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5/2/17 Digital Reading

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Meeting Notes - Digital Reading. ARTICLE: The Importance of Deep Reading - Educational Leadership. ARTICLE: Strategies to Help Students ‘Go Deep’ When Reading Digitally. Students are doing more reading on digital devices than they ever have before.

ARTICLE: Strategies to Help Students ‘Go Deep’ When Reading Digitally

Not only are many teachers using tablets and computers for classroom instruction, but many state tests are now administered on computers, adding incentive for teachers to teach digital reading strategies. But casual digital reading on the internet has instilled bad habits in many students, making it difficult for them to engage deeply with digital text in the same way they do when reading materials printed on paper. Devin Hess sympathizes with educators’ concerns, but believes digital reading is here to stay and teachers have a duty to equip students to engage with digital texts in meaningful ways. ARTICLE: Being a Better Online Reader - New Yorker. Soon after Maryanne Wolf published “Proust and the Squid,” a history of the science and the development of the reading brain from antiquity to the twenty-first century, she began to receive letters from readers.

ARTICLE: Being a Better Online Reader - New Yorker

Hundreds of them. While the backgrounds of the writers varied, a theme began to emerge: the more reading moved online, the less students seemed to understand. There were the architects who wrote to her about students who relied so heavily on ready digital information that they were unprepared to address basic problems onsite. There were the neurosurgeons who worried about the “cut-and-paste chart mentality” that their students exhibited, missing crucial details because they failed to delve deeply enough into any one case. And there were, of course, the English teachers who lamented that no one wanted to read Henry James anymore. ARTICLE: The emerging, evolving reading brain in a digital culture. The Benefits of Audiobooks - Google Slides. Brains On - Podcast for Kids about Science.

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