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Des ajouts essentiels pour n'importe quel repas végé. ;)

How To Cook Lentils. There is so much to love about lentils!

How To Cook Lentils

Lentils are pulses (a part of the legume family), and they are packed with health benefits. They’re an affordable source of protein and an incredibly versatile ingredient. From soups and stews to salad and dips, there are so many delicious things that you can make with the humble lentil! Types of Lentils Before we get into how to cook lentils, we should talk about the different types of lentils. These six are the most common that you’ll find at the grocery store: Yellow or Red Lentils These lentils break down more during cooking than other varieties.

Green or Brown Lentils Green and brown lentils soften quite a bit during cooking, but they don’t get as soft as yellow or red lentils do. Black Beans Vs. Pinto Beans. It’s the eternal question at burrito joints everywhere.

Black Beans Vs. Pinto Beans

If you’re trying to build a healthy burrito, which is the healthier option: black beans or pinto beans? Let’s find out! Beans, beans, they’re good for your heart. No, really. People who eat more beans have lower cholesterol and a lower incidence of heart attack. Black Beans Nutrition A cup of cooked, black beans contains 15 grams of protein and a whopping 60 percent of your daily fiber needs. Black beans are also rich in other vitamins. Minerals are where black beans shine the most. Chickpeas, The Nutritious Comfort Food. Delicious hummus with chickpeas is a culinary delight that is a tasty and healthy treat.

Chickpeas, The Nutritious Comfort Food

But did you know that falafel balls are also made of chickpeas? They are also great in salads, stews and soups adding good protein with high nutritional value to your meals. 8 Health Benefits of Chickpeas Helps Lower Cholesterol A diet supplemented with chickpeas has been found to lower (LDL) cholesterol in the blood according to a 5-week research study. Learn How To Lower Cholesterol Naturally.Keeps Blood Sugar Level It has been found that a diet with garbanzo beans showed improvement in blood sugar levels according to studies. Note: Beans, with their high fiber and starch, can be challenging to the digestive system. Chickpea Trivia Love This? Thanks for subscribing! Chickpea Nutrition Chickpeas are a good source of protein: 14.5 grams of protein is approximately 29 percent of the daily recommended value. Health Benefits Of Chickpeas. You probably already know that chickpeas, also known as garbanzo beans, are a delicious vegan source of protein.

Health Benefits Of Chickpeas

They’re found in lots of different foods, including Indian dishes, hummus, salads and spreads. In addition to being incredibly tasty and filling, they’re also super healthy. Here are few reasons you may want to get more chickpeas into your diet. Blood Sugar Control Chickpeas are a boon for those who struggle with blood sugar spikes and falls. SFGate explains further. Love This? Thanks for subscribing! Heart Health and Cholesterol Regulation Chickpeas are often eaten as a substitute for meat, which can be great for those hoping to watch their dietary fat or cholesterol. In an article for Mindbodygreen, cardiologist Dr. . “ … chickpeas and other pulses appear to blunt the rise in blood cholesterol that dietary fats may otherwise induce,” Kahn says. Nutrients for Bone Health Chickpeas contain a beneficial cocktail of nutrients that support bone health. Petits pois: choix, préparer, cuire, conserver, idées recettes...

Lentil Health Benefits, Tips and Recipes. Lentils are kinda the perfect food.

Lentil Health Benefits, Tips and Recipes

They are cheap to purchase, easy to cook, and full of healthy nutrition for your body. But best of all, they taste delicious and are super versatile in the kitchen– helping make healthy meal prep a little less stressful. Lentils are great in hearty stews, mashed into chili, blended into dips, served with Mediterranean meals or cooked into curries of Indian and African origin. Lentils are so cool that the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) named 2016 the Year of Pulses (lentils– and other foods categorized as legumes– are often called pulses). This family of foods includes lentils, chickpeas, peas and beans. Vegan Sloppy Joe’s topped with fresh sauerkraut Why might lentils and their cousins be chosen as the food of the year?

Lentille. permet de consulter la table de composition nutritionnelle des aliments (calories, protéines, glucides, lipides, fibres, sel, minéraux et vitamines) et de comparer facilement les apports en nutriments des aliments.


Composition nutritionnelle - Lentille, cuite Catégorie : Légumes secs Ce tableau présente l'apport énergétique (Calories) de 100 grammes de lentille et les nutriments (protéines, glucides, sucres, lipides, acides gras saturés, fibres alimentaires, sodium, sels minéraux et vitamines) qui entrent dans sa composition. Les quantités de nutriments indiquées sont des valeurs moyennes, ces valeurs peuvent varier pour différents types de lentille. Les Apports Journaliers Recommandés (AJR) / Valeurs nutritives de référence (VNR) sont indiqués pour une portion de 100g. La dernière colonne montre la différence avec la moyenne de tous les aliments de la catégorie Légumes secs. Comparaison nutritionnelle de Lentille avec un autre aliment ou produit alimentaire :