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StoryBuilder. Scrollitelling : 3 applications de webdocumentaire au banc d'essai. Scrollkit  www.scrollkit.com L’application la plus prisée du moment est probablement Scrollkit.

Scrollitelling : 3 applications de webdocumentaire au banc d'essai

Son atout principal : la simplicité. Odyssey.js. Comment faire un GIF animé ? Véritable élément de la culture Internet, le GIF est très utilisé sur les réseaux sociaux pour partager des petites animations.

Comment faire un GIF animé ?

Comment sont-ils réalisés et comment faire son propre GIF animé ? Nos astuces et outils pour y arriver ! Qu'est-ce qu'un GIF animé ? Aesop Story Engine. Storythinking > Storymaking > Storytelling. Jplusplus/resonate2014. Interactive Storytelling Platform. Creatavist. Storytelling without limits.


Whitey Bulger WBUR Boston Issue 9 | May 2013from Rhetoric for Carpenters (proverbs) by Toby Altman“Father’s Day” by Bobby Fischer“The Beast Deer” by Cassandra de Alba“[What Happens in this Town Stays in this Town]” by Katie Byrum“If You Never Get to Mendocino County” by Matthew Wade Jordanfrom Rhetoric for Carpenters (proverbs)Toby Altman(a) Do not allow insult:language should be a thimbleto shield your brother’s thumb.

Scroll kit. Marquee: Easier, Faster, more Beautiful Publishing. Popcorn Maker. Dejhouti. Do you miss our old website?


Let us explain what's happening! For a year now, we've been distributing Djehouti online and it has allowed some amazing interactive projects to come to life. Now we are taking a long summer to create the next big thing. To tease you a little bit, here are a few things you can expect coming fall: - A new user interface- More features for a more powerful Djehouti- And a huge surprise we wouldn't want to spoil! Hands-On Klynt: The Basics (In french)

Studio. 3WDOC Studio est une application web polyvalente spécialement conçue pour créer et diffuser en HTML5 vos contenus rich media & interactifs optimisés pour le web. 3W DOC Studio = 3W DOC Player + 3W DOC Editor Une nouvelle gestion de l’espace-temps en HTML5 Jusqu’à présent, cette notion était totalement absente à l’intérieur d’une simple page web. Klynt. Webdoc beta - For rich expression. Storyplanet. Twine: a tool for creating interactive stories. HOW TO MAKE GAMES WITH TWINE. What's TWINE?


Twine is a program that lets you generate interactive stories that are kind of like Choose Your Own Adventure Books. Why is Twine so wonderful? Twine was created by Chris Klimas.