, generic drug that has been FDA approved for 65 years, given to pregnant women, breastfeeding women, children, the elderly and the immune-compromised for years and decades without complication, are finally put in the trash heap where they belong. You will have the indisputable proof that you have been massively lied to, often very intentionally. Compendium of HCQ Studies. The Realist Report – Dr. Lorraine Day – The Realist Report. On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined once again by Dr.

The Realist Report – Dr. Lorraine Day – The Realist Report

Lorraine Day. We begin by discussing her background and experience in the medical field before moving on to address the alleged “pandemic” caused by COVID-19, a so-called “novel coronavirus” that reportedly originated in China. Dr. Day gives us her take on the increasingly tyrannical situation unfolding and much more! Subscribe to The Realist Report today, and support independent media! Do you appreciate the work we do here? John FriendPO Box 20514Long Beach, CA 90801. The United Spot It’s Just A Mask. Melinda Gates' Big Concern For the Next Phase of COVID-19. Breaking News Covid. Dr Richard Bartlett ACWT Interview 7 2 20. New York Undercover Nurse Confirms COVID-19 Criminal Hoax.