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Permaculture urbaine. COLOCO // EXPLORATEURS DE LA DIVERSITE URBAINE AU MOYEN D'ARCHITECTURES, PAYSAGES, FILMS ET INSTALLATIONSCOLOCO / Miguel Georgieff, Nicolas Bonnenfant, Pablo Georgieff. Permaculture dans les quartiers par Bill MOLLISON (vostf) - une vidéo Expression Libre. La ville résiliente - Framasoft Framafox.

Social Permacuture, Governance & Politics. Guerilla Gardenning. Micro Intensives Systems / La Micro-Intensive. Jardins Partagés / Shared Gardens. Recycling /Recycler. La Transition ? Territoires en Transition France. Villes en Transition - Le blé de Montreuil, du semis à la farine. - Affronter la transition, s'adapter au monde de l'après-pétrole. Rob Hopkins of Transition Town Totnes and Transition Culture. As Lester Brown recently noted on this site, the coming decline of oil will be ‘a seismic economic event’.

Rob Hopkins of Transition Town Totnes and Transition Culture

So what do we do when we learn that the ’black gold’ will soon start running out? Do we grab a gun and head for the hills, or do we redouble our efforts to build strong, resilient communities and economies that are not dependent on fossil fuels? Rob Hopkins is at the forefront of the latter approach. Birmingham Civic Dashboard. The idea was born from a desire to show council activity and engagement with local citizens, creating a window on the city.

Birmingham Civic Dashboard

Dashboards have been used in business intelligence for years, allowing managers to see activity logs and assess performance. Mudlark, a cross platform production company, is interested in ways to present data, and in particular in how to do that at a city level.

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    Bon pour l'instant ce pearltree n'est pas super organisé, C'est pas un bon exemple de comment gerer ses pearles... ...Mais c'est ouvert a faire mieux!