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Creatavist Storytelling without limits. Whitey Bulger WBUR Boston Issue 9 | May 2013from Rhetoric for Carpenters (proverbs) by Toby Altman“Father’s Day” by Bobby Fischer“The Beast Deer” by Cassandra de Alba“[What Happens in this Town Stays in this Town]” by Katie Byrum“If You Never Get to Mendocino County” by Matthew Wade Jordanfrom Rhetoric for Carpenters (proverbs)Toby Altman(a) Do not allow insult:language should be a thimbleto shield your brother’s thumb.(b) Do not tell your firstbornthe story of Isaac:you just never know.(c) Do not let yourself speakabout the unknowable.

Planetary.js - des globes en 3D via D3.js Sometimes you just need to see some code to get an idea started; here are a few examples of what you can build with Planetary.js. Basic Globe It doesn't get any simpler than this: just a static globe, built using built-in plugins with nothing up our sleeves! plugins: earthd3: projections Rotating Globe with Pings ThingLink brings its interactive images for brands to Facebook Timelines ThingLink, the company that brought interactive images to Twitter last year, has turned its attention to Facebook after adding support for the world’s largest social network to its service. Using ThingLink, Facebook users — and particularly brands — can now add images to Facebook Timelines that include embedded links, annotations, videos and, perhaps most interestingly, the option to share and purchase content. All of these additions are designed to make images — and ultimately brand messages — more shareable.

3 réseaux sociaux qui donnent de la voix Après le texte, la photo et la vidéo, les réseaux sociaux redécouvrent le médium universel pour échanger entre humains: la voix. Plusieurs services existent qui permettent ainsi d’enregistrer des petites bulles sonores que l’on peut facilement publier et partager. Voici trois d’entre eux. Trois réseaux sociaux qui portent votre voix sur le web social. Comment faire un GIF animé ? Véritable élément de la culture Internet, le GIF est très utilisé sur les réseaux sociaux pour partager des petites animations. Comment sont-ils réalisés et comment faire son propre GIF animé ? Nos astuces et outils pour y arriver ! Qu'est-ce qu'un GIF animé ? GIF est l'acronyme de Graphics Interchange Format, en français « Format d'échange d'images ». Un nom idéalement choisi, car il fait partie des formats d'images les plus partagés sur le web.

Bilan de la datavisualisation en 2013 2013 was another exciting year for visualization. Between many new developments in data storytelling, a new wave of news graphics, new visualization blogs, better automated infographics, and visuals designed to hit you hard, it is difficult to decide what was most important. Here is a look back, and some ideas about where we’re going. Storytelling If there was a topic that clearly left its mark on 2013, it’s storytelling. Coming from me, this may not be a big surprise – after all, I predicted this at the beginning of the year.

Uncategorized So that’s my interpretation of Freytag’s Triangle when applied to the book, Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. I based the triangle on Ender’s (Andrew’s) story against the buggers. His introduction as a special child, his time in Battle and Command School being trained, his most important battle, and then coming home. A more detailed triangle could be made about his personal development and psychological trials, but I like to keep things simple.

Creatavist Scrollitelling : 3 applications de webdocumentaire au banc d'essai Scrollkit L’application la plus prisée du moment est probablement Scrollkit. Son atout principal : la simplicité. Il suffit d'ouvrir un compte gratuit pour créer un projet via les outils mis à disposition des internautes : éditeur de textes, charte graphique, intégration d’images ou de vidéos, effets de transparence… Tous les blocs sont déplaçables à l’aide d’un simple glisser-déposer. Scrollkit a été choisi par plusieurs sites de presse (La Voix du Nord, Le Midi Libre, The New York Times…) pour diversifier et enrichir la présentation de leurs contenus.

morris.js Getting started Add morris.js and its dependencies (jQuery & Raphaël) to your page. 1 <link rel="stylesheet" href=" <script src="//"></script>3 <script src="//"></script>4 <script src=" If you don’t want to use the CDN-hosted assets, then you can extract them from the zip bundle and upload them to your own site. Your first chart

Getting Started Pre-production Many people say that the most important phase in the creation of a film is pre-production. Pre-production covers everything from the first production ideas through to preparing for the actual shoot. An engaging film is the direct result of strong ideas, effective planning and organised preparation. Zoomooz.js Zoomooz is: 6KB gzipped and 18KB minified. This includes everything but jQuery. Make any web page zoom. Latest version: 1.1.9 (Nov 11, 2013, hacky fix for the back and forward buttons #66) Zoomooz is a jQuery plugin for making web page elements zoom. scroll kit hello welcome to scroll kit is a new type of publishing tool that allows you to take full control of every pixel. Ready for a Test Drive? 1.)

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